Top 100 Travel Photographers in the World

The art of photography opens up a whole new window on the world.

It helps us capture treasured memories and incredible sights, or admire majestic moments and inspiring destinations through the eyes of others. Photography has never been more accessible or popular than it is today, with people across the planet chronicling life through a lens. That means there is now a wealth of inspiring images out there for us all to discover, from quick snaps on Instagram to DSLR photoshoots.

Travel photography is one of the best-loved art forms, as shown by the popularity of our first rundown of the world’s top 100 travel photographers last year. With 8,000 likes on Facebook, the post struck a chord with intrepid explorers, snap happy camera fans and destination dreamers.

Now, refreshed and updated from last year, Chillisauce reveal the Top 100 Travel Photographers in the World, complete with their Twitter, website or Google+ details so you can keep track of their ongoing journeys. Whatever your own level of experience with a camera, check out the list below for your chance to learn from the planet’s most talented and loved travel snappers.

The Top 100 Travel Photographers in the World 2017

Bob Krist

Bob Krist truly knows how to present life in technicolour. His bright and powerful images from around the world have bagged him multiple awards and earned him a reputation as one of the most respected travel photographers around. His portraits of people encountered on his travels are captivating.


Jann Arthus-Bertrand

A nature enthusiast, he ran a nature reserve in France before moving to Kenya to study the behaviour of lions, all before he turned 31. He picked up the bug for photography as a tool for chronicling his findings, going onto become both a spirited campaigner and talented photojournalist.


Art Wolfe

Art’s combined passions of travel, culture, conservation and photography all combined to stunning effect. His work has spanned every continent on the globe in a 30-year career, earning him a legion of fans and admirers – including Sir David Attenborough.


Sherry Ott

Self-confessed “middle age wanderer”, Sherry Ott has made a great fist of leaving the office job behind, carving out a new life as a seasoned travel photographer. After eight years of shooting and blogging, her own site has become a vast directory of fantastic images taken in almost every landscape imaginable.


Cait Miers

Cait is a photographer from Australia and her biggest aspiration is to shoot women in the surf industry, capturing the growing femininity. Its an organic love for the ocean + desire to travel the world and capture real moments, that fuels Cait’s photography.


Jeff Sullivan

When we say Jeff Sullivan’s photography is out of this world, we really mean it. In fact, he’s been named Astronomy Photographer of the Year. Back down on earth, his photos are pretty incredible too with his nature snaps capturing the true, rugged beauty of the Californian landscape.


Gary Arndt

Not only an expert in inspirational photos, but inspirational lifestyles too having flogged his house six years ago to go travelling – and never stopping. A multi-award winning photographer with more than 116,000 Twitter followers keeping up to date with his movements.


Richard Bernabe

An in-demand photographer who specialises in capturing nature at its most natural and wildlife, especially in his dramatic landscapes from the remotest parts of North America and beyond. And if you want to learn from the best he offers travel photography workshops across the globe.


Robert Caplin

Robert isn’t afraid to diary his life through Instagram, while his professional snaps give a unique outlook on life in New York. He’s photographed everyone, from Justin Bieber to Bon Jovi, and is also an expert in travel photography and capturing those magic moments.



A California native graduating with honors and getting a job at a prestigious financial firm in LA, Kiersten soon realized she was living someone else’s dream. Kiersten left her career to travel the world, volunteer in developing countries, and discover her own happily ever after.


Jack Hollingsworth

A great source for staying up to speed on the latest trends in photography and social media, Jack has also carved out an enviable reputation as one of the world’s most respected and truly global photographers, with his portraits captured at every corner of the planet.


Brendan Van Son

Twitter gives you direct access to his non-stop life every day of the year and Brendan’s own site is also a great resource for those with an interest in travel, listing the best travel websites and a series of travel guides, while he also runs beautiful travel mag Vagabundo.


