Sound Lessons From Real Grooms

Our regular Real Grooms feature is a veritable goldmine of good advice for future grooms. Here are a few of the highlights from this year and if you want to add your own Real Groom feature, or just tell us what you learned hit the comments section HARD!

Get Involved (Duh)

“Don’t be afraid to have a view about what the wedding day should be like. It’s a bit of a cliché around these parts, but it’s your day too.”

Plan the Day

“Making the invites or choosing who sits where might not be the most interesting way to spend an evening, but there is a satisfaction that comes with knowing you’ve helped plan the day.”

Choose the Best Man For The Job

“I wanted to give the things that needed doing to the people who were right for the different jobs, so I had a school friend with me in the ceremony, got my funniest mates to do a speech, a friend with taste in nights out similar to mine to help with the stag and the loudest person to act as compere/usher.”

Be Careful With Your Corner Cutting

One thing I regret is that, in an attempt to save money on a videographer, I trusted a colleague of mine, a professional cameraman, to film the wedding. Turns out he wasn’t so professional and accidentally DELETED pretty much all the footage we shot. That said, don’t be afraid to let friends help you out if you trust them. Our cake was baked by a close friend, who slaved on it for weeks, and it was fantastic. The DJ was another friend of mine, who lent her services for free.