West Country Outdoor Games

4.5 out of 5 from 123 Reviews
9 crazy west country themed games
Up to 3 hours of non-stop fun
Prize for the winner
Free photos
Personal activity host
Every person can play all 9 games
Safety instruction and equipment


Are you ready for an It’s a Knockout-style event with a crazy West Country twist!? Head to the farm just 5 miles from Bristol city centre for up to 3 hours of inflatable insanity! Your group will have your own Activity Host to guide you as you dodge, whack and jump your way around 9 completely unique and hilarious games that will have you rolling around the hay with laughter! Expect inflatable games including the West Country Wipeout, the bungee Cider Run, Pull the Pig and many more!


Minimum People
8 (smaller groups prices will be based on the minimum)
Maximum People
120 (multiple sessions may be needed for larger groups)
To bring
Change of clothes
Useful Info
Fancy dress is encouraged
2 - 3 hours depending on group size
Zero tolerance on intoxication
Start Times
Sat 10:30, 13:30.
12 Mar - 31 Oct

Product Reviews

from 123 Reviews
Andrew Skelton
Wed 04 Oct 2023
Our host was not very inspiring and was not particularly encouraging when considering some of the other hosts and the effort they were putting into their 'guests'. The 5 stars is for the games itself, and I would only give the host 2
Ben Machin
Tue 03 Oct 2023
Really good fun, had a laugh.
Matthew Gouldson
Tue 19 Sep 2023
A good old laugh from start to finish.
Paul Davis
Wed 13 Sep 2023
Well ! What a great day ! From start to finish we had an amazing time. Each task we did just got better and better. We split into two teams to make for a little rivalry and our two hosts helped, cajoled and cheered us on along throughout. I can thoroughly recommend West Country Outdoor Games for anyone out there who is looking for a great day to compliment their stag or hen party. Well Done !
Gavin Holmes
Tue 12 Sep 2023
It was a great place to choose for the stag, great laugh, something totally differnet. all ages welcomed (even the seniors :P )
Neil Davis
Tue 12 Sep 2023
Good events, well organised and everybody enjoyed the day!
Chris Phillips
Tue 13 Jun 2023
Very good. Lucy in particular was brilliant
Christopher Taylor
Tue 13 Jun 2023
Awesome, our host Charlie was a top guy too.
Dave Peal
Thu 08 Jun 2023
Good fun. Perfect stag do event
Simon Whiffen
Tue 28 Mar 2023
It was a fun set of activities. Best enjoyed with dry weather
Chris Rodgers
Tue 28 Mar 2023
Great fun, go dressed for mud as no facilities to change on site
Richard kelly
Tue 28 Mar 2023
Great fun for all and a good way to fill a morning or afternoon.
Jack Pybus
Tue 02 Aug 2022
Brilliant fun. Fancy dress is a must
Dean bird
Tue 19 Jul 2022
Funny games, no shelter from the elements. No cleaning of equipment
Kieron Hosell
Mon 18 Jul 2022
Great fun, if a little painful with a hangover, the host who took us around the games was great and it was a very pleasant activity
Mitch Bouette
Tue 05 Jul 2022
Shame about the weather as rained for the whole 2 hours,very good activitys with a varied range... only one cracked rib lol... Great time had by all
Robert Cook
Mon 04 Jul 2022
Just make sure you don’t go when pouring down with rain
Jordan Price
Tue 14 Jun 2022
We had a great time here, games are more for the physically cable, a couple of games for people that are less physically able but not many, fun experience though and would recommend, Cici our instructor was a good laugh as well.
John Butler
Tue 14 Jun 2022
Good afternoon activity. Well run and friendly staff.
Dan Davies
Tue 14 Jun 2022
Great day , great workout
Matthew Davey
Mon 06 Jun 2022
Great event, well worth it. K was excellent.
Chris Ball
Tue 31 May 2022
Was a good laugh but not what we wanted to do but that option was un available. And for the price I thought a bit underwhelming
Tom Seal
Tue 24 May 2022
Excellent fun.
Luca Frulli
