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Twin Rooms


Equipped with WiFi and a chargeable on-site car park, this hotel in Brighton is close to the seaside town's bustling nightlife district and shops. Only a 15-minute walk from the main train station, the hotel features a bar and restaurant offering breakfast and evening meals.

Product Reviews

from 85 Reviews
Katie Carter
Tue 18 Apr 2023
Good location. Great price. Very good room
Kimberley Bleby
Tue 26 Jul 2022
Really impressed. The rooms were a great size! The staff were so friendly too.
Shana Docherty
Tue 12 Apr 2022
Room was more spacious than anticipated and staff were lovely
Maria Bacchus
Tue 12 Apr 2022
I felt for how much we paid for the room it was very pricey
Debbie Purves
Sat 09 Nov 2019
Wonderful. Staff were lovely. Rooms big
Charlotte Goldfinch
Sat 28 Sep 2019
Good hotel, nice breakfast but quite far out so we had to rely on taxis all weekend
Sharon Andrews
Sat 28 Sep 2019
Too far away from town..
Lucienne Marco
Thu 26 Sep 2019
Accommodation was good. Not too far from the town centre. Good size rooms. Clean and tidy
Maxine Robinson
Wed 25 Sep 2019
Clean tidy but very basic... Lifts could do with some TLC... Staff very friendly... We were not made aware could not check in untill 3pm
Kim Mcneice / Bree
Wed 25 Sep 2019
Hotel was good with great location and room sizes. However we had to pay extra to get into the rooms before 3pm which was not communicated to us upon booking.
Tue 17 Sep 2019
Really good!
Stephanie Archer
Mon 02 Sep 2019
Good for what we needed it for
Chanelle Worgan
Mon 02 Sep 2019
Our room was clean and tidy, bathroom needed updating and some tlc though, however very warm and windows didn't open very far. There were also far too many rooms-we were told only two per room and on our arrival there were four beds per room meaning we could have halved the rooms and the cost. It was also a little further away from the centre than i was expecting. There also was a scooter rally and people who were attending were also staying at the hotel unfortunately they also thought it was acceptable to start their scooters up and leave them running whilst tinkering with them and talking to other scooterists at 8 o'clock in the morning and being only on the 2nd floor we were woken up.
Gail Worgan
Thu 29 Aug 2019
never needed as many rooms as we had, which then may have brought the price down also, too far from town for us, cost us more on taxis to get to and from to our destinations.
Siobhan Billers
Mon 26 Aug 2019
No fridge in room and although 3 people were staying in the room only 2 mugs were left out for tea and coffee.
Karen Vaughan
Sat 24 Aug 2019
Accomodation was just your box standard Travelodge which for 1 or two nights was absolutely fine - clean and tidy rooms
Paula Fenwick-beale
Sat 24 Aug 2019
The Hotel appeared to have not printed the second sheet off with all the people who were staying at the hotel, so we had a little issue and ended up instead of two sharing room, we had to make it groups of 3. Which was fun, but caused the Bride and Maid of Honour to stress a little. So it may be wise to double check hotel has got all the correct details. Thank you,
Kayleigh Page
Thu 15 Aug 2019
first impressions of hotel was its clean and perfect for a place to stay after a night out, room sizes were perfect and the whole group were placed in rooms near each other which was another plus. some rooms did have a bit of mould in the shower and our room had one light working so was a little difficult to get ready but the staff were really polite and helpful and important sure they would have sorted the problems out had we asked. my main issue with the hotel was the location. it was to far to walk, and being a group of 12 we needed 2-3 taxis so getting to the peir and night life was costing £20 each way
Emma Jones
Fri 09 Aug 2019
Basic but good clean and staff really nice
Emma Nash
Thu 08 Aug 2019
Great location, clean and staff friendly and accommodating
Thu 08 Aug 2019
Good hotel with in a fairly good location: the rooms where large, clean and the staff were great.
Rebecca Cook
Tue 30 Jul 2019
Hotel room was a good size, and clean. No breakfast was provided and this was not communicated to us clearly.
Kerry Ashley
Thu 25 Jul 2019
Basic but did the job.
