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Soak up the Vegas-inspired atmosphere with entry to a casino, where you can see if your luck is in and enjoy a gamble with classic games such as roulette, slots and blackjack and poker.


Minimum People
8 (smaller groups prices will be based on the minimum)
Maximum People
30 (multiple sessions may be needed for larger groups)
ID Required
Entry Times
Mon to Sun 22:00 - 0:00
4.5 hours
1 Jan - 31 Dec

Product Reviews

from 46 Reviews
Kevin Gee
Wed 04 Mar 2020
Good place
Sam Clark
Wed 30 Oct 2019
Limited game types but all the best are there. Croupier kept on making mistakes but that was no doubt a one off.
Austin Harbison
Tue 22 Oct 2019
Good fun
John Vollands
Tue 15 Oct 2019
Craig Drury
Sat 12 Oct 2019
Awesome event
Gus Dinn
Thu 08 Aug 2019
Only rated 3 because it wasn't really a casino crawl, but that wasn't our guide (Oshi) fault. We basically took over the evening a bit and asked her to take us to more bars. Some of the guys were unhappy because the places she took us to were quite a distance apart and having to walk 20 minutes half way through the night was a bit of a pain. As for the casinos, it was really our fault that we didn't get to go to them. By the time we got to one the stag was too drunk to be let in so we went to a club instead which was absolutely fine. All of the guys really enjoyed it, some were a bit put off by Oshi telling them not to be so loud - we were a bit lary but nothing out of order I didn't think. Anyway, she was there to provide local knowledge and to make sure we were safe and she did that fine, I thought she was really nice and did her job well in difficult circumstances.
Dan Roberts
Thu 08 Aug 2019
Ended up being a pub crawl as the Stag was too drunk to get in and dressed in a wedding dress...
Umesh Chapaneri
Tue 25 Jun 2019
Nothing amazing but still a great night
Liam Hickey
Fri 14 Jun 2019
Was really good. Pain having to sign up at start, but relaxed and drinks brought to you whilst you are playing.
Stephen Bilboe
Sun 09 Jun 2019
Casino good fun but couple of people didn't bring ID. Unfortunately the guide didn't remind anyone before leaving so some people had to go back
Wayne Coombs
Fri 07 Jun 2019
Not really my thing but was an interesting night and a couple of the guys did well on roulette...
Stephen Gallimore
Wed 22 May 2019
Casino itself was not so good, but the bars and clubs afterwards were good.
Brian Jellie
Mon 20 May 2019
Casino was great espically winning good job
Michael Harston
Sat 04 May 2019
Not great - didnt rate the casino at all, it was very dated and quite small. Didnt have a good atmosphere. We didnt stay too long in here.
James Johnston
Thu 02 May 2019
Had to play minimum of 2 hands at the blackjack table which was weird. Dealers weren't very helpful or friendly :(
Phil Henderson
Wed 06 Mar 2019
Good casino, did the job.
Tony Morrish
Sat 19 Jan 2019
The casino was a great place for the lads to chill abit. We spent a lot of time there and never felt under pressure, never felt we were out of place. Very welcoming.
Chris Viggars
Wed 16 Jan 2019
Loved it
Owen Cleaves
Tue 15 Jan 2019
good, high energy place
David Bird
Tue 15 Jan 2019
I'm not a gambler but the other lads seemed to enjoy themselves
Allan Chadwick
Thu 04 Oct 2018
Ian Hayward
Tue 18 Sep 2018
Not my thing, but well organized
Oliver Basham
Fri 18 May 2018
Better than expected as I won a load of cash result!
Enzo Bertolone
Fri 02 Mar 2018
I did not really enjoy the casino
Jason Hubball
Thu 14 Sep 2023
Daniel Turns
Thu 31 Mar 2022
Nathan Travers
Sat 06 Mar 2021
Gary Duff
Thu 05 Mar 2020
Matt Whitney
Wed 04 Mar 2020
Chris Gould
Tue 04 Feb 2020
Karl French
Wed 07 Jun 2023
Not the best casino I’ve been to
Ryan Motley
Fri 13 Mar 2020
Did not attend as we got carried away with the bar crawl...
Michael Hughes
Thu 05 Jul 2018
Fantastic - dealer was great!
Ian Dorren
Wed 04 Jul 2018
Great fun. Lot of walking though
John Hughes
Wed 04 Jul 2018
Great night
John Hughes
Wed 04 Jul 2018
Great game ... had fun
Ian Dorren
Wed 04 Jul 2018
Was good but shame no poker table.
Martin Fennell
Sun 01 Jul 2018
Good night and always a bonus if you win like I did
Samuel Barnes
Mon 25 Jun 2018
great night
Barry Hughes
Sat 23 Jun 2018
Casino was really good.
Dean Kingham
Sat 23 Jun 2018
Good casino and enjoyable
Simon Bourne
Wed 20 Jun 2018
Again, great venue to break the evening up. No problems
Tom Stephenson
Wed 20 Jun 2018
Casino was good, although the sign up process was laborious.
Ben Woodfine
Sat 21 Jul 2018
Kevin Sampson
Sat 23 Jun 2018
Russell Old
Wed 20 Jun 2018

The Venue

Las Vegas Casino Sofitel Budapest

This large and attractive casino is a gambler's paradise right in the heart of Budapest. Located close to the banks of the famous Danube River, it offers more than 100 live game tables, electronic roulette machines and slot machines. Both the HUF (Hungarian Forint) and Euros are accepted.
Difficult access for disabilities
Pay and display on-street parking
Food & Drink
Opening Times
0:00 - 23:59 · Mon - Sun · Jan - Dec