If you’re a firm believer that there ain’t no party like an S-Club party. Sorry, we actually meant to say - if you believe a party isn’t complete without a few cocktails, then you’ve come to the right place. Planning a hen party can be daunting but often the best ideas can be staring you in the face. Does your bride-to-be love a few cocktails? Does she know her triple sec from her Cointreau (yes, they’re slightly different)? Then take a look at these hen party ideas for cocktail lovers. And, remember when cocktails are involved, the rule about mixing your drinks doesn’t count.


Cocktail making

Best for the show off

We’ve all got a mate who claims that ‘you haven’t tasted a long island, until you’ve tasted mine’. Or someone who claims she can make a pina colada just like the professionals. Well, now it’s time to put their skills to the test with a cocktail making activity. Led by an expert, you’ll be shown how to make your fave drinks before competing in a few friendly competitions.


Cocktail party

Best for those who prefer to stay in

If your BFF doesn’t like the thought of a sweaty club (and who can blame her?) then why not bring the party to her. Host your very own cocktail party complete with canapes, nibbles and, of course, a few hen pranks and games to liven up the atmosphere. Just don’t forget the lime juice. It’s a cocktail must.


Dinner & drinks

Best for those classy brides

Is the bride-to-be more champagne and chit chat than shots and slut drops? Dinner at her favourite restaurant followed by cocktails in an upmarket bar will do just the job. Sit back and relax as you’re served the finest food and drinks. Plus, if you’re looking to spice things up, a strip show is sure to get the party started.


Cocktail fancy dress

Best for a laugh

Cocktail fancy dress?! Yes, hear us out on this one! Simply choose your favourite cocktail and dress up as the ingredients! Pina Colada? You’ll need a cream coloured dress, coconut shells as a bra and pineapple accessories. Strawberry daiquiri? A pink coloured outfit with strawberries on your face. Sex on the beach? We’ll let you decide that one…


Nightclub entry & booth hire

Best for those party animals

For the ultimate last night of freedom, plan a big night out that includes a bar crawl and finish up in one of the area’s most popular clubs. Club entry will ensure that you skip any queues and why not hire a booth for table service and that VIP treatment? Go on, she’s worth it.


Boozy afternoon tea

Best for a unique experience

A hen party cocktail afternoon tea experience definitely won’t be forgotten in a hurry. With plenty of choice up and down the country, indulge in some delicious sweet and savoury treats and wash it all down with some incredible cocktails. Plus, once you’ve got the flavour, there’s no guessing where you’ll end up!


Beach clubs

Best for the ultimate hen party

A hen party abroad guarantees sunshine, new experiences and never-ending memories. Plus, there’s loads of deals to be had now, so it doesn’t have to break the bank. For the ultimate hen experience, catch the rays, enjoy the beautiful sea air and enjoy the finest cocktails at a popular beach club.



Best for those fuss-free mates

Is your mate a hair up, casual clothes kinda girl? A relaxed barbeque complete with juicy burgers, homemade cocktail recipes and plenty of fun and games is the perfect idea. Get everyone together, invest in a fire pit and get the coals heated. Even better, decorate the garden with fairy lights, candles and embarrassing pictures of the bride.


A party bus

Best for the wild child

Whatever you’ve got planned for the evening ahead, get there in style with your very own party bus. Take a range of pre-made cocktails on board or shake things up and create your very own cocktail recipes. Just watch out for spilled ice cubes!


Cocktail Cupcakes

Best for those who love baking

Release your inner Mary Berry with this fun and unique activity and get baking cocktail-flavoured cupcakes. With plenty of recipes online to choose from, the best bit is that you get to taste your sweet treats afterwards! Plus, why not go double cocktail and make a few liquid versions too?

So girls, these cocktail hen party ideas simply scratch the surface of all the things you could do. If you’re looking for alternative ideas, check out our full range of hen party activities for some inspiration.