Bournemouth's highlights

The seaside town that packs a punch

Bournemouth is one of the UK’s top hen do destinations, with far more on offer than meets the eye. It’s a homegrown tropical getaway, with stunning views, thrilling outdoor activities, and 7 miles of sandy beaches that are a sight to rival Magaluf. A strong student presence keeps the nightlife energetic and incredibly diverse, with more places to drink per square mile than London. Bournemouth is the seaside town that packs a punch, and the perfect setting for an unforgettablehen weekend.

Welcome to Bournemouth

World class beaches

If anything’s gonna convince you to choose Bournemouth for your hen do, it’s the beaches. Seven miles of gorgeous sandy shores sit beneath one of the UK’s sunniest skies. Not only have they been voted the UK’s best seaside spot, but Bournemouth’s shores have beaten off rivals from the Caribbean and Seychelles to be ranked as one of the top 15 beach destinations in the world. Top class pubs andrestaurantspopulate their edges, providing the perfect place to start your night or recover the morning after.

See Bournemouth from above

With sunny skies and a sandy shoreline naturally comes at least one incredible pier. In classic Bournemouth fashion however, its two iconic landmarks offer far more than traditional fairground attractions, hostingthe world’s first pier-to-shore zipline. Fly 25 metres above the crashing waves in a thrillingly unique way to take in the city’s coast. If that wets your appetite for adventure,Clip & Climb activity centreis just next door. There, you can enjoy various pulse-pumping activities, including the vertical slide, high-line, and genuinely terrifying leap of faith.

It’s got a young heart

Bournemouth is a city driven by its students, and nowhere is this more obvious than in itsnightlife. Energetic, vibrant, with more places to drink per square mile than London, the seaside city has an electric atmosphere to rival that of the capital.

Bournemouth from above

Accompanying its stunning beaches are Bournemouth’s iconic piers. Two grand Victorian structures, they’re the city’s picture postcard image. Along with classic seaside foods and attractions, they offer a thrillingly unique way to take in the coast, with the world’s firstpier-to-shore zipline. If that wets your appetite for adventure, you can head to the neighbouring Clip & Climb activity centre and try variousadrenaline-inducing games, including the ‘vertical slide’, ‘high-line’, and heart-racing ‘leap of faith’.

Coast side fun

As well as being the perfect place to kick back and relax, Bournemouth’s beaches offer a range of ways to get your heart racing. Scale, explore, and leap off the town's incredible cliffs in a thrillingCoasteeringadventure, or fill your lungs with sea air with an adrenaline-pumpingpowerboat ride. When you’re done, hop aboard aboat, and enjoy Bournemouth’s stunning sights from a relaxed rave on the water.

A wild night on the town

Every hen do needs a wild night on the town, and Bournemouth is the perfect place to have it. The student-lednightlifeis electric enough to rival London, and there’s loads on offer to help you make the most it. Get straight to the dancefloor with guest list entry to some of Bournemouth’s most vibrant clubs, or be treated like the celebs you are with a Hen VIP package.

Whether you’re looking for boozy days on a beautiful beach, wild nights in a vibrant city, or thrilling outdoor fun,Bournemouthis the perfect place. This idyllic seaside city has everything you need for an unforgettable hen do, and we’re on hand to help it happen. With more than its fair share of sights, sea, sand and sun, you don’t have to think twice about booking ahen doin Bournemouth.