Bear Grylls Survival Academy

Facilitated by one of Bear Grylls Survival Academy's lead instructors
Introduction, safety brief & outline of the event
Bear attack / situational awareness exercises
Camouflage & concealment exercises
Gross eat challenge
Pick 4 activities for a half day event
This is a mobile activity & does not include a venue
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Options Selected
Stalking & Axe Throwing
Air Rifle / Pistol Shooting
Survival Arrow Archery
Survival Scenario
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Designed by Bear Grylls and delivered by his personal team of highly trained experts, you and your team will explore the great outdoors, learning core survival techniques inspired by some of Bear's toughest expeditions.


To bring
Sports kit
Change of clothes
Useful Info
This event will require an additional event manager
Additional travel costs may apply
Activities are location & venue dependent
This event works best in a venue with woodlands or rough terrain
Start Times
Mon to Sun 8:00 - 23:59
4 hours
Pick any 4