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Beer Bikes in Budapest

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Tour the city on your very own bar on wheels, taking in the sights as you pedal through the city, while helping yourself to the free-flowing drinks on board.

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Organising a stag do can be a very stressful business. All our customers get their own personal stag do manager, who will be able to give you advice on what will work best for your group, is on hand to answer any questions you may have, and make sure the stag do is a complete success.

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When you submit an enquiry, we create your own personal stag do area. You can view and edit your event, invite guests, see who paid what and when, get maps, directions and a whole host of other things to make your life simple!

Why Budapest?

Your Budapest Stag Weekend In A Nutshell

Budapest, the most popular Eastern European stag do location, boasts cheap booze, raucous ruin bars and thermal baths.

  • The cities of Buda and Pest offer two stag destinations for the price of one (cleft in two by the swirling waters of the Danube).
  • The Capital of Freedom possess a range of adrenaline fuelled activities from firing ranges, go karting, paintball, quad trekking to luxury lap dancing and VIP clubs.
  • Budapest has thermal baths, hot springs and even beer spas for the ultimate hangover cure.
Bar Crawls Local Guided Nightclub - Budapest CHILLISAUCE

Budapest Stag Drinking

You (and your wallet) will rejoice in knowing that Budapest hasEurope’s cheapest alcohol prices: Making it the perfect destination for your stag do as pints are as low as £1.30, while a round of ten drinks will cost you little over £20. Book in a beer bike or strip and booze cruise on the river Danube with Chillisauce, or wind down from your days activities with a beer spa.

Craft beer is making a big name for itself in the Hungarian capital and you can book in a tasting session with us for you and your stag group. You also can’t go wrong with a cheap and cheerfulSoproni. The most famous of local spirits isUnicum(ring in the jokes), a blend of 40 different herbs known to make many stag party members scrunch up their faces.

More about drinking in Budapest  

There’s no Budapest stag weekend worth having that doesn’t spend at least one night in the city’sruin barsas part of your stag bar crawl. These incredibly cool venues are housed inside derelict pre-war buildings, once scheduled for demolition but now given a new lease of life. The most iconic isSzimpla: a vast, graffiti-scrawled assault on the senses, filled with random junk, plants and fairy lights.Red Ruinis a glorious Communist-themed bar, where you roll dice and are given whatever shot the number matches on the menu. If you’re in Budapest in summer, book a ‘Sparty’: wild Saturday nights that turn the Szchenyi Thermal Baths into massive pool parties.

Read ourBudapest stag do guidefor more inspiration.

Budapest Stag Food  

There’s no better street food for a pre or post stag bar crawl in Budapest thanlangos: deep-fried flatbreads topped with sour cream and cheese, made fresh in the Great Market Hall (perfect for munching on as you take in the sights). It’s also mandatory that you eat at a traditionalHungarian bistro.

These cosy venues serve classic dishes likegoulashandchicken paprikashwithnokedli(fluffy egg noodle dumplings), best paired with a cold glass ofDreherbeer. If visiting in summer, bright pinksour cherry soup(sour cream, sugar and sour cherries, served cold) makes for a surprisingly good sweet treat.

Kevin Bleich

Budapest Stag Expert: Kev

Budapest is one of our most popular stag locations.The nightlife is incredible: from the ruin bars to the clubs, you can’t go wrong with partying in Buda! The city itself is beautiful, with loads to offer during the daytime: home to amazing architecture, some of the best shooting ranges in Eastern Europe and loads of fantastic restaurants. Groups looking for a more laidback weekend can take in the sights around town, or even venture down to the Szechenyi Baths to soak away their hangovers.

Kev's Budapest Stag Itinerary  
360 Bar Budapest

For the opening night of your stag weekend, I’d suggest doing a bar crawl with one of our guides to kickstart your weekend. It can really help out when you’re deciding to go for the rest of the weekend - plus they’ve got plenty of banter!

For day two head down to theSzechenyiBaths for a few drinks and a dip into the naturally heated thermal baths. This is without a doubt the ultimate hangover cure. Then try some traditional Hungarian spirits, a shot or two ofPalinkaorUnicumwill separate the boys from the men.

Weather Budapest

The Best Time to Visit Budapest

What are the best months for a stag weekend to Budapest?

June, July and Augustis the height of the peak season in Budapest, with temperatures known to climb well over 3c. Be sure to book well in advance to avoid very high flight prices.April, May and Septemberoffer more pleasant weather hovering around 20c, but these are still popular times - so get planning.

The weather starts to cool inOctoberto 15c, dropping significantly fromNovembertoFebruaryto next to freezing. Despite the cold, winter is still a magical time to visit Budapest. Flights are cheap and you'll be spending most of your time drinking your weight in beer inside ruin bars anyway.

Flight London to Budapest

Getting to Budapest

Flights toBudapest’s Ferenc Liszt Airportfrom London are a breezy 2 hours 45 minutes, starting from a tempting£20-£50(in the low season). Affordable travel prices in the low season make it an extremely popular stag and hen destination, so don’t be surprised if you share your flight with fellow party goers! Note that prices are prone to getting pretty steep in the high season (usually summertime), so book your stag package early to avoid disappointment. Once you’ve landed in Budapest, it’s a 35-minute journey by road to the city centre; we recommend you take anairport transfer with guide.

