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Hen Vs Stag

How Do Genders Compare On Their Last Hurrah As Singletons?

More than 160,000 people use our site every year to book hen and stag dos, so we thought we’d do a little research into what really goes on during the last hurrah that Britons have with their friends and family before they settle down and get married…

infographic group size

Hen And Stag Dos Aren’t Small Affairs

We first found that both the average stag and hen were rather large this year; the average hen do consists of14 peoplecelebrating the occasions, with stag dos being slightly larger with15 stagscoming together. It would seem that both sexes struggled to cut down their guest list for their final ‘single’ hurrah, instead opting for big groups of family and friends.

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Prices Start At £2,000

Stags went all out in 2019, with the whole group spending £2,695 on average for their do’s location and activities, equalling an impressive£179.65 per person. The lads were more likely to splurge on the activities than hens, with their average amounting to£2,025overall and £144.64 per person. A hefty£670difference between the two – it’ll be interesting to see if this changes in 2020.

infographic locations

Stags Are More Inclined To Go Abroad

After analysing our booking data from this year, we revealed the top locations for both hen and stags; hens are more likely to pick locations in the UK, withLondon, Liverpool and Brightontaking the top three spots, followed byCardiff and Edinburgh. Stags on the other hand were more likely to go further afield, with their top five found to beBudapest, Prague, Benidorm, Newcastle and Krakow.

infographic alochol units

Alcohol All Round

Most people enjoy a tipple when they are on a hen or stag but, after surveying more than3,000 Britons, we found that alcohol overindulgence is clearly prevalent for both sexes. Hens admit to drinking35 units per dayand stags27 units per day– both of which exceed the weekly recommended amount by almost double.

infographic calories

Calories Eaten

Speaking of overindulgence, it was found that hens and stags also consume way over the recommended daily amount of calories each day. Hens consume on average3,800 a day1,800more than the average woman is recommended to consume a day; and stags put away an insane4,200calories per day –2,200more than their recommended daily amount. Given that their respective drunk foods are cheesy chips (containing roughly710 caloriesfor a small portion) and a lamb doner kebab (containing a massive1,000 caloriesfor a medium-sized kebab), it’s easy to see how the numbers quickly add up.

infographic costumes

Fancy Dress Is Key

Everyone loves to dress up during a stag and hen break, so of course we wanted to find out what the most popular themes were. After questioning those who recently attended one of these events, hens were found to chooseBurlesque, Army and Disney Princessthemes the most often, with stags opting forWrestlers, Lifeguards and Superheroes.

infographic hit on

Getting Married? Expect To Be Hit On!

With the bride-to-be and groom-to-be often wearing accessories that make it clear they will soon be betrothed, often members of the public take it upon themselves to try it on with the clearly unavailable party members. We found that89% of the main hensexperienced people hitting on them, compared to63% of head stags.

infographic daily spend

Ensure You’ve Got Plenty Of Spending Money

It’s sometimes hard to keep costs down when you arrive at your hen or stag destination, especially when you’re constantly going out for drinks, dinner and taking part in various activities. Stags were found to spend£110 per person per day, with hens being slightly more money-savvy, spending£70 per person per day.

infographic duration prank

Pranks Involve Strippers And Dodgy Fancy Dress

No one can resist pulling a prank on the main hen or stag, with78% of respondentssaying their party pulled a fast one on the unsuspecting bride or groom-to-be. The top prank played to be played on brides-to-be was a surprise stripper, and the most popular prank played on a groom was an embarrassing costume, with everyone else choosing to remain in normal clothes.

infographic weight gain

Weight gain

Finding out that both hens and stags consume far too many calories when celebrating, across food and drink, it comes as no surprise that both do gain some party weight following their trips, typically between the region of3lbs and 5lbs.

infographic disagreements

Disagreements within the group

Not everyone is going to get on all the time during a hen or stag celebration; there are bound to be personality clashes, especially when different groups of people come together to celebrate the one person they love dearly, and92%of those surveyed said they experienced problems. It would seem hens are more susceptible to these disagreements, with the average hen party reportingsix falling outs, compared to stagsone.

infographic sick

Someone’s Going To Fall Ill

As so much alcohol is consumed, it would be a miracle to get through the do without someone throwing up or passing out. Stags admitted that someone threw up ten times, on average throughout their do and passed out eight times. On the other hand, hens were slightly more sensible, with someone in the party throwing up seven times on average and passing out just twice.

infographic missing

Where Did They Go?

We’ve all been there; you’re out and about with the lads or ladies and one friend just seems to disappear into the night, only to reappear five hours later recalling the shenanigans that they got up to. Well, hens and stags also experience this phenomenon, with one disappearance for hens, and a massive six for stags happening over the duration of their celebration.

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