Top 25 London Street Eats

Before getting carried away with late-night antics, indulge in the some of the best street eating the city has to offer. Among the city's delectable food markets such as KERB, Borough Market and Street Feast, we have tried and tested the best and boldest flavours to deliver you the ultimate street food list for your weekend away.

Baba G's | Indian

This unique eatery is a prominent fixture on the festival scene and has forged a reputation for seamlessly blending Indian and British cuisine. From the prime lamb rump to the Crazy Lamb Jalfrezi burger, Baba’s G has infused typically Western dishes with subtle Indian spices and aromas. If it tickles your fancy, the large as life owner Alec also mixes a mean old fashioned.

Bad Brownie | American

Forget the diet –Bad Brownieis all about rich, fudgy creations full of exciting flavours. Try out a raspberry cheesecake brownie, a bacon and maple syrup or, if you’re daring enough, a smoked chocolate and black pepper brownie. We guarantee you’ll be coming back for more! Bad Brownie can be found in the Selfridges food hall seven days a week plus every weekend at Maltby Market.

Bill or Beak | British

Launched in 2013, this street food stall is a means of expressing the melting pot of British culture through cuisine.Bill or Beakspecialise in mouth-watering braised duck and pork dishes, alongside smoked paprika dressing, pickled leek mayo or coriander, chilli and mint dressing all wrapped up in delicious burger bun all for £6. Bill or Beak is available at Brockley Market and KERB markets across the city.

Born and Raised | Italian

Specialising in what they like to call ‘British’ pizza, they serve up their delicious from their Land Rover Defender’s wood-burning oven. Born and Raised was built on the concept of fine Italian pizza dough combined with responsibly sourced British ingredients and vegetarian options. Find them at Hawker House, the Canada Water street food mega-market.

Born and Raised

Club Mexicana | Mexican

Club Mexicana is all about serving up incredible vegan street food and lashings of tequila. 100% Vegan, from delicious tacos to beer-marinated seitan and tequila-drunken black beans, it’s easy to see why they're successful. Go check them out at Dinerama Wednesday - Saturday and Camden Market seven days a week.

Hanoi Kitchen | Vietnamese

This eatery takes great pride in creating healthy dishes that are locally sourced and inspired by Vietnamese culture, with vermicelli noodles, fresh herbs, and their Special Sauce. Suitable for both vegetarians and meat eaters alike, all of the recipes are an authentic taste of one of the world’s most diverse cultures. Find them seven days a week at Camden Market.

Horn OK Please | Indian

Founded by two friends with a serious passion for delicious Indian and vegetarian cuisine. Their stall offers an incredible medley of spices, textures and flavours, with beautiful lentil crepes and special masala potatoes being just some of their exquisite choices. Experience the taste of authentic Indian street food by visiting them at Borough Market in the week and Southbank Market at weekends.

Jamon Jamon Paella | Spanish

Inspired by Valencia, this eatery has gradually expanded from traditional Spanish paella to include freshly made tortillas, hot soups and grilled chorizo using local suppliers where possible. Their aim is to offer the best value paella in any UK street, and you can see if this is the case every Saturday at 208 Portobello Road.

Kimchinary | Korean

This colourful and unique outlet can be found in KERB food market across the city.Featuring an array of flavours and dishes that include the delicious gochujang and honey pulled pork taco all food is available with kimicho fried rice, cheddar and spring onion. Founded by Hanna Söderlund, Kimchinary is another outlet that is elevating the street food market and infusing the London culinary scene with exciting and meticulously prepared menus.

Kothu Kothu | Sri Lankan

Bringing a taste of Sri Lanka to the streets of London. Try a stunning Kothu Roti, made from a Godhamba roti, fresh vegetables, egg and meat if you don’t want a vegetarian version. Kothu Roti is famous on the streets of Colombo, and its tangy and distinctive taste makes it a favourite here too. Kothu Kothu can be found in Boxpark Croydon.

Luardos | Mexican

A vibrant outlet that delivers delicious and heartfelt food to regulars in Kings Cross and Brockley Market. With a relatively simple menu that comprises of twelve-inch tortillas and popular fillings such as Monterey Jack cheese, garlic chicken, slow-cooked pork and award-winning salsa, Luardos takes traditional British and American ingredients and infuses them with a hint of Asian spice.

Mama’s Jerk | Jamaican

Delicious Jamaican gastronomy is the name of the game at Mama’s Jerk Station, specialising in mouth-watering marinades, fried plantain and fresh, tender meats all around the £5 mark. Founded by Adrian Luckie, Mama’s Jerk Station is a family run outfit based on the secret jerk marinade recipe of Luckie’s late grandmother, Mama Charlotte. You can find them at Pop Brixton and Deptford Yard Market.

