Amazing stag fancy dress ideas

25+ brilliant stag do fancy dress ideas

There comes a point in planning anystag dowhen someone mentions stag fancy dress. We all know that blokes are terrible at this sort of thing so here are a few stag night fancy dress ideas to get you started. And we’re talking more than a feeble pair of antlers.

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For the food lovers

A touching tribute to the stag's passion or his gut. You might look slightly odd to some, but others will find you delicious. Giant food costumes can range from a manly steak to a pretty pink raspberry. The great thing about these costumes is the luxury of room, perfect when consuming a dozen beers.

Toy soldiers

These costumes will make even the tamest of the group into a lean, mean drinking machine. If you're hoping to turn heads on the stag do, busting into a bar as a bunch of toy soldiers will certainly do the trick. Bonus: even if there is a man down it’s pretty easy to locate him, let’s be honest you can’t miss him.

Go Lego-style

Prove that you are not one-dimensional by dressing up as a block head with a permanent grin, or scowl, on your face.

Star Wars

Go to the dark side clad in an official Stormtrooper outfit and dress the stag up as Darth Vader or even better, a hairy, half drunk Princess Leia. May the force be with you.

"Ja" to lederhosen

When was the last time you dressed up in leather pants and suspenders? Er, that was a rhetorical question . . . Grab your bratwurst and a beer stein as you oom-pah your way through the night.

Super Mario Bros

Everyone loves the toadstool hopping Italian plumbers known as the Super Mario Brothers. Add a little Nintendo magic by dressing everyone up as Luigi and Mario or throw in a few other characters for good measure.

Wheel of misfortune

Stop the wheel! Not only will the stag have the burden of getting around dressed as a mobile game show, let bedlam begin as your stag night turns into a series of bonkers challenges, created by you.

Novelty Oppo suits

Go on the stag night in these suave, yet psychedelic numbers. You will be turning heads left, right and centre. Opposuits have been spotted all over the shop from Glastonbury to Royal Ascot and if you're hoping to stand out from the crowd while looking super sharp (well, kind of), you can't go wrong.

Go go Power Rangers

The Power Rangers epitomise courage, strength and character, apart from the pink one of course. But don't worry, you won't be the one wearing the pink suit, that's reserved for the stag. It's morphing time!


Who are those masked, tipsy anti-heroes? That's what people will say as you all hit the streets dressed as the most iconic superheroes Hollywood has ever seen. Pick from the likes of the Avengers, Suicide Squad, X-Men, Fantastic 4 and live your dreams. Alright, you might look like Del Boy and Rodney in their Batman and Robin costumes, but who cares?


A gang of clowns walks into a bar on a stag do. It's not the start of a joke, more a nightmare. If you're looking to scare the living daylights out of each other, or if the stag has a particular fear of clowns and you are borderline evil, these suits are as scary as it gets and are sure to stir up a few screams during the stag do.


Is the stag a big fan of the WWE? Be the “best there is, the best there was, and the best there will ever be” as you transform into Bret “Hit Man” Hart or any of your other favourite legends. The Rock? Hogan? The Undertaker? A body slammin’ good time guaranteed.

Lads in drag

This should be called Stag in Drag. It’s traditional isn’t it, and there’s nothing quite like seeing your mate dressed up in an embarrassing princess costume. Low cut dress revealing his hairy chest, supporting his moobs. This is what it’s all about. Ritualistic humiliation in its most simple form.

In the Birthday suit

Hang on a second, are those guys naked? Oh no, they're in costume, No wait, are they? These naked body suits are not only like wearing someone else's skin, but you won't get arrested for indecent exposure. Maximum shock factor with a minimal chance of jail time. Win win.

The blushing Bride

You know what, today is HIS big day, so why not shout about it. Get him dressed in white while the rest of you get suited and booted, but he is sure to be the centre of attention.

Living it large

If you have every intention of making the stag's life as difficult as possible, then inflatable costumes are your answer. Double his size in only 15 seconds as he inflates to become twice the man he was, making every activity, small or large, a hysterical challenge.

Be patriotic

If your stag is a bit of a patriot, these loud and proud skin hugging morphsuits will have him swaggering with pride right the way through the night, and likely trying to sing the national anthem by the end of it. Available in a range of national themes, you're sure to find the perfect patriotic fancy dress costume.

Very retro - Tetris

Recreate retro magic in real life, if not slightly wobbly, game of Tetris with this nostalgic fancy dress outfit.

All the colours of the rainbow

Stand out from the crowd with the original colour morphsuits. It fits like a glove all over but don’t worry, you can still drink through the mask! Grab these and you’ll light up the dancefloor like no one else.

Ninja Turtles

Everyone loved the TMNT. They were COWABUNGA. Just make sure the stag doesn't end up in the sewer!

Remember Baywatch?

Of course you do, and it is Instantly recognisable around the world. You’ll definitely be standing out from the crowd with these Baywatch red swimsuits. Just maybe try not to draw attention to the, ahem, rest of the outfit…


Why so serious? Fancy dressing the stag as Robin in a group full of Batman's? Or, pick out your own character from the comic book series and get dressed as Batman, Robin, The Joker or one of Gotham's other prolific heroes and villains.

Top Gun

Are you a Maverick, an Iceman, a Jester, a Cougar or a Goose? You'll have fun deciding while suiting up in this high-flying Top Gun themed costume. Female attention guaranteed. *small print: female attention not guaranteed.

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