two people doing stand up paddle boardingtwo people doing stand up paddle boarding

Paddleboarding in Brighton

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Whether you’re the type of person who prefers to be in-and-amongst breaking waves or just relax in the sunshine and listen to them from a distance, paddleboarding is the perfect compromise for groups of people with different appetites for adventure. Our extensive range of paddleboarding experiences show how versatile the sport can be, from gliding across calm lakes and manoeuvring through city canals to tackling natural river rapids and lively sea currents. Most sessions are adaptable to the group, but you’ll typically spend the time on your board (providing you can maintain your balance) either exploring the area, competing in games and races or just chatting with everybody else while floating in the sun. This unique sport originated on the sunny shores of Hawaii in the 60s and is an offshoot of surfing, but far easier to pick up. It’s seen a recent revival with centres and courses popping up all over the world’s waterways.

Brighton in Brief

Brighton is a city where almost anything goes. The area is divided into the narrow, cobbled North and South Laines that begin at the city centre and finish on the beach. Known for its open-minded attitudes and cafe culture, Brighton is the UK’s answer to San Francisco and boasts a bustling atmosphere by the sea.