Virtual Artistic Flair

Hosted by a tutor
Drawing kit delivered pre-event with all materials
Such as paper, pencils, pens and colouring pencils.
Step by step instructions from tutor
Tech and support staff


Creating art is a powerful tool that can shift our mindsets, encourage growth, become present, reduce stress, improve mental health, and inspire self care. Our workshops connect business and art through experiences. When we are immersed in experiential learning, we move beyond passive concepts and lofty ideas to generate true change and long-term impact. LIFE DRAWING: This sophisticated, practical workshop is suitable for all levels of experience. Beginning with a lesson, our art instructor will give technical advice and demonstrations in key areas such as proportion, perspective, anatomy, line, gesture, shading and tone to help guests achieve their very own work of art. Each person will have the freedom to create their own artwork, with guidance from our art tutor, so that the group can enjoy the shared experience of learning and expressing a new skill together. Guests then practise and perfect their techniques in preparation for their final drawings of our professional life model. MINDFUL MANDALAS: The literal meaning of the word Mandala is “circle” and they are often used in meditation, mindfulness and yoga, signifying the universe, wholeness and a sacred space to focus attention and shut away external influences. This artistic, practical workshop is suitable for all levels of experience. Kits will be posted in advance of the e-event containing everything needed such as paper, pencils, pens and colouring pencils. All guests need to do in advance is to raid their cupboards and find three round objects to draw around. Guests will be guided at each step to create a basic template for a mandala. Once the fundamentals are in place each person will then have the freedom to create their own artwork, with tips from our instructor, and show their individual flair by adding embellishments and colour.


Minimum People
8 (smaller groups prices will be based on the minimum)
Maximum People
50 (multiple sessions may be needed for larger groups)
Useful Info
A facilitation fixed fee with apply for event
For a teambuilding element we can arrange guests into teams and challenge
Event to be hosted through Zoom or other web based platform
A laptop or device with sound and a camera in order to join a video conference
Start Times
Mon to Sun 10:00 - 18:00
1 hours