Fun & Healthy Hen Party Ideas

Not every hen wants booze and strippers, but every bride wants to look good on her wedding day. Why undo all your hard work with one night of alcohol filled indulgence? There are other, healthier ways to be self-indulgent and ones that can even help with weight loss instead. Planning a wedding can be stressful, so yourhen partyis the perfect time to either unwind or blow off steam. Have a hen party that will leave you feeling strong, both mentally and physically, and ready to take on the world.


Treat your mind, body and spirit with a rejuvenating and revitalising yoga class. From downward facing dog to warrior poses, you’ll be stretching and moving at your own pace following your friendly and experienced instructor. It’s the perfect way to get active and relax at the same time. Want to reward your hens after the class why not try ouryoga brunch.

Dance class

No, we don’t mean a rehearsal for your first dance. Book adance classfor you and your girls to work with a professional choreographer learning a routine that will have you dazzling the dancefloor together. For an added twist, take apole dancing class- it’s sure to get you all laughing, and it’s surprisingly great for your core, cardio, strength, overall fitness and mindfulness.


For something a little different, learnarcheryfrom the experts and practice your aim with a series of challenges. The benefits include increased strength, fitness and even confidence. You’ll be boldly walking down the aisle after mastering the bow and arrow. If your hens are up for the challenge, try combat archery, where you’ll face off against each other.

Cookery workshops

Sharpen up your cookery skills with tips and tricks from professional chefs. Try an interactivecookery workshopcooking a range of cuisines, with plenty of tasty, healthy options. It’s a great activity for foodies, but even the worst chefs will enjoy sampling their own guilt-free masterpieces.

Spa day

What’s more relaxing than aspa day? It’s the perfect opportunity to unwind and get pampered in preparation for your big day. Whatever treatment you choose, whether it’s an invigorating massage, a soak in the pool or a cleanse in the sauna, you’re sure to walk away revitalised. For ultimate relaxation, book a getaway toBathorBudapestfor their stunningthermal baths.


Coasterringis the perfect activity for adrenaline-junkie hens, explore the rugged coastline while scrambling over rocks, swimming through caves and leaping into the water. This isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s sure to get your blood pumping. Test your stamina and nerve alongside your hens for an unforgettable day that’ll bring you closer together.

Secret gin run

Have your gin and earn it too, with this brilliantly uniquegin runthrough London’s spirit soaked history. You’ll experience an endorphin release like no other, as your runner’s high meets the happy flutter of sipping a perfect G&T. Choose from a 6 or 10k route, with a variety of pace options ranging from super speedy to extra casual. Along the route, you'll play booze-themed games, while discovering hidden gin hotspots and learning about the fascinating crazes surrounding Mother’s Ruin. The route will end with a well-earned G&T at a premier gin palace.

Cave Trampolining

Unleash your inner adventurer and go deep underground into a colourful and exciting network of nets, slides and giant trampolines set deep inside a subterranean cave. This is more than just good, old-fashioned bouncing and sliding,cave trampoliningis a journey of exploration through tunnels, zip lines and bridges.

These ideas just scratch the surface of all the things you could do. There are plenty of other ideas you could check out, like having anold-school sports day, climbing through a treetop obstacle course,learning to surfor evenzorbing. Looking for something else? Check out ourhen weekend ideas.