Chillisauce are the experts when it comes to Corporate Events; if your team need a break from their hectic office schedule, could maybe benefit from some bonding or you'd like to reward them for all their hard work, then maybe it's time to try one of our amazing corporate event ideas. From the outset our Corporate Events team will be on hand to not only plan your event but to execute and deliver at all stages so as to ensure your event has an immediate and lasting impact.

From chilled-out cookery workshops to extreme survival training, there are loads of choices to please everyone in the office. To make your decision easier, we’ve selected our favourite events for you and your team. Take a look at the Corporate Event ideas below for some inspiration to help you book your own team building day out.


The Hunt live

Best for increasing trust, strengthening communication and thinking outside the box

Inspired by TV’s most thrilling cat and mouse escape series, this fast-paced challenge gives you the chance to explore the scale of surveillance in the UK. With the help of intelligence experts from the popular show Hunted, you and your colleagues will learn real-life detective skills, before being deployed to the streets to capture a fugitive.


Extreme ninja

Best for friendly competition, empowering individuals and improving decision-making process

Inspired by the hit TV show, we've launched a brand new fast-paced assault course, which pitches teams against each other in a series of energetic challenges. It will push your team way beyond their comfort zone, encouraging teamwork, trust and collaboration - while also finding out who's got drive and determination.


Soap box derby

Best for enhancing creativity, strategic planning and competition

Inspired by the Red Bull Soap Box events, this activity is fun, fast and makes for hilarious team photo opportunities. Release your need for speed as you construct a race-ready Soap Box car from various materials. With just courage and creativity to power your vehicle, you and your colleagues will race to the finishing line. A team-building activity thHave you got what it takes?


The Qube

Best for time management and strategic planning skills and lifting team morale

Inspired by ITV’s popular show The Cube, this dramatic and challenging team-building activity will get your brain ticking and heart thumping. Complete with The Host, The Voice and The Body, with game show lighting and an Inflatable Cube, you and your colleagues will work in teams to face a series of nail-biting challenges. A fast-paced activity that requires nerve and determination.


Survival training

Best for encouraging collaborative work, the chance to learn new skills and building trust between employees

You’re left to fend for yourself, exposed to the elements, without all the luxuries that you take for granted. In this team-building activity, you and your colleagues will explore the great outdoors, learning core survival techniques while taking part in tough challenges. Work as a team in this rewarding event that requires quick-thinking and initiative.


Chocolate making

Best for enhancing creativity, combatting stress and rewarding staff

It really is sweet like chocolate in this sugary activity. Develop your skills and become a professional chocolatier as you and your colleagues create your very own treats. Under expert guidance, you’ll learn about the best techniques and flavour combinations - not forgetting sampling some along the way. This team-building activity is great for reducing stress.


Cocktail masterclass

Best for increasing team morale, rewarding staff and learn new skills

Release workplace stress with a little light refreshment. Even better, experience the magic of mixology as you and your colleagues get behind the bar to learn the tricks of the trade. With the help of an expert, you’ll be given all the ingredients to create a class cocktail, before letting your creative juices flow. An interactive and fun event ideal for entertaining or treating your team.


Cookery workshop

Best for strengthening communication skills, increasing creativity and working together

Get your taste buds tingling in this fun cookery workshop that will challenge everyone’s chef skills. With the help of professional chefs, you’ll prepare dishes, learn new skills and take part in an exciting Asian cooking challenge. Even better - you and your colleagues will get to taste incredible food. A team-building event with lots of scope for learning and creativity.


In the zone

Best for improving team effectiveness, increasing speed and analytical ability

This fun and varied team building event allows you to create a personalised activity day, suited to the needs and strengths of your organisation. Choose unique and exciting challenges from a 120-page task book and go head to head in physical, mental, creative and skill based tasks. This event will put your communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills to the test.


Crime scene experience

Best for mental stimulation, thinking outside the box and boosting team trust

Do you have what it takes to track down a criminal mastermind? Led by former Scotland Yard detectives, this challenging yet fun team building activity will test your analytical and problem-solving abilities. You and your colleagues will be put to the test as you take part in a series of forensic challenges, you’ll study evidence and fingerprints in the bid to find the killer.


iPad movie making

Best for the chance to learn new skills, encouraging collaborative work and building relationships

This creative team building experience allows you and you colleagues to plan, choreograph and shoot either a short movie, advert or music video. With plenty of jobs in front of the camera and behind the scenes, this event caters for everyone. Even better - the theme of the film can be tailored to suit your business. This event will enhance your teamwork skills.


The trading floor

Best for quick thinking, highlighting focus and enhancing decision making skills

Inspired by the World Stock Market, this team-building activity has all the drama and excitement that you’d expect. With the help of a ‘business tycoon’, you and your colleagues will be pushed to the limits as you experience an authentic Stock Exchange. Compete to make the most profit in this fast-paced challenge that requires analytical ability.


Multi activity days

Best for Improve team effectiveness, empowering individuals and boosting team morale

Enjoy a fun day of adventure, where you will experience a variety of exciting, high-adrenaline activities. During this exhilarating day, teams rotate around some of our most popular and exciting outdoor activities, so you'll find something for everyone.