If there's one thing I love it's a challenge...

Throw in a huge traveling opportunity and a diary-writing contest and you've got me hooked, I'm your girl. Me and Ajay Reddy are clearly on the same page here as after being inspired by a travel Tweet this guy organised the GO UNESCO India challenge- a unique opportunity to travel to the most exciting places in India, record your journey and compete with others who are on the same mission.

The Challenge goes as follows...

Firstly (and most importantly) you will need to visit every UNESCO world heritage site in India, you will need to collect all the heritage tickets given out at these destinations and you will need to prove your whereabouts with photographic evidence of you holding the newspaper of the day (Instagram it if you must- I heard Humayun's Tomb looks great in 'toaster') . Each location has a number of points assigned to it, and the aim is to collect the full 1000 points before midnight on 31st December 2012. Not only this, but in order be in with a chance of being crowned India's own Dora the Explorer (not the official prize) you will have to write all about it, recording the sights, sounds and smells of your surroundings for the rest of us to read (and judge-no pressure).

What UNESCO sites are there?

The Taj Mahal (who'd have thought it?), the fascinating rock shelters of Bhimbetka and the Kalka Shimla Railway. The great variety of heritage sites means that you could be marvelling at awe-inspiring ancient rock paintings, chilling with the one horned rhino's at Kaziranga National Park and running barefooted through valleys of native alpine flowers, surrounded by snow leopards, all before singing Auld Lang Syne with a glass of champagne in hand this coming new year!