Nottingham's top attractions

City of Caves

Buried deep under the town centre, the City of Caves is a complex of around 500 limestone caves that have been used since around 890 AD (give or take). The complex is home to an underground tannery and also housed city residents as an air-raid shelter during WW2.

A tour of the complex is a fascinating option for any visitor to Nottingham. The City of Caves is actually part of the National Justice Museum but can be visited on its own.


Market Square

The biggest public space in the UK after London’s Trafalgar Square, Market Square is the centre of the city both geographically and socially. Events and concerts happen in the square all year round including the Christmas Wonderland and the Riviera Beach (in season). Most visitors to the city will pass through at least a few times. The Tourist Information Centre is found here, as well as a number of shops, chain restaurants and nightlife venues.


National Justice Museum

Perhaps fittingly for a city regarded as the home of one of the greatest literary outlaws, the National Justice Museum offers visitors the opportunity to experience justice though the years.

Located in the city hall and gaol, the exhibits offer a fascinating tour through the ages. Despite some macabre elements, the museum is a fun and hands on exploration of crime and punishment.


Nottingham Castle

Although it is currently closed and undergoing renovations until 2020, Nottingham Castle is still a must visit when in the city. The building features many original elements of the medieval castle that once stood here and the site has art galleries and archeological features to inspect at your leisure. Sat atop the Castle rock, 130 foot natural promontory, the grounds of the castle are great for taking a stroll and enjoying the view across the city.


River Trent

Flowing past the city the mighty River Trent is one of the UK’s biggest rivers, with a tributary passing through the city centre. The river landscape offers opportunities for activities such as river cruises or kayaking or simply taking a riverside stroll.


Robin Hood statue

He might be fictional but as the man who put Nottingham on the map and inspired many a Hollywood movie, it’s only fitting that a statue is erected in his honour. Cast in bronze, the statue is crafted to last 6000 years!

You’ll find this 7 foot statue outside the gates of Nottingham Castle, his bow and arrow aimed at the gates in true outlaw style.


Sherwood Forest

These sprawling woodlands were once a Royal hunting forest , but today Sherwood forest is a protected nature reserve. Of course, you’ll have heard that there was once a fearsome outlaw who lived here, who stole from the rich to give to the poor. Despite being quite severely depleted over the years by logging, mining and urban expansion, you’ll still find pockets of blissful tranquility.


The Lace Market

Once the centre of the world’s lace industry, the Lace Market area is ancient Nottingham’s downtown area. Nowadays you’ll find boutique shops, bars and pubs with plenty to entice any weekend in Nottingham. World famous English designer Paul Smith hails from the city, with his flagship store located nearby. Hockley Village which crossed over into Lace Market is where you’ll find bars, clubs and pubs to keep you revelling until the early hours.


Wollaton Hall

It might be familiar to many as the location of Wayne Manor from the recent Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. As well as this Wollaton Hall is a stunning stately home that now houses the Natural History Museum.

The sprawling green park that Wollaton Hall sits in is also features beautiful manicured gardens and a deer park, making a great day out for nature and culture lovers.


Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem

There are several pubs which lay claim to being the oldest pub in England, and Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem has a pretty solid claim. The Guinness book of records recognises the pub as the oldest venue continuously serving alcohol in England, with the first pint pulled in 793 AD.

What better way to kick off your weekend in Nottingham than with a proper pint in one of the country’s oldest pubs?