The Ryder Cup has been a timely reminder of just how powerful great golf can be; the suspense, the drama, the tears and the joy, all played out against a beautifully manicured backdrop by men with of eye watering wealth. Watching it all unfold thousands of miles away from the action you might be fooled into thinking that this type of glory is beyond the reach of mere mortals like you sat there in a dressing gown with a can of Mild. Well, you could just be wrong, because there is a professional golf championship taking place in the UK this month that could see you mutate from armchair supporter to World Champion. And professional means ‘with prize money’.


Swap Carpets Of Green Grass For Coloured Concrete

Replace the nattily dressed professionals for enthusiasts in anoraks and you have The World Minigolf Championships. It takes place in Hastings, East Sussex, in October and for those of you who find it easier to chip a ball through a windmill rather than out of a bunker, a share of the cool £3,000 prize money could be yours.


Prize Money To Be Won!

For a very modest fee of £35 you’ll receive a day of free practice and then entry into the competition proper on Saturday with a guaranteed six rounds of the nutty game across the weekend. The winner collects £1,000 and the rest of the prize money is spread amongst different category winners with some of the filthy lucre on offer to the best novice entrant. If things don’t work out and your name doesn’t make it on to the cup then at the very least you’ll have a lovely weekend in Hastings.