Pretty much everything involved in the process of a wedding can be planned, researched and anticipated to a tee. But there are some exceptions, and one of the least damaging of those is the possibility that on your wedding day of all days, it will rain.

And whilst, if you were given a choice between dry or deluge, we expect you’d probably rather wed under clear skies, the fact is you don’t have that choice. You, therefore, need to get your head around the fact that you might have to deal with the weather.


How Do You Cope With Wet Weather on Your Big Day?

  1. Preparation. You can check the weather forecast. Having a stash of umbrellas, coats and these little beauties (Wedding Rain Cloak) might be worth it. Granted no one wants to wear a gigantic condom on their wedding day but this is where step two comes in.

  2. Acceptance. The secret to a happy wedding day is knowing that some things will not go to plan because no day is 100% perfect. Enjoy the bits that are and ignore the rest, fixating on the weather will only make you miss the best bits!


What About the Photos?

The wedding photos are naturally a big deal to the bride and groom.There’s bound to be any number of locations, from the door of the church to the reception with space and aesthetic required for photos. If you can’t find a spot, or that glorious oak tree is now underwater you could always have the photos taken at a different date. A lot of photographers will even testify that a rainy wedding day photo is an even better shot,


But We’re Having an Outdoor Wedding

Ok, granted this isn’t ideal but unless we’re talking torrential-downpour-it’s-hailing-frogs sort of weather then you’re going to need a tent–one that can withstand a bit of moisture. You might want to send the best man to check with all the suppliers that their equipment is ok in the rain – the DJ and caterers especially, only just to know that you don’t have to worry.

After that take it as a challenge – are you really going to let a bit of damp spoil your day.


When the “Mrs.” Freaks Out

If in the position of the groom, you have to reassure your darling bride that the rain is really nothing to freak out about, remember to highlight that rain doesn’t spoil flowers, and make-up is less likely to run if the day is cool and rainy, rather than sweltering hot. Emphasize that you’re really only outdoors for a tiny part of the wedding day and promise her all the hot weather she can handle on honeymoon, but don’t make it sound too much like a crummy euphemism for sex.

Above all, rain doesn’t matter because it’s your wedding that matters. It’s unlikely you’ll look back upon your wedding album in twenty or thirty years time, and remain preoccupied with any overcast skies. It’s about the two of you, your friends, your family and the memories that emerge. We say, “No weather, no, you will not screw up this most blessed of days!”