Tue 03 May 2022
Outstanding for venue for any stag do!
Iain Butcher
Tue 26 Apr 2022
Really good fun, perfect stag activity
Matthew Leydon
Tue 02 Nov 2021
Great fun. Brilliant activities despite the torrential downpour that we experienced.
Aden Britton
Tue 02 Nov 2021
Good fun
Ashley Baker
Wed 06 Oct 2021
Great event, weather was bad but made it more fun. Hosted well.
Jamie Clohesy
Tue 14 Sep 2021
Really fun although do not do it early with a hangover. It was BRUTAL
Neil Rosser
Mon 06 Sep 2021
Total surprise with this event much better than expected, the staff we're fantastic. Fancy dress is a must though, great games and lots of fun.... highly recommend.
Luke Norris
Thu 02 Sep 2021
Nine great events to complete which was a good laugh. Also great helpers who took us round all of the events.
Angelo Virciglio
Wed 01 Sep 2021
So much fun, the games are awesome
Diego Dafonte
Wed 01 Sep 2021
This turned out to be a lot more fun than we thought.. we had quite a large group of guys (16 in total) and there were certainly some games we enjoyed more than others.. but being a big group we couldn’t stay on each part for long in order to get round to all the games. Staff were very friendly and helpful.. and our guide had lots of patience for our competitive natured bunch! The only real shame is that it’s not quite near to the centre where we stayed so it’s a 15-20 minute cab ride away. All in all it was defo worth doing and something a little different from the norm.. it was also helpful to recover exercise to recover from the night before! But being some cold drinks, especially if it’s a hot day!
Chris Kingscott
Wed 01 Sep 2021
Got kicked off due to management saying a few lads had been drinking. I mean what stag goes on a stag party and not drink?
Andrew Norris
Tue 31 Aug 2021
Such a fun time was had by everyone
Aaron Cryer
Tue 31 Aug 2021
Was a really enjoyable experience
Aaron Brazier
Tue 24 Aug 2021
Fun activities and great staff members
Christopher Grylls
Tue 24 Aug 2021
Ultimately, the fun here is what you make of it. Some of the challenges are fun (gladiator), some are disappointing (skittles). It also is not a linear course, you move between the activities as and when they are free.
Tom Pengelly
Fri 20 Aug 2021
Great fun, cash only for drinks on site (water), you will get very warm so bring your own drinks
Scott Dineen
Mon 09 Aug 2021
This is brilliant, highly recommended, great fun, great host ( Abbie in Bristol ) fun to watch your mates fail.
Daniel Turner
Tue 27 Jul 2021
Great fun, despite the weather. Only gripe was having to wait around for events to be free a couple of times, felt like they maybe had too many groups on the go at once.
Oli Sutheran
Tue 27 Jul 2021
Good fun, great host and really enjoyable.
Rob Green
Tue 20 Jul 2021
Good laugh to sweat out the beers from the night before
John Thistlethwaite
Tue 06 Jul 2021
Our host, Alex, was great - just the right balance between telling us what we needed to know, and being friendly and banterous as well. A good selection of activities meant that everyone in the group seemed to be decent at at-least one thing! A bonus was the complementary dose of suncream, because clearly a group of ten 30 year old men were not capable of being sensible adults on their own.
Steven Clout
Tue 06 Jul 2021
Had a great time doing outdoor games, although not the best when with a hangover. If I was to book this event again, I’d probably book it for the first day. That being said, it was a really good experience and well worth doing.
Ryan Northover
Tue 06 Jul 2021
Was a good laugh but most of us were super hungover so ideally would do this on the first day of a stag do to make the best of it!
Daniel Lickley
Tue 15 Jun 2021
Jolly good fun
Daniel Rutherford
Sun 27 Oct 2019
Brilliant alternative event. Good fun and was made better by Mel (the host of the group at the games)
Danny Moore
Mon 21 Oct 2019
Good laugh
