Barcelona Festival Calendar

Music, Film, Street Party, Carnival...

All year round entertainment

Barcelona is the perfect destination for any kind of excursion. There is really so much to choose from and aside from the usual entertainment, barely a month goes by without some kind of major street party or outdoor event taking pace. From traditional carnival celebration to all out live music festival, and even a “music film” festival, Barcelona has it all.

So we've tried to cover the main events here but this list is by no means exhaustive. So for now check out the main dates listed here, and if festivals aren't your thing there are plenty moreBarcelona highlightsto explore right across this vibrant city.

Barcelona Carnival

February / March

TheBarcelona Carnivalis a major event that involves the usual carnival floats, dancers, music and costumes going on a procession through the streets. This event is celebrating the arrival of the Carnival King, and is celebrated across much of Barcelona in all the neighbourhoods.

Barcelona Beer Festival


TheBarcelona Beer Festivalis a 3 day affair in March and showcases various kinds of craft beer, wines, spirits, champagne and sparkling wine, but also delicatessen, oils & vinegars and so on.

Festa De Sant Medir


Candy festival!

The uniqueFesta de Sant Medirlargely involves the random distribution of around 6 tons of candy, in one evening.

Pack extra toothpaste.

Primavera Sound


The BarcelonaPrimaverais one of the most respected and high profile music festivals in Europe. Every year, the festival line up boasts many top acts across all genres and tastes and incorporating both new acts and music legends.

Formula 1 Gran Premio de Espana Pirelli


Motor racing (obviously)

Only two years old, and alongside actual racing, theFormula 1 Gran Premio de Espana Pirellioffers many unique experiences for F1 fans such as racing simulators, 200 metre zip line, Pit Stop Challenges and acts from both local DJ's and live music artists.

Sonar Festival


Sonaris Europe’s biggest dance music and new media festivals and alongside Glastonbury is one of the most well known festivals in Europe. This major event is huge with over 125,000 people and as you'd expect features many top name acts and DJ's. Also, being mid summer you needn't worry too much about the weather.

Gay Pride


Barcelona Gay Prideis a huge all day event at the end of June with many stage shows, other events and activities.



Not quite as big as Primavera or Sonar, theCruïllais more suited to alternative music and indie with much smaller crowds and niche programme.

Monegros Desert Festival


TheMonegros Desert Festivalis something else. Not dissimilar to Burning Man in the US, the MDF (formerly known as the Groove Parade) is a world-famous electronic music festival with 20 yrs of track record.



TheFestival Internacional de Benicàssimis a multi-genre music festival held in the coastal Spanish town of Benicàssim. This one has been going since 1995.

Circuit Festival


TheCircuit Festivalis another 20yr internationally reputed festival celebrating Barcelona's status as the gay capital of Europe.

Fiesta De Barceloneta


Back to the traditional street festival, Barcelona hosts theFiesta De Barcelonetain late September and includes many activities such as Correfocs ("devil fire runs"), Sardanas auditions which are songs by habaneras, and Giant Parades with "Gegants" named Maria la Néta and Pep Barceló. This major festival is defined partly by the ornate streets and parade of cannons.

Fiesta de la Merce


Huge week long street party!

La Mercèis THE annual festival of Barcelona as a City and celebrating their official status as one since 1871. With a program of special Roman Catholic activities this one has much deeper meaning than just the usual street party.

In Edit Beefeater


“Music Film” festival

Created back in 2003 and now with more than 30,000 people attendingIn-Edit, this is one of Barcelona's most popular film festivals and focuses on music documentaries, with productions covering all popular genres.

So that's your Barcelona festival calendar, and as you can see Barcelona is jam packed with music, celebration and culture at all times of the year.

This makes Barcelona a great all year round option for anyone planning astag do,hen partyorgroup activityweekend away.