Chaing Bridge Budapest

Budapest Neighbourhood Guide

To help you work out where to stay during your East European stag weekend we've put together a run down of the best neighbourhoods.

Made up of 23 distinct districts, Budapest is a fascinating mosaic of a city, bursting at the seams with lively stag nightlife and a thriving cultural scene which puts good living at its heart.

District VII - (Jewish Quarter) Erzsébetváros

Known as the Jewish Quarter, Erzsébetváros - Budapest’s district 7 - is the epi-centre of the city’s bohemian social scene, boasting bars and nightclubs in spades, and often the focal point for any stag weekend. You’ll discover speakeasies and hipster bars specialising in regional drinks here. Steeped in history, the district is where you’ll also find the largest concentration of the city’s famous ruin bars: quirky watering holes built in the ruins of abandoned pre-war buildings, stores or lots.

District VIII - Józsefváros
While the rest of the city effortlessly wins hearts and minds with beautiful fin-de-siecle architecture, district 8 is unlikely to win any beauty prizes. The least developed of the city’s inner city districts, its buildings still bear the scars of bullet holes from the Second World War and the 1956 Hungarian uprising. If its history doesn’t leave an impression, its alternative bar scene and laidback, sociable atmosphere are sure to impress. Often a cheaper location to plan you stag accommodation.

District IX - Ferencváros
At Pest’s southernmost tip, district 9 is off the radar for many tourists to the city. While not an obvious hit with visitors, locals revel in the colourful if rough-around-the-edges area with its pop up bars and restaurants. District 9 is perhaps better known these days though as the craft beer district. Billing itself as the first craft beer bar in Eastern Europe, Élesztőház brewhouse in particular, with its rooftop courtyard and extensive tap-list, flies the flag for the district.t.

District V - Belváros-Lipótváros
The true heart of the city, Belváros is home to most of Budapest’s star attractions worth shoehorning in if you have time between drinking and activities, including the palatial Hungarian Parliament building, poignant ‘Shoes on the Danube’ Holocaust memorial, iconic Chain Bridge and grandiose St Stephen’s Basilica. Its architectural and historic charms aside, the upmarket district is a busy thoroughfare for locals and tourists alike. And much like district 7, Belváros shows off a different side at night with local haunts, bars, clubs and restaurants offering a night to remember.

District I - Várkerület
Due to its terrain, district 1 is the best place to go for sweeping panoramic views of the city from the ramparts of Buda Castle or the Fisherman’s Bastion. Busier during the day with tourists flocking to ride its funicular railway, sit in its cozy cafes and stroll its cobblestone laneways, this mostly residential area is worth a look in for the views of Pest alone.

Read more in ourBudapest Stag Guide.

Top 5 Unique Budapest Stag Ideas

Here are the best stag activities you can do in Budapest

1. Zip back in time and beat the clock

Travel back in time behind the wheel of aTrabant: an iconic automobile that was the only car available in the Eastern Bloc before the Berlin Wall came down. Cruise through Budapest and take in the sights, as tourists gawk over these remnants of history. If you have a more fervent need for speed, ourKarting Grand PrixandQuad Trekkingexperiences will hit the mark.

2. Soak in thermal baths by day, pool party by night

It wouldn’t be a trip to Budapest without soaking in the famous Szechenyi Baths: 18 thermal spas and pools over 100 years old, built over a natural hot spring. Even in the dead of winter they’re warm, making them the ultimate hangover cure. Once refreshed, you can restart the action at the Sparty Party, where flowing drinks and pumping music turns the baths into a buzzing pool party. After, opt for our a massage at ourLuxury Spa Dayto work out the damage from the night before.

3. Handle classic firearms and blast your mates with paint

Blow off some steam at ourPistol Shooting Range, where you’ll get the chance to blast targets with classic models like the Glock 17 handgun and Remington 870 shotgun. Alternatively, theUltimate Firearms experienceprovides ample thrills andPaintballwill have you putting all that practice to good use.

4. Drink by bike, boat and strip cruise

Clink pints aboard your very own bar-on-wheels, cruising around Budapest atop a14-seat beer bike. Take the action to the Danube on a privateRiver Cruise(buffet and open bar optional), or invite some gorgeous guests on ourStrip Cruiseto heat things up. Check out a classicguided bar crawla staple of any stag weekend in the Hungarian capital.

5. Party with class or get down and dirty

Place your bets inKincsem Park, Hungary’s oldest race track, where cheap drinks turn the event into a bouncing day out. Swap horses for the luxury of ourParty Limo, or get down and dirty with our scantily-cladMud Wrestlingchampions.

Budapest’s Laws

Keeping your stag party safe

Buying Booze:Some city districts have prohibited the sale of alcohol after 10pm because of alcohol-related disturbances. If caught drinking or in possession of open containers of alcohol in public spaces (particularly near schools, churches or parks) or on public transport, you may have to pay a £130 (50,000 HUF) fine but the law isn’t actively enforced unless you run into issues.

Staying Safe:All drug use is illegal in Hungary with zero tolerance laws strictly enforced. Cannabis use and possession carries the same weighty punishments as heroin. If it's your first offence, possession of less than 12 grams will likely lead to a one-off reprimand (consumption carries a 2-year sentence). Possession of larger amounts leads to a five to ten-year prison sentence.

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