Anthony Bianco’s blog The Travel Tart

One of the funniest, most witty and just downright crazy travel blogs you will find out there.

He loves to travel and wants to share all the best bits with you, the funniest, the crudest, the crazy and we just can’t get enough. Anthony stumbled upon his passion to travel when he was sent to Kosovo, a former war zone for work. After this there was no going back and he has now travelled to more than 50 countries over six continents and told us there’s nowhere he wouldn’t go! We love his blog, and the brilliant moments he captures for us all to enjoy.

The light hearted and fun approach with his writing has us hooked and it was a pleasure and a whole lot of chuckles to interview Anthony or The Travel Tart as we all fondly know him…

You survived a very rare form of cancer, how did you then go on to create one of the best travel blogs on the web?

Well, you only live once and I decided to create this silly blog because I saw the great opportunities others had from having their own online space. No regrets, I’ve had some great experiences come my way from this blog and my intention is to keep going with it!

Who inspires you ?

A pint of beer before I write something! Actually, there are a some funny travel writers which I’ve drawn inspiration from – Peter Moore, Brian Thacker, and Tony Hawks. Love their style of travel humor!

Is there any quote you want to share with our readers?

Travel diarrhea is hereditary, because it runs in your jeans…

What are your thoughts on London?

Lots to do, not enough time or money to do them all!

What is your favourite thing about twitter?

The opportunity to engage with all sorts of characters from all around the world. I can’t believe how many opportunities have come my way from it!

Where are you travelling next?

Anywhere that anyone wants to send me. Except for places with a high likelihood of a fatal visit!

How many different ways can you say hello?

About the same number of ways that I can say ‘beer’. I always learn 5 words of any language and use combinations of them – hello, good bye, please, thank you, and beer!

Anything you hate about travelling?

Coming back home to experience reverse culture shock!

What do you think sets Travel Tart apart from other travel blogs?

Well, it’s the travel blog that doesn’t take itself too seriously. There are loads of serious travel blogs out there and I don’t need to add to them. I wanted to offer something different. If you think about it, mixing travel with humour are the stories that people remember the most!

If you could only take 5 things with you next time you travel, what would they be?

Underwear, deodorant, backpack, computer, mankini.

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

I’ve cooked both of them so I have no idea!

Tell us something nobody knows about you…

The second and third toes of both feet are webbed to about half way up. Never helped me swimming though…

Any advice for Chillisauce?

The more off the wall and bizarre experiences you can lay your hands on, the better!