Bar Crawls Local Guided Nightclub - Budapest CHILLISAUCEBar Crawls Local Guided Nightclub - Budapest CHILLISAUCE

Exclusive Bar Crawl Buffs

2 Reviews
4 hour exclusive bar crawl
2 - 4 bar crawl buffs (depending on your group size) to chaperone your group
Photos will be taken throughout the night and these will be sent to you after the evening
Free bar entry into 3+ bars
Our bar crawl buffs will collect the kitty and buy all the drinks for your group at each bar
Free shots on arrival at each bar
Drinking games, challenges and forfeits for all the hen
Club entry with VIP Q-Jump
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Be the envy of everyone in the room with your exclusive team of lovely bar buffs. If you need to knock your party out of the park, our Bar Crawl Buffs have got you covered, from free shots to drinking games, dares and forfeits. Using their expert local knowledge, they will steer you from hotspot to hotspot, with plenty of time to sample each bar along the way. They'll also snap plenty of pics throughout the night and take charge of the kitty, so you're never stuck waiting at the bar.


Minimum People
10 (smaller groups prices will be based on the minimum)
Maximum People
Dress code
To bring
ID Required
Photo ID
Useful Info
The exact venues are subject to change
Smart dress only, no fancy dress allowed.
The venues have the right to refuse entry
Inappropriate or abusive behaviour towards the guides will not be tolerated and will result in the crawl being terminated immediately without refund
Entry Times
Start Times
Start Times
Thu to Sat 19:00.
Start Times
Thu to Sat
4 hours
Minimum Age
Minimum Height
Minimum Inside Leg
Maximum Height
Maximum Weight
1 Jan - 31 Dec


From 2 Reviews
Not sure if the bar crawl (2 bars) was worth it with the hosts. We could have done a better bar crawl ourselves and seen more of Cambridge and better bars and pubs.
Mary Ali
Just the biggest let down. We met at one bar which stunk of sick, the men had no idea about their audience. They got lost on the way to the second bar. They didn't get anyone a drink and there was not a 'kitty'. We played two games 'run backwards to the bar' - which no one did, none organised and every one was very confused about what was going on and 'take a selfie'... I am still confused as to how these are games. They were more consumed with getting tmeselves drinks. Worst of all after visiting just two pubs we were at an empty 'club' by 10pm!
Emma Skilton

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