Rebecca Varidel

Rebecca has all the right ingredients listed on her Twitter account: “Food + booze + travel.” Her tasty Inside Cuisine blog actually provides a unique window on the world through tantalising photos of food and drinks from restaurants, homes and street sellers around the world.


Steve Baile

Australia is a land which naturally lends itself to great photography, with unrivalled landscapes, unique wildlife and beautiful coastlines. Luckily, Aussie expert, tour operator and travel snapper Steve Baile is there to capture much of this captivating country in true photographic style.


Matt Long

Travel snapper and blogger Matt Long “specialises in luxury adventure travel”, which sounds like possibly the best job description in the world to us. Follow his globe-trotting antics on Twitter, although we can’t promise you won’t be beset by pangs of jealousy.


Trey Ratcliff

If you grow up in a place as beautiful as New Zealand then there’s really no excuse not to become a photographer. Luckily Trey Ratcliff has the skills to do the breathtaking landscapes justice, capturing everything from endless beautiful sunsets to dolphins frolicking in the surf.


Jim Nix

Texas-based photographer Jim Nix is another HDR expert, which means he produces landscapes and cityscapes in simply stunning colours. Fantastic at sharing tips on his own site to help hone your own skills in this photographic art-form too.


Jim Nix

Texas-based photographer Jim Nix is another HDR expert, which means he produces landscapes and cityscapes in simply stunning colours. Fantastic at sharing tips on his own site to help hone your own skills in this photographic art-form too.


Colby Brown

Denver-based Colby Brown is not only a fantastic photographer, chronicling all sorts of sides to life on planet earth, but a fantastic teacher too, running popular photography workshops both in person and online, producing books aimed at helping other photographers progress.


Jeff Lombardo

Not only is possibly the best travel photographer web address ever, but his photos are none-too-shabby either. From glamorous shots on tour with Ne-Yo to his travel photography, his pictures are a unique take on urban life in some of the world’s most vibrant cities.


James Clark

Having earned the enviable position of a “location independent digital nomad”, hard working entrepreneur James Clark spends most of his life on the go, his pictures ooze local charm and he captures moments you can only enjoy by getting stuck in to experience each place you visit.


Matthew Karsten

If you want to see pictures of searches for lost Columbian drug planes, kayaking through shark, croc and hippo-infested waters or trekking to the top of erupting volcanoes, then he’s your man. Taking absolutely stunning photos across several landscapes.


Jeff Davidson

Jeff Davidson came to photography relatively late after a lifelong interest, but it’s lucky for the rest of us that he did as it means we can all enjoy his uniquely personal portraits and dreamy landscape shots from various inspiring spots.


Lanora Mueller

Lanora describes herself as an “escapism expert” and her photoblog is certainly a great form of escapism for everyone to enjoy, letting you get lost in absorbing images from some far-flung locations and those closer to home too.


Michel Guntern

Freelance photojournalist Michel Guntern has taken in an incredible 120 countries on his travels so far, capturing countless fantastic photos while he was at it. With his Travel Notes website helping you plan your own trip and curating the best travel snaps.


Penny De Los Santos

You’ll be glad you followed Penny De Los Santos when you’re drinking in her captivating food and travel photographs. You’ll learn a thing or two as well, with Penny having a fantastic cultural awareness that comes across in her work.


Adam Romanowicz

Combines his twin loves of extreme sports and beautiful photography into a dreamy collection of images from around the world. From surfers in Hawaii to moody black and white snapshots of his home city, his passion for the outdoors translates expertly in his photography.


Juno Kim

Follow Juno’s ongoing travels as she backpacks around the world, charting tales and places as she goes through her Runaway Juno blog and capturing the heart of everywhere she visits with some delightful photography too.


Matt Considine

An expert in underwater photography with awe-inspiring shots of majestic marine life, he is also an active campaigner for preserving nature through his wildlife photography. His travel photography portfolio spans continents and always captures interesting aspects about the destination.


