Every year we like to add a new batch of topical games to our roster of events. In recent years we’ve focused more heavily on hybrid and online activities, so it’s nice to showcase three outstanding in-person live-action events available to hire right now!


Make Me Prime Minister

Based on the popular TV show, we’ve created an event that puts you at the centre of the political world.

First, you’ll split into even teams and nominate someone from each group to run for Prime Minister. Each team will then create a party slogan, a social media profile and build its own manifesto.

As the day heats up, you’ll film videos for your party-political broadcast and participate in debates in front of our life-size replica of 10 Downing Street. Along the way, you’ll be judged and scored on every task.

Our winners are crowned with a speech in front of number 10


The Formula 1 Challenge

Teams are given a wooden chassis, wheels, and an axle. It’s a start, but it’s not enough to become the F1 champions!

Your teams will compete in a series of challenges and answer on-theme questions. Each time you are successful, you receive more prize money in the budget to put towards vehicles. It’s about more than just the cars, though. Teams will be tasked with conjuring up a unique brand, which will filter through to the overall design and even the pit teams’ uniforms.

Once confident in your idea, you can pitch for sponsorship, the better the overall product, the more investment you will receive. Beware, though, the more you accept, the more you’ll have to do in return, perhaps branding your whole car in logos. Now you’ve filled your coffers, you can buy the additional parts you need to build your very own Grease Lightning.

As this is an indoor challenge, it’s the humans that race at the end, not the cars in our pit stop challenge. Take your vehicle to the allocated area, raise it off the floor, and race to change all four tires. Winners receive prize money and teams will also be scored on the safety of the vehicle, the aesthetic, and the branding of the car.

The team with the most money at the end, including leftover money from sponsors, takes the prize of F1 champs!


Around the World

We based this game on the infamous Phileas Fogg route through Europe, Asia, and North America. Although, many clients prefer to pick their own locations to represent their global offices. Whatever you choose, it’s a fantastic way to spark conversation between international guests.

Teams will take part in a series of challenges, collecting fun money as they tour the globe. In Canada, you must build a contraption to fire an ice hockey puck as far as you can. In Wales, you will become the shepherd in our game of human sheep herding. Guide your blindfolded teammates back into the pen using only animal noises.

In England, you’ll have to scale the inflatable castle walls to reach a treasure chest inside, but before you can pry it open, you’ll have to crack the code.

In our hilarious finale, our top two teams fight it out in human table football.

Please note: all these games can be modified to cater for any mobility restrictions in the group.

There you have it. Three games to kick 2023 off with a bang. Mind you, now we’ve read all that back: hard-fought sponsorship, herding sheep, and running for PM all sound like the same thing to me! For more ideas, go to our homepage and choose your destination https://chillisauce.com/events