A weekend in south of France: Monte Carlo Rallye

You’re going to need a lot of vroom and an updated passport if you plan on heading to Monte Carlo for the annual Monte Carlo Rallye. Take off for a full week to the South of France with your best cap and driving gloves as you whisk your way through the windy highways France is so famously known for.

Rallye Automobile Monte Carlo

The official event is organized each year by the Automobile Club de Monaco. This is the same organization that slaps together that ‘other’ race…what’s it called again? Oh yeah, something called the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix. The rally circuit says this same club also puts together French Rivera’s Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique. This is significant to know because it means these guys aren’t fooling around when it comes to class, style and racing.

Not sure what to expect?

Well, each year this wildly popular rally attracts about 100 classic cars that take part in the 2,190 mile (3,500 km) circuit. Beginning in Clydebank, Scotland drivers make their way through the country’s difficult and demanding conditions to the south of France, well, as fast as they can…and in one piece. This wonderfully unique rally is not only about speed.

The popular roads

The rally was originally created as a way for automakers to test the latest innovations and improvements to their cars. Of course, the rally winner enjoyed mounds of publicity and credibility. Since its inception in 1911, the Monte Carlo Rallye has been drawing crowds and participants from across the globe who love nothing more than to display their classic vehicles as they test their driving skills on some of Europe’s most challenging road ways.

The route

Although slight route changes have occurred over the years, the basics of the Monte Carlo Rallye remain the same. The driving portion of the event lasts several days, always ending in Monte Carlo where drivers rally and share their experiences.

The trek

There are varying stages that consist of different treks of expected kilometers that need to be driven. The key will be to successfully take on these treks and claim your kilometers…without getting injured or lost. Rally drivers are rewarded with a prize ceremony at Place de Palais Princier followed by a high-rolling glitzy dinner in true Monegasque style at the Sporting Club.

Have you got what it takes?

If you think you’ve got what it takes to participate in one of the most established rallies in Europe, sign yourself up! You’re gonna need a classic car, vintage hat, driving gloves and a good sense of direction. Good luck!