Anthony M. Davis

Demonstrates a real skill in making even the seemingly mundane aspects of travel look interesting, while his focus on the architecture of various places makes for an intriguing collection of images. His infra-red images are unnervingly beguiling but constantly captivating.


Brandon Elijah Scott

With a fantastic eye for images, designer, blogger and travel photographer Brandon Elijah Scott creates beautiful fine art photography and is passionate about sharing his research and photography tips. His new photo-a-day feature provides fresh inspiration through his pictures every day.


Jason Denning

Award-winning, London-based photographer Jason Denning specialises in panoramic landscapes that really preserve a moment in time to be enjoyed time and again. His ongoing quest to find and capture inspirational views has produced some stunning results.


Kelly Harmon

Californian Kelly Harmon is on a mission to hit more than 100 counties, chronicling her travels with some fantastic photography along the way. Stunning images of inspiring destinations include Thailand, Antigua, the Masai Mara, Laos and Cambodia to create a bucket list of must-see places.

Flickr| [Facebook](|

Gray Cargill

Herwww.solofriendly.comwebsite is full of practical and inspiring tips for those looking into travelling alone as well, including unique ways of including yourself in your photos when sightseeing on your own.


Kirsten Alana

Nomadic traveller and enthusiast Kirsten Alana has taught the skill of mobile photography at conferences. Her own pictures are accompanied by witty descriptions of her life on the road too and make for entertaining viewing.


Barbara Weibel

Did what most people only dream of by ditching the corporate life in favour of travel, writing and taking pictures en route. Her travels are all about searching for the meaning in her life and her images express that desire to seek out the cultural values in the places she visits.


Davide Petilli

Davide Petilli is an Italian freelance photographer who produces breathtaking fine art prints from his travel photography. He specialises in black and white images which are achingly stylish and his personal blog is a good read for any aspiring photographers too.


John Lander

Freelancer John Lander has made South East Asia his home and is based in Bangkok and Tokyo, producing expert galleries of Japanese gardens, Asian festivals and cuisine, and travelling extensively throughout the region.


Claudio Giovenzana

Italian photographer Claudio Giovenzana has been on the road for five years now and is passionate about sharing the extraordinary pictures he takes along the way. His images of Mexico are particularly worth admiring.


Abi King

Taking in everywhere from the far-flung landscapes of Patagonia and Kilimanjaro to the bustling urban hotspots of New York, Rio and Paris, award-winning journalist Abigail King has circled the globe twice and is at the forefront of travel media in the UK.


Martin Bolo

Argentinian snapper Martin Balo is a prolific Tweeter and a prolific traveller too, focusing on the cosmopolitan nature of some of the world’s most exciting cities, while his sunset and sunrise shots are simply stunning.


Melody Fury

Food enthusiast Melody Fury is inspired by rich tapestry of tastes and flavours the world has to offer and specialises in food photography. From food markets to gourmet restaurants and everything in between, her love of food and its connection to local cultures provides a tasty take on travel photography.


Martin Vogt

Martin captures rawness in the familiar and uniqueness in the unexpected. From housewives in South-Asia, random architectural venues to world-renown celebrities, he has dedicated his work to telling untold stories. Through photography he creates visual documents of the beauty and diversity he experienced or wanted to experience.


Melissa McKinley

Travel the world from the comfort of Twitter by following Melissa’s tweets, an unbeatable resource for all things happening in the world of travel, full of tips and advice and regularly pointing people in the direction of inspirational articles and images from around the web.


Matt Gibson

Canadian snowboarder and outdoors enthusiast Matt Gibson likes to push life to its limits and his adventurous photos reflect this. If you like to spend days at your desk dreaming of carving up the powder snow then Matt’s pictures can transport you there in an instant.


Ryan Barry

Another Canadian photographer with a taste for adventure, he runs adventure tours of Nova Scotia to help people get stuck into the incredible landscape. His fantastic photos also help capture the very essence of living a life of discovery.


