Over the years the Chillisauce team have organised thousands of stag dos and to be honest, very little surprises us when it comes to crazy stag requests...but whilst we think we’ve heard it all before that doesn’t mean we don’t still sometimes get the odd bonkers request that gives us a bit of a chuckle.

It’s got to be said, we will always try for the extra mile to make any weekend go with a bang and to deliver as much as we possibly can but as you can see from these genuine customer stag requests they’re not always something we can achieve! Anyway, we’ve been through the archives to bring you the best, so see what you think of these bizarre stag party requests...

(You’ll be pleased to know we’ve left off the truly obscene and just plain nasty requests….seriously guys, would you really do that to your best mate?!)

1)Your move.

So we’ll ease you into things with one of our favourites that is far from ridiculous or cruel; if anything it’s just odd….with the request being not for strippers or dwarfs, but for us to organise a chess tournament!

2)Cuff him.

Next up and on the same subject we wouldn’t normally bat an eyelid at a dwarf or stripper request especially in Prague, and having a request for both is also not unusual, but having our request turned down by the supplier due to a previous “incident” did make us laugh. The stripper was scared of the dwarf...we can’t begin to imagine why!

3)Healthcare or healthscare?

So how would you feel if your mates booked you in not for a spa session? Nice touch you're thinking! Start the day with a massage and head rub. What about an hour long colonic irrigation session?! In some ways it puts another angle on the experience of somebody cleaning you out, and at this point we're not sure what we'd prefer.

4)Life drawing.

One of our most popular Hen party activities is a life drawing class, especially down in Brighton. How about stag life drawing THE stag? Not for us thanks, but fairly easy to arrange, stag willing!

5)Grab the antihistamines!

Now we’ve had a few groups playing on the allergy thing in the past which is bordering on the cruel and nasty but passable, so imagine a request for the latex allergic stag to be dressed in a full latex morph suit?!

6)Felt backed fun.

Same theme, different cloth - one of our Budapest groups made the stag dress in a girls velour tracksuit which would have been fine...if he’d not suffered from birth an irrational hatred even phobia of velvet to the point where he literally cannot touch it. Think fingernails down a chalkboard type fear!

7)Use the force.

One of our Barcelona bookings a while back that did include a stripper element included a request for the stag be hauled on stage with the stripper to get involved in the performance. Nothing strange there you think, until we tell you the stripper was a dominatrix with a Star Wars themed performance....and what Star Wars outfit does not include a light saber? Yep we know, sends shivers down your spine!

8)Get wheelie drunk!

Wheelchair requests have featured on occasions over the years and are a fairly easy handicap to arrange for the stag, but this one also in Barcelona requested a wheelchair with the prerequisite that the stag also dressed as Andy from the BBC sitcom “Little Britain”. Now you’d think this would have been something he’d maybe cope with but Barcelona has more cobbled streets and hills than many other European cities. and we’ve no doubt the fatigue would set in very quickly!

9)Me old china.

This is an increasingly popular fancy dress outfit, but for this one for a trip to Munich the stag group asked for a china doll dressed dwarf to give the stag a wallop in the proverbial's throughout the evening...on the hour, every hour. Yeah that’s pretty bad.

10)Snake bite and black.

What about snake bite and serum?! This last one you’ll be pleased to know didn’t end up happening for obvious reasons, but the stag group genuinely wanted their boy to be bitten by a poisonous snake and then left suffering for a little while before being administered the anti-venom serum and just before the seizures set in. Really, what could possibly go wrong?!

So that’s it, what a line-up! You’d be forgiven for having a bit of a laugh at the same time as wanting to to cry, but seriously if you, a friend or a family member are looking to book a stag do with a twist, then talk to one of our stag experts who will always go the extra mile in trying to accommodate, and all in the name of helping to make your stag the most awesome event it can be.

Just keep those custom requests within reason!