It’s been six months since our big day. And my, hasn’t time flown. But what has getting hitched done for us? Does it make you a better person or is it just an expensive day out that leaves you with a piece of paper with your name on it?

It makes you a better couple

We actually spend more time apart now than we did before we were married. Weekends away and work trips mean we’re spending more time away from each other, however a sense of trust that seems to come from being wed has meant that although we miss each other when we’re apart, we both know everything will be fine once we’re back in each other’s company.


We’ll never have wedding envy again

One of the best things about getting married is the fact that you’ll (theoretically) never have to plan a wedding ever again. My brother recently proposed to his girlfriend and is now in throes of planning his big day. I certainly don’t envy him in this task, but my experiences enable me to offer up words of wisdom and advice that no doubt will be much appreciated.
It also means that from now on anytime my wife and I go to a wedding, we’ll be able to say “it’s nice but not as nice as ours."


You’ll have no trouble finding things to do

I did worry that I would have too much time on my hands and would start wandering from room to room looking for something to do while offering random couples my thoughts on their wedding plans. As soon as the wedding was done with, new plans took hold and any time that I thought I might have to myself was quickly eaten up. I would advise any prospective newly-wed to set goals. Be it learning to drive or getting a new job, it’s good to have something to focus on.


You're a spouse now!

The trickiest thing to get used to after you get married is the fact that you have a wife/ husband now! When introducing my spouse to people, my main concern is no longer that I get the name wrong, but that I don’t refer to her as my fiancé.