David Clapp

Devon-based British snapper David Clapp quickly developed into a landscape specialist and now teaches workshops and writes about the art of producing beautiful landscape pictures, honing his own craft in some of the UK’s most under-appreciated landscapes as well as in countries around the world.


Seattle Dredge

Seattle is from Toronto in Canada, and her strong wanderlust has taken her across the globe, blogging and taking pictures as she goes. Her own website is packed full of tips, travel ideas and advice based on her own extensive experience.


Bruce Murray

Aspirational travel writer and photographer with a knack for finding those extra special places and giving candid, informative reviews of his experiences. Worth a follow on Twitter too where he’ll share plenty of features and pictures from across the web to inspire your travel daydreams.


Neerav Bhatt

This ‘professionally curious’ journalist and blogger starting taking snaps on his travels to accompany his travel writing but has developed into a specialist in capturing striking images of wildlife and wilderness environments.


Daniel Nehabedian

A well-travelled freelancer with a multicultural background and a diverse and creative approach to photography. Only picked up his first DSLR camera in 2007 but quickly turned his new passion into a new career. Daniel speaks five languages too and he is passionate about educating people through his pictures.


Kat Von B

Travel photographer for people with a keen interest in all things beautiful. Finds beauty in all sorts of things, from quirky room decorations to derelict country buildings and battered cars, as well as producing eye-catching snaps of striking holiday destinations.


Daniel and Audrey

Husband and wife team Daniel and Audrey live a life of freedom that most couples only dream of and have been travelling the world for five years. With 75 countries covered so far and counting, their photography shows their taste for delving deep and off the beaten track.


Beer and Beans

When someone collects 8 million followers on Pinterest, you know they must be doing something right. Randy and Beth are another wayfaring couple sharing their travelling exploits with the world and a thoroughly engaging journey it is too.


Nellie and Alberto

Alberto and Nellie are the talented founders of WildJunket Magazine, dedicated to seeking out the most extraordinary destinations and journeys, written and captured by passionate bloggers. Alberto has impressively led the way with his vast gallery of photos from adventurous locations across the globe.


The Blonde Gypsy

The iPhone is a powerful photographic tool in the right hands and the charmingly titled ‘Blonde Gypsy’, aka Larissa, is one of the best in the business, sharing her unique and inventive mobile photography from some impressive destinations. She’s great at sharing tips and secrets on getting the best out of your mobile.


Iain Mallory

Ex-army officer Iain Mallory likes to push things to the limit, including his photography. His pictures are a great outlet for his adventurous spirit and display a creative streak too, from his unique collection of washing line photos in Cuba to extreme BMX riding pics in Canada.


Kah Kit Yoong

The ‘Magic Hour’ in the website address refers to ambitious travel photographer Kah Kit Yoong’s ongoing quest to capture those perfect moments where changing light transforms the breathtaking views around the world into something truly sublime. And the results are simply extraordinary.


Rolf Hicker

With more than a quarter of a century’s experience of nature, wildlife and travel photography, it is fair to say that Rolf has earned his reputation as one of the world’s best. From getting up close with polar bears, whales and red pandas to capturing awe-inspiring sunsets or dramatic waterfalls, Rolf has photographed it all.


Dave and Deb

Follow Canadian couple Dave and Deb as they continue their ongoing mission to travel the world, inspiring others with their incredible images from some incredible destinations. Seven continents, 80 counties and counting, with many more to come.


Elia Locardi

With a background in design and post production, Elia has a deep rooted interest in producing beautiful things. But since giving up the paycheck world in which he once lived, he has found a new freedom travelling the world full-time, sharing photography techniques and discovering new things to photograph every day.


Scott Jarvie

For Scott Jarvie, a specialist in destination weddings, capturing happy couples on their big day takes him all over the world. Joy-filled pictures in amazing locations certainly make for life-affirming viewing.