Natasha Howard
Thu 25 Jul 2019
The hotel was further out of town than we had expected and therefore there were a lot of cabs required which was an unexpected expense. Bedrooms were big and clean. Too many hens and stags without any bathroom manners in the communal areas was pretty unpleasant!
Carina Redwood
Thu 11 Jul 2019
Hotel room was nice bed was lovely to sleep in.
Hannah Scally
Tue 25 Jun 2019
Good location and perfect for what we needed it for.
Freya Huxtable
Mon 24 Jun 2019
Good and spacious and clean but a bit far out to walk
Sharon Lansley
Sat 08 Jun 2019
Great Hotel....
Suzannah Spencer
Sat 08 Jun 2019
Lovely,clean hotel, full of stags and hens! it was a shame two of the girls were on another floor in a smaller room as the others were all in larger rooms together.
Lisa Dopson
Wed 05 Jun 2019
Very disappointed that we were not put in the travel lodge next to the venue! We had to taxi to the venue and the atmosphere was lacking being a few miles from main sea front area.
Joanna Trett
Tue 04 Jun 2019
Clean, straightforward to get to. Provided everything we required.
Rozie Manning
Mon 27 May 2019
Hotel was fine but to far away from the town centre
Jody Dunn
Mon 27 May 2019
hotel was brilliant great location security staff were very grumpy and told us at 9.45 to keep noise down we were farely quiet he was very miserable
Chelsea Cook
Sat 25 May 2019
Food was amazing. Room sizes where spacious
Hannah Mcgranaghan
Mon 13 May 2019
Good sized rooms
Cathy Griffin
Wed 08 May 2019
Very large rooms with a good breakfast
Nikki Burrows
Wed 08 May 2019
Hotel was great, would have been better closer to the night life but the rooms were really spacious which was great for a hen do. The breakfast was really good, the staff were always filling up the food and there was plenty of choice. Only issue we had with the hotel was that on the sunday afternoon, we were ALL locked out of our rooms and they said it was because our cards had been next to our mobile phones but it was never mentioned not to put them there and its not possible that, that had happened to all 9 rooms.
Verity Sanderson
Wed 03 Apr 2019
As we were staying in a Travelodge I didn't expect too much and although my room was small my friends' were fine. They were basic which is what I would expect from a Travelodge but the shower did fill up around your feet, and the room could have been a bit cleaner but it was fine. The only downside about the Travelodge was the hassle we had checking in. My friend (who's hen party it was) had organised early check in through Chilli Sauce at 2.30pm instead of the usual 3pm as we also had a dance class booked. This had apparently been sorted with the Travelodge but when we got there the receptionist didn't know anything about it. After a little while they reluctantly let us have our rooms at 2.30pm - but some of the girls had already been made to pay an early check-in fee (which shouldn't have been necessary!)
Nicola Taylor
Wed 03 Apr 2019
The hotel room was pretty basic. We all had double beds rather than twins. Location was pretty good as there was parking and we didn't have to drive through town and we just got taxis everywhere, which split between us wasn't a lot.
Lindsey Terrett
Sun 17 Mar 2019
Hotel was nice and clean, staff were friendly and breakfast was really good.
Vera Rittmannov?A
Thu 14 Mar 2019
I have not slept at the hotel, cannot rate.
Helen Cowie
Wed 07 Nov 2018
Basic but all we needed. Some where to store our things and crash into at night. Comfy beds
Roseanne Harvey
Wed 07 Nov 2018
Really friendly staff. Happy to give extra room keys and take photos of the hen party. Recommended good places to visit. Clean well kept group rooms. Quick taxi into town.
Katerina Themis
Thu 11 Oct 2018
Too far away from the bars and clubs and restaurant we went to. Had to get way too many cabs.
Dawn Cox
Wed 12 Sep 2018
Single room booked near the time of weekend, was told that none of the already booked rooms could accommodate another person, paid extra £100 for single occupancy once there, there was 2 rooms with 3 beds in but only 2 people, felt this was unfair and unjust
Louise Tranham
Thu 26 Jul 2018
Accommodation was perfect! rooms were massive and there was only 3 of us staying but room for 4!
Davina Patel
Thu 26 Jul 2018
Basic but does the job
Cheri Winter
Thu 26 Jul 2018
Good but far from town.