Mike & Ollie | British

A British inspired eatery that upholds long-standing principles of simplicity, quality and affordability. With robust and flavoursome dishes available for as little as £7, you can enjoy delicious organic flatbreads and some of the finest locally sourced fish and meat. We can testify that the slow cooked lamb shoulder with Seville orange is also particularly tasty, although why take our word for it when you can find out for yourself at Brockley Market.

Mother Flipper | American

With a humorous name and gourmet dishes, Mother Flipper infuses American and British tastes to create some of the most delicious and visually appealing food to have ever passed from a mobile unit, usually found in Brockley Market every Saturday. We recommend the Bacon Swiss Flipper, which combines cheese, barbeque sauce and maple fried ‘candy’ bacon to deliver an astonishing taste sensation.

Rainbo | Asian

A unique street food that is backed by a unique and impactful message, Rainbo Food in Camden Market delivers a rotating Asian-inspired menu that is as delicious as it is unusual. Using British produce, the menu includes classic gyozas, yoga teas and fresh miso soups. Beyond their passion for bringing diversity to British street cuisine, the team behind Rainbo are also avid supporters of the noble Food for Freedom campaign.

Santana Grill | Mexican

Founded by Mexican Rury Fischelt, his aim is to create the most delicious Mexican food in the country. He has come to London via New York, and his burritos are huge, juicy and incredibly delicious. Simple but authentic, enjoy Chicken Tinga, chorizo and potatoes and stuffed chillies and much more with an ever-changing menu. You can find them at a market stall in Strutton Ground, Westminster.

Spit and Roast | British

Chicken is a surprisingly under-used ingredient in street food but Spit and Roast provides a delicious exception to this rule, using quality British produce and classic southern cooking techniques. Located mainly in Brockley and Southbank Market, they've built a reputation for cooking London’s finest buttermilk fried chicken and rotisserie roast meats, they deliver staggeringly good food that has been seasoned with sauces and slaws.

The Bowler | Italian

Fusing Asian, British and Indian flavours into a distinctly Italian dish, The Bowler is not afraid to take daring culinary risks for the good of Londoners’ pallets. We can especially recommend the ExciThaiBall, which incorporates free range chicken balls and coconut curry sauce. Serving food from their audaciously named Lawn Roller, it's the perfect place- for anyone with a thirst for culinary adventure.

The Cheese Truck & Bar | British

The Cheese Truck has specialised in the best British cheeses since 2013. Sourcing only the very best British farmhouse cheeses, they are served up to you melted, gooey and hot. Experience the best cheese toasty of your life on artisan bread at Camden Stables Market seven days a week.

The Grilling Greek | Greek

Bringing a real taste of Greece to the big has certainly paid off, with Mediterranean classics such as Souvlaki, grilled meats, red pepper hummus and desserts winning hearts and minds all over London. Available at Camden Market with KERB every day of the week as well as other locations across the city, you have no excuse not to immerse yourself in some authentic Greek cuisine.

The Rib Man | British

The Rib Man was born due to high demand offering succulent rib meat piled high into a soft white roll and served with optional ‘Holy F*ck’ sauce. Founder Mark Gevaux certainly knows what he's doing as even Man Vs Food is among the admirers. Head on down Brick Lane on Sundays although it usually sells out fast.

Tongue N Cheek | Italian

An Italian inspired street eats that prepares the most unusual cuts of meat imaginable. With flavour-packed and revolutionary interpretations of classic-Italian dishes from trademark Heartbreak burger to the modern take on the Pork sub, Tongue ‘n' Cheek can be found regularly at Brockley and Strutton Ground Market. For anyone who reveres creativity and underrated cuts of meat and fish, a trip to this street eat is definitely in order.

Waffle On | Belgian

Here at Waffle On, they have re-invented traditional German waffle recipes and experimented with ingredients to create a waffle that is deliciously light, airy and crispy. With delicious sweet and savoury toppings to choose from, you’ll be absolutely spoilt for choice. Try them with seasonal fruit, cured salmon and even slow roasted duck! Check them out every Saturday and Sunday at Maltby Street Market.

Yu Kyu UK | Japanese

Yu Kyu is a food sensation and the first mobile Japanese tonkatsu food kitchen to hit London. It’s Japanese cuisine with a fresh twist available with KERB Camden Market, seven days a week as well as other locations around the city. Get your Japanese food fix with well-sourced free-range breaded pork or chicken with spicy miso sauce, finely sliced cabbage, and deliciously toasted brioche buns.

Yum Bun | British

Yum Bun is a fun name with delicious buns are well worth the hype. Enjoy a scrumptious pork bun of slowly roasted belly pork, cucumbers, spring onions and hoisin, or a delicious Karaage chicken, bun with shredded lettuce and chilli dressing. Their handmade steamed buns are warm and super soft, split and filled right in front of you. You can check out her stall at Spitalfields Market and Street Feasts across London all week.