Get a dummy wallet

Make the most of Frequent Flyer Schemes

Work for rent

Keep your batteries in the fridge

Be a paid driver

Put the smart phone away

Buy, don’t rent

Hack the elevator

Pretend you’re looking to buy property

Pretend all of your bags are fragile

Get bumped off your flight

Become a market researcher

Eat like a local

Learn to pack properly

Drink from coconuts

Snap up free samples

Always get a room on the second floor

Look up popular pub crawls

Be clever with your jewellery storage

Embrace the power of the plastic bag

Use your water bladder as a shower

Steal first class Wi-Fi

Pretend it’s your honeymoon

Meet free tour guides online

Befriend your local hostels

Splash out on lunch, go cheap on dinner

Sign up for a travel credit card

Be smart with your smart phone

Take Tabasco Sauce with you everywhere