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Increase your reach and connect with more customers by joining the Chillisauce supplier program; gain access to a much bigger audience with our active database of over 100,000 people and one of the largest events websites in the world.


Your new business partner

Join the UK’s leading online marketplace for group activities and events.

People trust Chillisauce to recommend and book the best places to eat, drink, and play in cities all over Europe.

Whether you’re throwing a special event or hosting guests every night, Chillisauce will help the right people discover your business.


Organising experiences customers will never forget

From llama trekking to SPArties, we have the A-Z of exciting experiences covered, and we are committed to continuously searching out and adding new, exciting, and quality activities, nightlife ideas and places to stay all over Europe to make organising an event or weekend away with friends - easy.

Discover how Chillisauce can help you grow your business

✓ Meet new customers
Access thousands of new customers searching for activities, nightlife ideas and places to stay in your area.

✓ Increase your sales
We increase your exposure to reach new customers on web, mobile, social and via email.

✓ Fill up spots, faster
On average, every Chillisauce booking is 14 people or more - so you’ll fill spots, faster. And you just deal with us, rather than every individual.

Reach new customers and grow your revenue

✓ Build your online reputation is one of the biggest events websites in the world. We have an active database of over 100,000.

**✓ No upfront or recurring costs **
We don’t charge fees for adding experiences to our site. No recurring fees ever. No costs for changes or additions. No cost for promotions or additional marketing exposure.

✓ Let us do the work
Our dedicated product team and marketers will create your event page and handle all promotion to our members. We’ll also take care of all customer service questions, and payment processing so you can focus on doing what you love.

Easy-to-use tools

✓ Manage on-the-go
Accept, decline or modify bookings from your desktop, tablet or phone

**✓ Never miss a booking **
You’ll get free, automated reminder e-mails and texts, plus have everything available in your Chillisauce account

✓ You see what they see
Nobody knows what you do better than you. You see exactly what our users see, and we will work together to get it right.

✓ Earn more per customer
Unlimited product options and add-on opportunities.


How we market

Chillisauce invests significant resources into technology, online marketing, user testing, product development and traditional public relations.

We rank highly in organic searches with the major search engines as well as for individual experience terms. Plus, we also execute targeted pay-per-click marketing campaigns to help customers find our site. We have the largest email and social media following in the group activity market experience industry and run regular promotions and competitions.


Campaigns that earn widespread attention

Good products need effective marketing. Those activities and venues that are more interesting, creative, which we know our customers will love - we conceive and deliver memorable campaigns across multiple channels to generate a buzz.

Campaigns have featured in publications such as The Times, The Telegraph, ABC News, Huffington Post, The Metro, Evening Standard, The Sun, Daily Mail, Buzzfeed and Mashable.

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