00 Heaven

Five places James Bond wants you to visit

You see, when it comes to living a life less ordinary, 007 pretty much has it nailed. Sure, there’s the predictable suave suits, fast cars, casino trips and cool toys, but he manages to fit in all sorts of high octane pursuits during his missions too, from heli-skiing to powerboating, freerunning to scuba diving. And when he’s relaxing, he certainly does it in style, chilling out at some of the planet’s most exquisite destinations. The lucky thing is, even if you’re not deployed on Her Majesty’s Secret Service, you can still get a taste of the spy life by following in Bond’s footsteps. Here are five of the most tempting trips 007 has enjoyed over the years:

Octopussy’s house, India

Roger Moore may have been one of the sillier Bonds, but he still knew how to hunt down a romantic venue or two. Luxury-living jewel thief Octopussy resides on a floating palace on the stunning Lake Pichola in Rajasthan. These days, you don’t need to steal a Faberge Egg or sneak your way in 007-style to gain access, it is now a decadently beautiful resort and spa hotel oozing royal glamour and romantic mystique.

Sugarloaf Mountain, Brazil

Bond probably didn’t have too much time to admire the view from this peak that peers out into the Atlantic, he was too busy trying to stop Jaws from biting through the cables on the cable car during Moonraker. Too bad, as this 1,299ft granite cone-like mountain offers stunning vistas out to the ocean and across Rio de Janeiro too. A rock climbing hotspot, it can also be enjoyed in peaceful style in the infamous cable car, thankfully free from pesky Bond villains.

Ian Fleming’s House, Jamaica

Ursula Andress emerging from the water in a bikini during Dr No is one of the enduring images of all Bond films, but those who managed to shift their gaze away from her would have noticed the surroundings weren’t too shabby either. That particular beach is out of bounds to mere mortals, but you can still soak up the 007 charm on the nearby James Bond Beach where scenes from the movie were filmed, while the house where Ian Fleming wrote most of the novels is now full of luxury holiday apartments.

Nassau, The Bahamas

Daniel Craig didn’t do too badly with his own homage, in tight, blue swim shorts. The Bahamas were the scene of this piece of cinematic history and the country has proved a popular destination for Bond over the years, playing host to no less than seven of the movies, including the blond Bond’s debut in 2006’s Casino Royale. For true 007 luxury, you could opt for the prestigious Ocean Club on Nassau, where Bond settled into an ocean-view villa.

Khao Phing Kan, Thailand

The geological wonder that is Khao Phing Kan, a pair of islands with a leaning rock sandwiched between in Thailand’s Ao Phang Nga National Park, was once the evil hideout for The Man with the Golden Gun. Now it has been renamed James Bond Island and is positively dripping with day-trippers and box-ticking backpackers, but still well worth a visit. Go at low tide to be able to explore the mystical caves, while the shallow and crystal clear waters are perfect for spotting marine life.