A woman going down a zip lineA woman going down a zip line

Zip Wires in Bournemouth

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A giant zip wire (other wise known as a Tyrolean Crossing or Flying Fox to those Down Under), is basically a big daddy version of the old kids' 'Death Slide', but on steroids. There are a couple of variations on the theme, the most common being a simple high speed traverse, harnessed to a wire over a valley or gorge. The Tyrolean drop involves unclipping the harness and dropping into a river running below. Note The Zip Wire is great fun but really needs to be combined with at least one other activity to make a multiactivity day.

Why Bournemouth?

The southern coastal town of Bournemouth prides itself on its friendly locals and seven miles of sandy beaches. Stroll along the promenade, tuck into fresh fish’n’chips, soak up some rays on the sand and then when evening rolls around the vibrant nightlife offers an array of clubs, bars and pubs to dance the night away.