Matt Brunt
Tue 15 Oct 2019
Very good fun but where were the sexy milk maids that were advertised
Mark Caley
Mon 07 Oct 2019
Well organised,plenty to do.
Simon Day
Thu 26 Sep 2019
Great fun, Load's of laughs and will provide many great memories for years to come!
Mark Backler
Thu 29 Aug 2019
Great fun. I wish all the photos they took weren't ruined with massive watermarks though but I can understand why they do it.
Adrian Kerr
Thu 29 Aug 2019
It was good fun, but they don't really cater for what happens when it rains. Particularly if it rains really, really heavily. The lady who took charge of us was good fun.
Tom Kyle
Mon 26 Aug 2019
Brilliant fun!
Nathan Phillips
Thu 22 Aug 2019
Games were good and well organised. Cider tasting was great, a knowledgeable and friendly guy and the cheese was great aswell
Rob Foster
Thu 22 Aug 2019
A fun activity and about the right level of physical activity in the circumstances. I don't drink cider and was driving, but Ben, the cider maker was very interesting to listen to.
Dave Aldridge
Thu 22 Aug 2019
Good fun and a chance for the group to get to know each other as came from various stag party made up of differnet groups of stags friends. The games themselves were well organised and we didn't ahve to wait for any other groups to finish an activity. Food could of been better. Cider tasting was good, but probably not suitable for all stag groups. Seemed a bit civilised with the explanations of how its all made. Was impressed that the owner didn't try and use the tour as a chance to just sell us as much as possible.
Tom Lansdale
Fri 16 Aug 2019
Good fun, friendly staff.
Phil 4
Thu 08 Aug 2019
What fun!! Rain spoilt it a little but the team spirit kept us going. Always a little unsure about cider being served out of a plastic jerry can mind you. They could have at least given us a jug...much more civilised! Pastie was good but could do better with just leaving us with slabs of wrapped cheese, butter and crisps. The event itself though was brill.
Andrew Cooke
Sat 03 Aug 2019
Ok, not really the best thing to do when hungover as required lots of energy
Yvonne Parkinson
Fri 26 Jul 2019
We had so much fun even thou it rain the whole time we where doing the game would def recommend to everyone
Amy Saunders
Wed 24 Jul 2019
great fun great laughs
Gemma Goldenberg
Sun 23 Jun 2019
Really good fun, well organised and great food in the café too.
Danielle Guildford
Sun 23 Jun 2019
A real giggle-such good fun! Would recommend this as a good I've breaker or a good goggle with girl friends!
Gary Smith
Tue 18 Jun 2019
Good fun would recommend to anyone up for a laugh even after pinic basket was brilliant
Simon Cooper
Thu 13 Jun 2019
Steven Comby
Wed 12 Jun 2019
excellent activity for 22 hungover men who needed a break from drinking. staff and location were spot on.
Dan Smith
Tue 11 Jun 2019
Great setting and games, our instructor could have been better but nothing too major
Luke Stevenson
Tue 11 Jun 2019
Awesome fun
Stephen Russell
Thu 06 Jun 2019
Was great fun the person doing the activities with us wasn't the best but overall it was a fun day
Nia Jones
Thu 06 Jun 2019
Wasn't what we expected but it was a fun day.
Aimee Hopkins
Sun 02 Jun 2019
Very fun and enjoyable
Mohamed Attar
Sun 26 May 2019
The games were a lot of fun and the staff were awesome. It was a cold morning, but we soon warmed up! Would definitely recommend this if you are looking for something different and don't mind getting stuck in!
Scott Farrell
Tue 14 May 2019
We were all absolutly annihilated the following morning which made west country games very interesting, the event was well organised and it was good to see lots of other groups already getting involved. We dressed up our stag and set about doing things no hungover man should attempt! Such as bungy cord sprinting and dizzy bowling. The day was topped off with an excellent free lunch that included a pasty each, cider, cheese, crackers and crisps it was a really nice finish to the day!
