Theming - Wild West

Saloon doors
Wild West themed backdrop
3D themed props
Character cut outs
Silhouette panels
Themed games
Delivery & installation of theming


From old style cowboys like John Wayne to Will Smith's character in the contemporary 'Wild Wild West', western inspired films appear to a broad and diverse audience. Whether you choose the side of the cowboys or the Indians, your unique event experience begins from the moment that you arrive at the venue. Like a stranger entering a notorious saloon, you will feel the tingle of adrenalin as you embark on your western adventure.


Useful Info
For approximately 100 people
This package can be tailor made to your event requirements & group size
Props include: cactus, cowboy, barrels, stocks, dynamite, wagon wheels
Clear access to the room is required to unload theming
Start Times
Mon to Sun 8:00 - 23:59
7 hours

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