The world’s sports stars could have their careers snatched away from them if they were to lose their most valuable assets. Baseball pitchers wouldn’t perform without the use of their “throwing ” arms while footballers would be forced to retire if they suffered a serious injury to their legs.

In most cases, expensive insurance cover can be arranged to protect a sports person’s assets and here are some of the most expensive body parts ever:

1. David Beckham’s Legs

In the early 2000’s England’s captain hit the news when he insured his legs for a cool $70 million. This was a record at the time but as Beckham’s stock rose, he went a stage further in 2006 and doubled the sum insured.

The scale of the premium is unknown but it is understood that the risk was borne by several insurance companies at the same time.


2. Merv Hughes’ Mustache

Sometimes a body part can be a trade mark and that was certainly the case for Australian cricketer Merv Hughes. The pace bowler struck fear into opponents with his speed and aggressive demeanor but all of this was accentuated by a rather comical ‘Zapata’ style mustache.

Merv was so conscious of losing his facial furniture that he eventually had it insured for the equivalent of £200,000


3. Troy Polamalu’s Hair

Hughes’ exploits were a shade insignificant compared to the Pittsburgh Steelers’ defender Troy Polamalu whose long curly hair earned him endorsements and advertising contracts with a number of shampoo and hair care companies.

Procter and Gamble, one of the companies behind the player’s contracts were so concerned about losing their prize asset that they took out $1m in insurance to cover Polamalu’s flowing locks.


4. The US National Football League Playing Staff

The entire squad. If you’ve ever played fantasy football then you’ll understand just how important it is for your squad’s personnel to stay fit.

In fact, if you were really fearful of serious injury and you were playing the US version of the game you could take out cover with a company called Fantasy Sports Insurance. Pay-outs will be made if your player misses a certain number of games.


5. Fernando Alonso’s Thumbs

Renowned Formula One driver Fernando Alonso has his thumbs insured to the tune of £8.7m. The cover was taken out by his major sponsor Santander and while it may be a giant publicity stunt, he can’t exactly drive without them.


6. Steve Moore and Todd Bertuzzi

In one of the most shocking incidents the National Hockey League had ever seen, Bertuzzi ended Moore’s career after slamming his head into the ice during a 2004 match. A $38 million lawsuit followed in respect of loss of earnings suffered by the Colorado Avalanche player.


7. Something For The Fans

Strange sports insurance can extend to cover spectators. In 2006, one England football fan took out insurance to cover for the ‘emotional ‘pain that our country might put him through if we lost the World Cup. Sure enough, England went out of the World Cup on penalties but after enjoying a decent run to the quarter finals, the fan in question didn’t file a claim.


8. Usain Bolt’s Legs

The London 2012 Olympics just helped to underline how much our sport stars rely on their body to function at its best. If David Beckham’s legs are worth $140 million, how much could Usain Bolt arrange cover for? $200 million perhaps?

In addition, if you’re talking about trademarks what about the Jamaican’s arms? You can’t do the ‘Lightning Bolt’ salute without them.


9. Jessica Ennis’ Right Arm

The British Heptathlete dominated her event at London 2012 and while most parts of the body are used in the Heptathlon, which is the most important?

Ennis excelled in the javelin and improved greatly in this discipline so maybe Jess’s right arm is her main priority?


10. Bradley Wiggins’ Sideburns

While the British Olympian and winner of the Tour de France may not be the type of person to thrive on unnecessary publicity, Bradley Wiggins is well renowned for his sideburns and some might say they are his trademark feature.

Wiggo’s sideburns were imitated by thousands of fans during London 2012 so maybe he should take his lead from Merv Hughes and take out cover in the region of £200,000.