Robert Harrison
Wed 08 May 2019
Good fund and a great way to break up the drinking! well organised
Deano Smith
Tue 07 May 2019
Only gripe is that it was far too busy on the day. It was too cold to be standing around waiting your turn.
Vaughan Boyes
Tue 23 Apr 2019
. Great fun laughed until my cheeks hurt.
Jamie Lesinski
Thu 18 Apr 2019
Entertaining, but some alcohol for the games would have been fun
Daniel Edwards
Wed 10 Apr 2019
Fantastic day had a great time would recommend for large groupe
Simon Gamble
Fri 05 Apr 2019
excellent event,had such a fab time with group i was with a muster for anyone wanting a fun time
Martyn Thomas
Fri 05 Apr 2019
Reasonable but obviously the venue are still learning.
Mat Harwood
Wed 03 Apr 2019
Was really good fun, well organised
Oliver Woodward
Tue 02 Apr 2019
not my cup of tea and a bit basic.
Will Wood
Wed 27 Mar 2019
This was a laugh! The guys stitched me right up but we all had fun!
Matt Lean
Tue 26 Mar 2019
A lot of fun
Andy Willis
Tue 26 Mar 2019
Great fun! Well organised and a fantastic way for the Stag party to bond.
Fah'd Ibrahim
Sun 24 Mar 2019
Great fun for all
Amir Shah
Sat 23 Mar 2019
Fun, good for all and very entertaining
Vimal Shah
Tue 19 Mar 2019
A great event hosted by chirpy and fun organisers. We were a group of around 16 and it was managed brilliantly. I do think some of the games were a little tough to play (for example the pitch fork duel (I think you may need to look at the weight of the hammer!). The cider run and mangold dangling were absolutely brilliant! What impressed me the most is that we were not rushed and if we wanted to play the games again (time permitting) we were allowed to. I really think the hosts made the day for us by being flexible, tolerant and generally very fun! I have recommended this to another group of friends that are thinking of going on a stag to Bristol!
Jared Thres
Sat 09 Mar 2019
Excellent - the venue was great and the personal guide was a nice touch - perhaps to develop have a clearer rota system rather than 1st come 1st served?
Mike Timbrell
Sat 15 Sep 2018
Ben Mcmanus
Thu 30 Aug 2018
Great fun
Adam Curtiss
Thu 30 Aug 2018
Good fun
Kieran Emm
Wed 13 Jun 2018
Low tech but good fun and well organised
Luke Johnson
Wed 28 Mar 2018
Some games need to be improved - i.e boot throwing felt like a bit of a filler which wasn't that great - that said host was good and we all had a good time
Patrick Phillips
Wed 28 Mar 2018
If it's been raining Take shoes/boots you don't mind getting muddy. This is a great day out and funny as F&%K playing the games and the hosts do make it very entertaining.
Ryan Oates
Tue 01 Aug 2023
Chris Greep
Tue 18 Jul 2023
Matt Peach
Tue 06 Sep 2022
Alfie Cook
Tue 05 Jul 2022
Charlie Croasdale
Tue 24 May 2022
Carl Pugh
Tue 24 May 2022
Jody Mclarty
Fri 28 Jan 2022
Luke Annan
Tue 02 Nov 2021
George West
Tue 02 Nov 2021
Alex Purcell
Wed 06 Oct 2021
Steven Geraghty
Tue 07 Sep 2021
Desmond Chesby
Thu 12 Aug 2021
Thomas Barnes
Tue 10 Aug 2021
Sam Boustred
Tue 20 Jul 2021
Harry Waller
Tue 01 Oct 2019
Chris Clark
Mon 30 Sep 2019
Simon Roberts
Tue 10 Sep 2019
Matt Phillips
Thu 29 Aug 2019
Ricky Barton
Sat 03 Aug 2019
Paul Moloney
Mon 01 Jul 2019
Max Foster
Sat 18 May 2019
Martyn Gibson
Sat 27 Apr 2019
Tim Cheetham
Wed 22 Aug 2018
Phil Morbin
Thu 29 Mar 2018
Jack Turner
Wed 28 Mar 2018
John Casey
Wed 28 Mar 2018

The Venue

Gatcombe Farm

West Country Games is a rural activity centre on the outskirts of Bristol. Together with its countryside-themed games, the centre offers visitors farm-style fancy dress. Grab some refreshments at the onsite farm shop or refuel with a hot meal at the restaurant. Look out for the farm's resident ponies, ostriches and alpacas.
Wheelchair access
Free carpark
5 acres
Opening Times
10:30 - 16:30 · Mon - Sun · Mar - Oct