A Guide to Instagram-worthy Hen Party Photos

Yourhen partyis one of the biggest parties you’ll ever have - other than the wedding itself. It’s a night surrounded by your closest girlfriends, celebrating you, so of course, you’ll want to capture every moment of it, and then post it on every social media platform. Even though you know that getting hundreds of likes doesn’t really matter, why not go all-out and leave your followers green with envy? You don’t need a professional photographer to add a little extra sparkle to your photos, just the right setting, activities, accessories and friends willing to do whatever it takes to get the perfect angle. If this sounds like you, send your maid of honour over here to get inspired and start planning. Here are our top tips on how to plan an Instagram-worthy hen party...

Group Hen Theme

Choose the theme

Having the right theme sets the tone for the night. The classic British hen party, with L plates and feather boas, is fun, but will it set you apart from the rest? Maybe, but there are plenty of other quirky themes that definitely will so get creative! Get inspired by trends like an entirely rose gold night, or bohemian-style or even Disney-themed, but always remember to keep true to the bride. Check out our guide tothemed hen partiesfor ideas.

Get dressed up

It’s the perfect excuse to get all dressed up in your best outfit, to try on your best dresses or go shopping for a new one. You need to decide ahead of time if there’s a colour scheme, or if everyone will have matching outfits/t-shirts so the guests can plan in advance. You want an outfit you feel great in so you’re comfortable being on camera. Hair and makeup are key too, and there are plenty of tips on how to use makeup to become more photogenic.


There are plenty of fun hen party accessories you could incorporate into the night. Maybe you’ll all have matching glittery temporary tattoos or face jewels and flower crowns. Will the bride wear a sash? Or maybe a veil? Even if you haven’t chosen matching outfits, this can be a great way to tie all the guests together with a common feature.

Decorate your accommodation

If you’re going abroad for the hen night or hosting pre-drinks/brunch around someone’s house, you might want to add a few decorations to start the hen night off right. Flowers are always a lovely addition, but balloons and bunting can be really stylish too if you shop around. You could even get crafty and create a fun DIY backdrop or oversized photo frame that everyone will love.

Colourful cocktails

Cocktail umbrellas, delicious-looking fruit and even fire - cocktails are undoubtedly a work of art, so let’s face it, it would be a crime not to take a quick photo, or five. With cocktails, the more colourful and over-the-top, the better. Become mixologists for the day andtry a cocktail masterclass, it’s a fun activity, and you get to sample your own creations at the end, it’s a win-win.

Clubbing and alternatives

It’s inevitable: most hen parties will end up in anightclub, partying until the early hours of the morning. It’s an opportunity for candid snaps of people at their worst, the kind they’ll be cringing about the next morning. However, as you’ll realise, clubs don’t have the most flattering lighting, so there are alternative places to party. Hire aparty busfor a classic hen night, or head to aboat partyto dance under the stars.

Time to dine

People love to photograph food, and while your everyday dinners are considered generally too much, aphoto-worthy mealin a quirky or fancy restaurant is perfectly acceptable. A dinner out with the girls is a must on any hen do, and it’s the perfect excuse to eat whatever you want - it’s only one night after all. You could even give aMan vs Food challengea go - who says men get to have all the fun?

Yummy treats

If there’s one thing that’s sure to get likes, it’s tasty, indulgent desserts. Imagine decadent cupcakes, delicious doughnuts and insane freakshakes. You can even get involved yourself and trycupcake decoratingas one of the party’s activities and then show off your creations. Or if quintessentially British treats are more your thing, why not haveafternoon teasomewhere nice?

Have a spa day

This one is a little tricky, sincespasare all about relaxation and switching off, and phones are a bit of an invasion of that, but it makes for such a great hen party activity that I couldn’t leave it out. Plus, as an added bonus, you’ll walk out feeling fresh and glowing, which is worth it. Feeling happy and relaxed is a good look on anyone, even better than a great outfit or makeover.

Get some sun

Whisk everyone away to soak up the sun and catch a tan at one ofEurope’s best hen party destinations.Jet off to somewhere likeMarbella,Hvar,BarcelonaorIbizafor miles of beautiful beaches, tons of pool parties and chic cocktail bars. Whether you opt for matching swimming costumes or not, you’re sure to be #squadgoals.


What meal is more fun thanbrunch? You get to wake up late, eat as much as you want, drink as early as you want and spend time with friends. There’s nothing more mouth-watering than a massive spread of food combining breakfast, lunch and dessert all into one, with mimosas and bloody marys to wash it down. It’s a time to let loose, forget the diet and have a laugh.

Print the photos

Once the night is over, get the photos printed so everyone can admire your photography skills. Why not have them turned into polaroids or retro-style prints? There are plenty of websites that’ll print them for a reasonable price. They even make a thoughtful and fun wedding favour idea as a thank you for making the night amazing.

Even though you want to get the perfect Instagram, it’s more important to have fun and live in the moment and if you manage to get a few snaps in the process, great. The best photos are the ones of you and your friends having fun, so do something everyone will love, and the smiles will come naturally. Maybe you want to throw in a few pranks if so, check outthese.Or, if you’re a more adventurous hen, you might want to trycoasteeringorwhite water rafting.