From how to make toast to toilet paper substitutes, we shine a light on what really matters most to the public (ahem you) right now. We've spent days sifting through Google Trends data to understand how the coronavirus outbreak has changed our search patterns.

Here are some of our favourites: like, will drinking Corona give you Coronavirus? That is what it says on the internet. Is Pornhub free? We're guessing that you were just asking for a friend. How do you make McDonalds at home? What about KFC? But, most importantly, how to turn water into wine? If anybody works that one out, don't keep it to yourself.

Read on for more, and fess up to which of these searches have you Googled during Lockdown?

Toilet Paper Gate


A concerning trend for homemade toilet paper has developed with searches reaching peak popularity in April before shops finally caught up with demand.

For those less "crafty" there's always a toilet paper substitute to be found somewhere!

What could possibly go wrong......


We've always sourced ours from ACME Ind., but they're probably on furlough which explain the uptick in searches for how to make gunpowder, currently at peak popularity on the scale!

Then if homemade gunpowder hasn't blown the windows out yet, there are plenty of other artisanal activities you can explore.

DIY Beauty Therapy


We won't judge you, honestly we won't because we're also curious as to how to cut your own hair what with barbers and salons the world over shuttered over for the time being but if the prospect of a resurgence in the timeless classic "mullet cut" fills you with horror (and frankly that's a well measured response), there are other ways to bring back that City Chic for next time you're queuing at Saino's for a bottle of wine.

Answers to lockdown boredom...


We've all asked ourselves the questions, "Am I bored?" when faced with nothing to do on a grey and overcast Sunday afternoon. Fear not if you really put your mind to it, there's always something to take your hand to!

Can't cook, won't cook - seriously......


For all you budding chef's there's plenty of online help to perfect a sumptuous meal for your family, and holding nothing back are those people going the extra mile by learning how to make toast, with surging popularity for the search.

Money - Its getting desperate out there...


You're reaching new lows when you need to ask how to rob a bank, with searches for a homecooked guide to a bank heist peaking in April.

Healthy eating?


For many the excitement of fast food is often preceded with a night out on the lash, but now it's off the menu regardless of what you drink, you now want it even more! How to make McDonalds is at peak interest along with numerous other fast food queries.

When in doubt - drown your sorrows..


You don't need to be the religious type to long for the magical knowledge of how to turn water into wine but more in reach is probably a small batch of SE London moonshine.

Those Crazy Yanks


With air born pathogens threatening the very life of our planet, it's less of a surprise to see people searching for how to make a gas mask. Maybe they’re onto something...though less so with the underground bunker and a shooter...we're not living out a scene from Blade Runner!

Career Changes....


We've all recently hoped at times for a miracle worker to fix everything.

No, Boris that's not you mate, sorry.

Just Plain Dumb....


If you really need to ask if corona gives you coronavirus then we'll tell you, "It's possible. Especially if you spend too long loitering in the beer aisle during your daily shopping trip!"

Anyone going insane?


Quite frankly, me 'ol China, if you hadn't learned how to eat bat we'd not be all waiting this one out. To top off the challenge of staying sane, all the pubs are shut leaving little reprieve from the bat born bug known as Covid-19.

NB. Search data has been sourced exclusively from Google Trends and every calculation shows the % increase from average to peak popularity during the given period.