Best Bars in Hamburg

We’ve compiled a list of the best bars that Hamburg has to offer

Hamburg is quickly becoming known as one of nightlife capitals in all of Europe. Famous for their long history of making beer, it’s a city full of brewhouses, bars,bar crawlsand amazing clubs. Reeperbahn is probably the most popular spot for alternative bars. It’s located in the St Pauli district and the red light district is full of cocktail bars, live music bars and more.

With so much on offer in Hamburg, it can be hard to know where to start. But never fear, with this comprehensive guide to the best bars in Hamburg, you’ll be exploring the city in no time. To find out more about Hamburg, visitThe Highlights.

Holsten Beer Factory

This famous brewery is the home of Holsten, which has been brewed in Hamburg since 1879. It's a working craft brewery, complete with a stylish bar, tasting room and gift shop. You can enjoy amazing brewery tours here. Or, head down with a group of mates to enjoy a proper German beer in chilled-out surroundings.


Hard Rock Cafe - Hamburg

Set on the banks of the Ebe River, this rock’n’roll bar is decked out in music memorabilia, including items from some of the most famous acts of all time. With world-class beer and some great classic American food, it’s the perfect place for any rock lovers. Best of all, it’s got a huge open-air seating area overlooking the river meaning you can have a beer, listen to some great music and enjoy some of the best views in the city.


Skyline Bar 20UP

Set at the top of a classy hotel, this bar offers some amazing views of the city, the port and inner-city skyline. With plush interiors, it’s a great place to enjoy a classic cocktail or glass of wine if you’re feeling a little more sophisticated.



Right on the coolest street in Hamburg - Reeperbahn - this ‘dive bar’ is a lively and raucous place to head on the weekend. With live rock music, it’s definitely not the place to head if you want a quiet night in. But with its cheap drinks, great music choices and relaxed atmosphere, it’s become one of the most popular bars in the city for those looking for an authentic night out.


Strand Pauli

The closest thing you’ll get to the Caribbean in Hamburg, this beach bar offers chilled-out tunes, great drinks and some proper tropical island chill. Set right on the harbour, it has amazing views across the water - providing a great spot to chill and watch the sunset. It’s definitely best in the summer, but it’s open all year round with some warming food added to the menu.



No guide to the best bars in Hamburg could be complete without mentioning BarBaraBar. It’s one of the most popular bars in the city and it’s easy to see why! With no entrance free, cheap drinks and great resident DJs, it’s one of the coolest places in the city. Next to another great bar, it’s definitely one of the places you have to check out while in the city.


Hong Kong Hotel Bar

Open 24-hours, this bar is the perfect spot to head to once all the other bars are closed. It may not be the trendiest bar in the city but with cheap drinks, loads of shots and a wicked jukebox, it shouldn’t be missed. There’s even a foosball table, if you’re up to it!

Zum Silbersack

It’s hot, sweaty and certainly not refined. Open since 1949, this bar has taken on cult status across the city. Famous for its cheap drinks, great soundtrack and no-nonsense service, it’s perfect for big groups looking to properly let loose and have a good time. Don’t expert silver service, but if you’re looking for a energetic night out, this is the one for you.

Paddy's Bar

A real home away from home - this bar is one of the rowdiest in the city. With Guinness on tap, as well as a huge selection of lagers, wines and Irish whiskies, it’s a great place for anyone missing the taste of home. It also hosts a bunch of great events including karaoke nights, live music events and plays all the biggest matches on its huge flat-screen TV screens.


Le Lion de Paris

It may not be typically German, but this Parisian speakeasy bar is still a great spot to explore. You’ll need to practice your best German, as a little role playing is needed to get through the door. But, after that you’ll be heading into a swanky saloon with velvet walls, jazz and cocktails. It might not be the best place for a massive group of rowdy British revellers, but definitely worth checking out if you get the time.