Beer Fest At Your Accommodation

2 Reviews
A beer expert
Try a range of beer & cider (3 pints)
Make a beer cocktail
Beer pong tournament with a prize for the winning team
Beer for the tournament
Nibbles and games
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Let the beer festival come to you. Try a range of ½ pint servings of bitters, lagers, stouts, porters, ales and ciders from the comfort of your accommodation. You'll also learn how to make a beer cocktail and play a beer pong tournament with a special prize for the winning team.


Minimum People
8 (smaller groups prices will be based on the minimum)
Maximum People
30 (multiple sessions may be needed for larger groups)
Useful Info
The bartender will need access to the venue 30 minutes prior to the start time
real glassware is provided for everyone
A base cost is included in your price to cover travel for the bar tender
This activity is best in a private accommodation option
Accommodation needs to be checked if the event can be held at the venue
Hotels must agree on activity taking place on site
Start Times
Mon to Sun 12:00 - 20:30
2 hours
1 Jan - 31 Dec


From 2 reviews
He came very late and really just became a barman; and played games with us. Great bloke and good fun but no real beer tasting or making! Enjoyed his company a lot though!
Nikhil Dawda
Really enjoyed the Beer Festival at our accommodation. The organiser was fantastic and very knowledgeable. Lots of laughs with drinking games and beer pong. Highly recommended.
Paul Burgess

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