A group of guys playing laser missionA group of guys playing laser mission

Laser Mission For Hen Parties


Laser mission is paintball without the pain, quasar laser without the annoying children, and war without the wounds. Blast your way back to the future in battles against your friends and colleagues using sophisticated infrared weapons. You'll compete in teams in outdoor combat zones with each player armed with a weapon loaded with a predetermined number of shots and lives. The sophisticated gun technology was developed by the US military and you can take your pick from a number of different weapons from hand guns to rocket launchers all with a range of over 150m. You'll be kitted out like real soldiers in full combat suits with scoring sensors on your head, gun and breastplate. Each time you take a hit you lose a life accompanied by gruesome 'death' sound effects, so keep your head down and pick off your targets like an SAS sniper.