Stop The Clocks

Instruction and equipment
Experienced host and event team to run your event
Range of tasks and challenges
PA system and music throughout
Fun prizes for the winning team
Approximately 1 - 3 hour event (depending on number of guests)


Working through a range of tasks and challenges in this fast paced and fun game, teams will need to work together to beat the time and stop the clock. Each group will be given a large clock that will act as their timer. The teams will be given a series of challenges that they must try and complete - whether that takes 5 minutes or 45. Those that complete the challenge the quickest will gain the highest points. Racing against the clock always adds an element of excitement and this game is no different. With the timer looming, your team will be working hard together in a bid to get points. And as we all know, points make prizes!


Useful Info
Variety of challenges ensuring there is something for everyone
Encourage a constructive environment
Reward staff for a job well done
An avenue for new staff to develop their networks
Create a fun environment
Start Times
Mon to Sun 9:00 - 20:00
3 hours

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