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Powerturn Buggies For Stag Weekends


With independent front suspension two Honda 6.5 HP Engines (200cc each), balloon back wheels, bicycle front wheels, twin seats and independent lever steering, driving the Powerturn is a bit like riding a rodeo bull... but with wheels. It is the first vehicle anyone can wheelie safely, even around corners and over jumps. Powerturn events are generally based around stunt performance and, although varying from place to place, they will often involve a number of ballerina feats to perform. From pirouetting wheelies to 720 degree spins, you will be judged and scored by your mates who will be armed with ice skating style scoreboards to hold up and rate you. As for steering, you have two options: either one person drives with the other a passenger, or both people attempt to control the vehicle together, each using a different lever.