Men's Wedding Suits

What to wear? Suit best practice.

Time to smarten up

Theultimate groom guidewouldn't be ultimate without some fashion tips, so let’s go right back to the basics and look at some suit options that you’ll soon be confronted with.

Worth noting, these are not the only wedding suits you can wear but they do however account for the majority of grooms, so read up and start to get your head around what is normally a really fun experience!


There are two variations on the tailcoat – the morning, and the evening and you could in theory wear either for the big day.

A morning suit is basically an oversized jacket and is the principal jacket associated with white tie dress. You'll feel more in place at a wedding in a morning suit. As would one attending Ascot.

Whereas the evening edition; the tuxedo or dinner suit. This version is not dissimilar in cut to a normal suit but with some more luxurious features such as satin lapels and leg stripe. These days the dinner suit is more commonly seen at ‘black tie’ events but there's no reason why you couldn't roll one out at a wedding; it is your day after all!

Prince Edward Jacket

If you don’t fancy dragging a tail coat around behind you, the Prince Edward jacket has a more modern feel, a three-quarter length jacket with a much less cluttered, single-breasted appearance at the front.

The disadvantage is that it’s woefully unsuited for short blokes, because it will just look like you’re dressed in a hugely over-sized normal suit jacket.

Frock Coat

The frock coat is popular at weddings with a Victorian feel and typically drops to the wearer’s knee-level. Traditionally, they must not be worn past 7pm, but traditionally they were also worn by the Russian military, so don't dwell on this too long. However one thing that people don’t often realise is that depending on the cloth they’re cut from some frock coats are really heavy and will result in significant overheating so if you're getting hitched during the summer months, just think this through.

Prince Charlie Jacket

Usually accompanied with a kilt, to the degree that we reckon it might look bloody daft without, this jacket of Scottish heritage is low and shortcut for grooms who a) love to tease or b) have Celtic heritage. It’s a specific little number that’s also accompanied by brogues and a dash of heather in the pocket to complete the full Highlands wanderer look.

The Lounge Suit

The lounge suit is your normal run-of-the-mill everyday suit. There are many different combinations of suit based on whether you want single-breasted, double-breasted; what type of fabric you opt for; the particular fit you want…it’s nearly endless. The key is to choose what you think suits you best and you feel the best in. Also, the practical approach would be to get something you might wear again.

To explore the rest

You've just read our guide about men's wedding suits and best practice. For more tips on how to nail the rest of your role as a wedding groom, check out the rest of ourUltimate Groom Guideand if you’re looking forstag doideas and inspiration then look no further.