Tippy Cornish
Thu 26 Jul 2018
Travelodge were great, gave complimentary parking and free breakfast - very polite, friendly staff!
Ann Winter
Thu 26 Jul 2018
the hotel was nice but one of the bar staff sold me four cheep whiskeys but charged me full price,didn't notice until as in my room.When told of this the barman was very rude.Left my email with one of the counter staff as the manager wasnt in yet.Never got back t me.
Hannah Wain
Thu 05 Jul 2018
Nice room and friendly staff
Rachel Rice
Wed 04 Jul 2018
5 five... the staff were helpful and delightful
Lauren Reed
Wed 04 Jul 2018
Lovely staff and good place to stay.
Elaine Pope
Wed 04 Jul 2018
Very nice accommodation a bit noisy with guests arriving back at 4am
Maria Gilmartin
Wed 27 Jun 2018
Perfect. Excellent staff and spotless. Would have preferred to be nearer the seafront though
Linda Haywwood
Thu 31 May 2018
Very comfortable, very clean, big spacious room, breakfast was lovely. Staff were very friendly. Just little far away from town centre had to get taxis all the time.
Sharon Edmonds
Thu 31 May 2018
Rebecca Collard
Wed 23 May 2018
Staff very friendly and helpful cosidering the chillisauce person mucked up
Anita Bradley
Thu 17 May 2018
Rooms were nice, big and very comfortable. The rooms were a little dirty when we arrived but the lady at front of desk rectified this by giving us all a free breakfast!
Penny Broughton
Thu 17 May 2018
Great hotel very friendly helpful staff - good security at night.
Adele Warne
Wed 16 May 2018
Hotel was clean and had parking which was free due to the ticket machine being out of order. Bed was a good size and comfortable.
Melissa Vincent
Wed 16 May 2018
Nice hotel however we were treated like we were naughty children on a school trip by the staff, also there was no soap or hair dryers in our room.
Eventmember 6
Thu 10 May 2018
Great hotel but a bit far out for Hen parties etc, should have been offered something neaere the town
Samantha Wright
Thu 10 May 2018
Lovely and clean with loads of room.
Jackie Quick
Thu 22 Mar 2018
Very clean and comfortable.
Charlotte Ross
Thu 08 Feb 2018
The hotel details on our booking were wrong so this wasn't the hotel we had planed to stay in. However the hotel itself was good and the staff were helpful.
Nadine Odonnell
Thu 01 Feb 2018
Susan Thomson
Tue 26 Jul 2022
Elizabeth Allen
Wed 07 Nov 2018
Rebecca Baddeley
Wed 07 Nov 2018
Dede Ferrett
Wed 11 Jul 2018
Tara Lee
Wed 11 Jul 2018
Antonietta Galea
Wed 11 Jul 2018
Daniella Clarke
Thu 05 Jul 2018
Karen Bartram
Thu 05 Jul 2018
Claire Landeryou
Wed 13 Jun 2018
Gala Taylor
Thu 07 Jun 2018
Heidi Doe
Thu 07 Jun 2018
Kasi Oddy
Mon 02 Oct 2023
Exactly what is expected from travelodge. Was clean and we had 3 fans in the room over a hot weekend. Breakfast was nice.
Ellie Winter
Fri 29 Sep 2023
Nice large rooms, shame we were booked so far out of town.
Jessica Stoneham
Wed 03 Aug 2022
The staff and the rooms were love lovely. The location was a bit far out but the hotel itself can’t help that. The rooms however were definitely not worth £300 a night but I know we would have got that a lot cheaper if we hadn't booked the hotel through chilli sauce, as our corresponding stag party also booked this hotel for half the price 🙃
Trudy Powley
Tue 27 Jul 2021
Travelodges are always good value
Kirsty Hosking
Tue 17 Sep 2019
The hotel was clean and comfortable, everything you need. Would stay again.
Lisa Coles
Tue 17 Sep 2019
Great rooms and very clean. Just annoyed we were charged a single person supplement for a room we didn't even need due to each room sleeping 4 people!! We only had 7 of us in 4 rooms.
Heather Craig
Thu 19 Sep 2019