Jacob Maentz

Philippines-based photographer Jacob Maentz is an expert at capturing the essence of the different cultures he encounters in some of the world’s most far-flung and hard-to-reach destinations.


Sean Bagshaw

With pictures published from landscape calendars to well-read magazines, Sean Bagshaw’s work has provided inspiration to a widespread audience. His twin passions of travel and photography led to him pursuing photography and he is always willing to go the extra mile for that perfect shot.


Adam Allegro

California-based professional travel photographer Adam Allegro is a former naval officer during which time he travelled the world. He now continues to visit all corners of the globe, capturing offbeat images and stunning photographs along the way.


Steve Sieren

Southern California-based landscape snapper Steve Sieren specialises in capturing California with his beautiful art images, with his work taking him into some of the most remote and unspoilt spots in the area and its nearby deserts.


Rick Sammon

Rick Sammon’s photography work has taken him to nearly 100 counties across the world, with his talents taking in a wide range of subjects. His work and experience is so respected that he now hosts workshops in some dramatic destinations, including Death Valley, Iceland, Provence and even on safari in Kenya and Tanzania.


Chase Guttman

New Yorker Chase Guttman boasts a National Geographic award among his accolades and a glance at his portfolio is enough to show you why his images are so admired. A photography enthusiast since the age of five, his work continues to go from strength to strength.


Lucie Debelkova

From Mongolia to the Middle East, Iceland to Alaska, Lucie Debelkova doesn’t let long journeys or tough conditions get in the way of capturing beautiful landscape images. The Prague-born photographer is on a constant mission to learn and hone her skills while discovering beautiful sights as she explores the world.


Jeff P

Frenchman Jeff specialises in colourful images of Asia having spent seven years in China and recently relocated to Bangkok. Portraits full of character, awesome city shots and other-worldly landscape images are typical of his fine art photography portfolio.


Troy Flloyd

Troy Floyd rediscovered a burning passion for travel after a trip to Australia inspired him to give up his well paid job in 2009 in favour of a new life of discovery. After quickly sharpening up his skills he quickly adapted to his new life as a travelling photographer and luckily for the rest of his he regularly shares his stunning work, blogging as he goes.


Victor Lacken

Irish photographer Victor Lacken is now based in Amsterdam where he runs a thriving production company, offering inspiring and impassioned photojournalism and film-making services. His work often focuses on capturing the humanity and personal stories of the places he visits, while from a technical point of view he’s a HDR specialist.


Meleah Reardon

Seattle-born, UK-based Meleah is a travelling photographer who also specialises in High Dynamic Range (HDR) images to create unique images of architecture and landscapes. Very proactive in sharing her work for others to enjoy too, with much of her work available under Creative Commons licences.


David Sanger

Professional photographer David Sanger has made an enviable living travelling and taking pictures for the past two decades, taking the sorts of inspiring images that you will find in travel books and magazines the world over. Also the publisher of inspirational free iPad travel magazine TRVL.


Laurence Norah

Like many with a deep-rooted wanderlust, Laurence packed up the corporate life in favour of setting out to explore the world. He now takes dramatically beautiful, and at times haunting, photographs and shares them on his popular blog, which is filled with plenty of tips and insightful posts too.


JD Andrews

A prolific tweeter, so much so that he has even bagged a ‘Shorty Award’ – the so-called ‘Oscars of Twitter’. With nearly 125,000 followers, there are plenty of people keen to keep tabs on JD who has spent 20 years traversing the globe making tourism and travel videos and taking fantastic stills too.


Trenton Palmer

An intriguingly titled ‘aerial cinematographer’ by trade, which is essentially providing aerial filming and photography through the use of remote control helicopters and sounds like possibly the coolest job in the world. Also enjoys a handy side hobby of iPhone photography which gives you an insight into the darn cool places he visits.


Matt Dawson

Freelance travel photographer and recently-published travel writer Matt has been on the move constantly for the past five years since ditching his IT job. That decision is certainly paying off as he gets to combine his twin passions of travel and photography on a daily basis. Born in Sydney, but you may currently find him in Peru.


