The easiest way to organise a activity weekend

Choose from 1000s of activities, nightlife ideas and places to stay

Steps to a Brilliant Activity Weekend

We make it simple to organise a legendary activity weekend

Pick and mix items for your activity weekend

Browse, Read Reviews, Pick and Mix

Choose from thousands of activities across 69 locations to build your enquiry
Reserve your favourite activity ideas

Reserve your favourite stuff

Secure your weekend with a deposit of only £30 for the whole group
Make payments for your activity weekend individually

Simple individual payments

Send your mates a link to our online payment system, where they can pay off their deposits and remaining balances
Manage everything about your activity ideas online

Manage your booking online

We keep you constantly updated through our online booking system
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Financial Protection

Take the Stress Out of Payments

Managing the money from a large group of people is STRESSFUL - chasing up guests for money, being let down, and out of pocket - we solve all the problems.

Everyone pays for their own place on the activity event

Everyone Pays Individually

Everyone is accountable for their own payments, so you don't have to pay for others unless you really want to.
We chase up all overdue payments for you

We chase any overdue payments

Chasing people for money is a hell of a headache - our systems do all the money chasing all automatically so you don't have to worry about it
Relax as we do all the leg work

Chill-out as we do all the leg work

Our payment system is very flexible - you can pay the amount you want for who you want when you want!
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Top Activity Weekend Locations

Why Chillisauce - is the UK's Largest Activity Organiser

Chillisauce is the largest organiser of activity weekends in the UK - not by a bit - by a country mile!

The largest selection of activity products and activities

Largest Selection of Locations and Products

We have more products and locations than anyone else in the indistry - more choice, more testing = better activity weekends
All our activities and locations are reviewed

1000's and 1000's of activity and location reviews

EVERY customer is asked to review the location and activities they went on - we publish the good, bad and ugly so you get an accurate picture of what locations and products are genuinily like
Everything for your activity event is available online

All Online At your Fingertips

Managing a activity weekend can be a hassle - we provide everything you need in a single, simple user interface
We will give you a dedicated event manager

Dedicated Event Manager

We train all our event managers like no one else - they live and breath activity weekends, and we get the staff out their doing the stuff they sell.
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How it Works

Browse Thousands of Products Online

Browse Thousands of Products Online

We have 1000's of event ideas and activities to choose from. All our products are individually tested by our event experts, before going on our website. Then every person doing our products are asked to review them - giving you thousands of independant reviews from people just like you.
Personalised event Planner

Build your own event

Browse products and ideas that take your fancy and build them into full intineraries. Make as many itineraries as you want and get prices when you need. All our staff are only a call away from helping you build the perfect event
Manage all aspects of your event online

Manage Your Whole event Online

At Chillisauce we make everything available to you, so you can organise and manage your whole event online. You can manage which guests are on which events, swap activities, add new items, see who has paid what and when, what paymeents are due next - everything you could possibly need to make sure you have a perfectevent
Personalised event Planner

Personal event Manager

As soon as you contact us we will assign you a personal event manager. All our event managers have loads of experience and will be there every step of the way to ensure you have a fantastic event
Send Invites via WhatsApp

Send Invites to Your Group via WhatsApp or Email

Our online system makes it easy to send invites to your event guests, and allow them to fill in all their details, saving you ages of manually typing in everyones details! Login via desktop, phone or tablet.
Manage all your payments in our online system

Manage & Check All Payments Online

Manage your deposit and balance payments or choose to pay on behalf of others on the event. Keep track of who hasnt paid, how much is left to pay and who has paid what and when.
Check your event itinerary wherever you are

Check Your event Itinerary

Your Itinerary is updated through the booking process, to give you all the information you need to get to your event, with emergency numbers, location maps, times and who is doing what. Everything is at you fingetips so you are in complete control on your event

Be a Legend

Aspirin for event headaches

  • How do I get money off people?
  • Will the activities be good?
  • Will we get into nightclubs?
  • Who's coming or not?
  • Will I end up out of pocket?
Orgainsier Getting Frustrated

You take all the credit

You take all the credit