Approaching the end of the year, with thoughts starting to turn to 2023 and what events we'll be running then, it seems like the perfect time to round up our most popular outdoor team-building activities of 2022.


The Crystal Collection

If inclusivity is important to you, the Crystal Collection enables you to involve a broad demographic. With four categories of games - skill, physical, mental, and mystery – it appeals to all ages, body types, and physicality. Teams complete a series of challenges to win crystals. At the end of the games, the crystals accrued account for the amount of time you can spend in our final round – the giant dome!

The aim for you and the rest of your group will be to collect as much flying cash as possible before your time is up. The winning team has the most money in the end. It’s been one of our most popular games since we first started hosting it. In fact, it’s so good, they’ll probably make a tv show out of it one day…


Pub Olympics

Great for weddings, conferences, or any event where guests want to have some fun but don’t want to get too sweaty. Pub Olympics makes a tournament out of classic pub games like table football, giant Connect Four, air hockey, Neuron Racer, and giant Jenga. Teams compete for fun money, with winners collecting 300 dollars, drawing teams each receiving 100 dollars, and losing teams getting zilch!

The great thing about this event is you can do it inside or outside, and because you don’t need masses of space, you can host it out in the country or even in an intimate central London venue.


Mission: Possible

During your conference, a group of soldiers will storm the room and take several people hostage (don’t worry, we tend to pre-warn people that this will happen at some point). The hostages are brought back a short while later but have a fake bomb attached to them. The teams then have to rotate around a series of challenges – air rifle shooting, archery, rage buggies, hover crafts, etc. - collecting cryptic clues that, once solved, will tell them which wires to clip and help them defuse the bomb.


Battle of Olympus

A challenge sent by the Greek Gods!

In the Battle of Olympus, we mix sports day classics with ancient games and their modern equivalents. Teams will compete in discus, gladiator jousts, and archery, as well as human table football and laser clay.

Each team will go head-to-head to compete for points, which appear as energy bars on a digital display (no expense spared). The teams that win the most number of games compete in a Tug O’ War finale.


GPS Treasure Hunt

Every team gets a tablet with a map. On the map, there is a number of destinations they need to get to. Each location will have different challenges for the teams to undertake, relevant to the area they are in.

Teams might have to take a photo of a German car, upload a video of them performing a flash dance in front of Nelson Column, or just answer questions about the Colosseum.

The great thing about this is that we can cater to a wide range of budgets. We’ve done this event all over the world, tailoring it to major cities like New York and Prague, as well as specific locations like the Science Museum in London. If you want to go out in style, we can have teams driven around in Mini-Coopers like the Italian Job, in London taxis, or on boats.

Your answers are sent from your tablet automatically to a scorer, who updates your team’s tally as you go along. When all the teams make it to their final destination, we have a presentation, not just of the total scores but of some of the best content.

Teams get to see each other’s interactive answers, photos, and videos of their colleagues and friends dancing and singing. Medals will be distributed to the winners, but you can also give extra prizes to your favourite (or least favourite) performers from the day.

For more ideas, go to our homepage and choose your destination