Aric S. Queen

Last year embarked on a unique journey across the USA on behalf of National Geographic to discover the untold stories that are changing communities for the better, tackling the 5,321 miles in just six weeks. His travels uncovered some inspiring tales and some incredibly personal pictures too.


Cole Rise

The San Franciscan photographer and pilot’s appreciation of space delivers simply breathtaking results in his collections of stark and wide open landscapes, artistically and dramatically displayed. His Explorations in Space series has an eerie and other-worldly charm.


Dan Rubin

‘Improving the world through design’ is Dan Rubin’s motto, but he does a good job of showing off its good points through his photography too. Fantastic collection of architecture pictures and landscape shots, while his coastal images are particularly engaging.


Erica Kuschel

Camera whizz Erica Kuschel travels the world with her thrill-seeking husband Shaun, with the pair of high school sweethearts having left the daily grind in Texas behind in favour of a life of excitement and adventure. Follow their lives through Erica’s lens for their unique perspective on the world.


Michael Hodson

Now in a state of permanent transit, attorney by trade Michael Hodson started his worldwide travels back in 2008 in a bid to circumnavigate the globe without boarding an aeroplane and now he blogs and shares photographs relentlessly as he continues to search for the world’s most impressive destinations.


Robert van Koesveld

His skills have seen him carve out a career as a full time photographer, with a focus on travel and cultural images, most notably in Bhutan and China. His own photography blog is called ‘Learning to See’ which sums up his approach to using images to discover something new in the world.


Craig Easton

An international award-winning and highly in-demand photographer, Craig Easton has been commissioned to produce work for a range of high profile clients from Land Rover to London 2012, as well as having work published in popular travel books.


Piotr Kulczycki

Having picked up a DSLR only 10 years ago Piotr Kulczycki has turned his hand to a wide variety of photography – from the beautiful mountains of Lichtenstein to the stunning cities of Iran his photos demonstrate his varied styles.


Pat Corlin

From haunting portraits of beautiful owls in the wild to calming shots of sunsets over Cambodia, colourful pubs in Ireland to snow-capped mountains in Nevada, Pat Corlin’s photography stirs up plenty of emotions, but most of all make you want to dive right in and see the places for yourself.


Russ Barnes

Discovering the art in landscapes, Russ Barnes produces images which will take your breath away, and his escapism imagery has garnered plenty of attention from high profile admirers in recent years.


Alfie Goodrich

A photography career that has spanned more than two decades and an interest in the art that goes back to the age of seven, Alfie has certainly learned a trick or two. He now passes on his years of experience to others with workshops and classes from his home in Japan while adding to his add to his ever-impressive portfolio.


Ron Niebrugge

From playful bears to icebreakers in the frozen ocean, snow-capped mountains to roaring waterfalls, Alaska is a land that presents more than its fair share of unique photographic opportunities and professional nature and wildlife snapper Ron Niebrugge is seemingly on hand to capture them all.


Craig Ferguson

Craig Ferguson, now based in Taiwan, specialises in cultural photography with insightful portraits, enticing panoramas and a thought-provoking catalogue of environmental images. Originally from Australia, he has travelled extensively across Asia.


Gary Crabbe

A widely-respected photography professional, Gary Crabbe is now putting the finishing touches to his seventh book with a back catalogue of coffee-table titles which show off his native California in all its glory.


QT Luong

A full-time travel and nature photographer, QT Luong is known for achieving the impressive feat of being the first to take pictures of all 59 of the USA’s national parks. His website attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors a month keen to browse and buy his pictures.


Richard Wong

Another Californian photographer who is constantly finding drama and beauty across this most picturesque of American states. He specialises in capturing the unique and hard-to-find and his work has graced many a magazine cover.


So, who have we missed? Which other travel photographers do you particularly admire? Let us know in the comments below…