Thermal Baths

4.8 out of 5 from 285 Reviews
Fast track entry to one of Europe's premier thermal baths
Full use of facilities
Secure lockers
1 beer each
English speaking local guide


Soothe your head and aching limbs at Budapest’s largest ancient thermal spa. With stunning outdoor pools, loads of indoor pools and over 10 saunas and steam rooms, the toxins will be flowing from your body in no time. This really is the ultimate hangover cure.


Minimum People
8 (smaller groups prices will be based on the minimum)
Maximum People
40 (multiple sessions may be needed for larger groups)
To bring
Useful Info
Transport is not included in the price
Start Times
Mon to Sun 6:00 - 16:00
3 hours
1 Jan - 31 Dec

Product Reviews

from 285 Reviews
Oliver Healy
Tue 07 Nov 2023
This was a real highlight of the trip definitely worth going if you're in Budapest
Billy Martin
Wed 09 Aug 2023
Great fun and perfect day out for relaxing
Rory Donald
Tue 01 Aug 2023
Fantastic after a night of heavy drinking
Andrew Lester
Wed 12 Jul 2023
Really enjoyed the thermal Bath experience
Ben Hitchins
Wed 12 Jul 2023
Highlight of the trip. Much needed and really good.
Alex Blake
Tue 11 Jul 2023
Will go to Budapest again just to visit the Thermal Baths.
Thomas Quinton
Tue 11 Jul 2023
Very relaxing and plenty of space
Leandros Ioannou
Tue 04 Jul 2023
Just do it, incredible fun
Farooq Ahmed Nadeem
Wed 21 Jun 2023
Go in the summer. I think winter would be too cold.
Gary Gouldthorpe
Mon 19 Jun 2023
This is really good. Great food and beer. Awesome amount of pools to use.
Elliot Swords
Tue 30 May 2023
We’ll organised
Aquil Rajabali
Tue 23 May 2023
Nice place to relax after a few days of partying.
Samuel Handley
Tue 02 May 2023
This felt like a must-do for a trip to Budapest. The weather was on our side and the water was warm and spring fed. Everyone in the group had a brilliant time.
Ed Fennell
Fri 07 Apr 2023
Just a bunch of swimming pools but good experience
Pav Sahota
Thu 30 Mar 2023
relaxing day before the madness. defo worth visiting
John Allwright
Wed 22 Mar 2023
Great day out
Gary Smith
Wed 22 Mar 2023
Outdoor pool was good. Indoor pools stink of urine. I'm not sure what water purifyer they would use, if any as it defo wasn't chlorine
Connor Binstead
Wed 22 Mar 2023
Great value and an overall excellent day out
Dave Gray
Thu 09 Feb 2023
Fantastic, a great time had by all in the party
Darren Barnett
Tue 07 Feb 2023
I didn’t go, but heard it was good
Tom Burns
Wed 01 Feb 2023
A fantastic way to spend an afternoon. Lots of different thermal baths to go in, including the huge outdoor hot pool which was good to be in on a cold winters day. Drinks were also served at the poolside. Winner
Jason Salter
Wed 01 Feb 2023
Love the thermal baths a highlight of the tour
Ben Younger
Sun 17 Jul 2022
You can’t go buda and not experience thermal baths! Would only recommend 4hours if you go during the day, food here is 10/10
Jack Thompson
Wed 06 Jul 2022
A great day out, just like being around the hotel pool with your pals, ideal when there are no beaches nearby, this place really gives you the holiday feel, try the ice cold plunge pool if you want a laugh!
Alistair Blair
Fri 01 Jul 2022
I could have stayed there all day. It was brilliant
Barry Drury
Tue 17 May 2022
Nice but very busy and queue for drinks was massive
Michael Winek
Tue 03 May 2022
Fantastic for a stag do and a great way to spend a few hours.
Max Hurford
Tue 03 May 2022
Great fun, good day out
Ric Hooley
Tue 03 May 2022
Maverick Daniel Halog
Wed 16 Mar 2022
Thank you budapest and dora for assisting us on this do
Harvey Trusler
Wed 16 Feb 2022
Best spa I have been to
Josh Butler
Wed 16 Feb 2022
Perfect hangover cure,
Michael Spierin
Tue 08 Feb 2022
Lots of waiting around beforehand. A nice time inside
Oliver Jones
Tue 25 Feb 2020
As expected was excellent. We were met on time and taken via taxi and a drink was also provided, good to break up the trip with this one
Andrew Thwaites
Tue 25 Feb 2020
Really, really good. The most enjoyable part of the trip probably. Good chance to relax and unwind a bit without the need to drink!
Sean Jones
Tue 25 Feb 2020
Really good, a nice break and relax amid all the drinking
Steven Dennis
Tue 25 Feb 2020
What a way to spend a hungover Saturday afternoon. Again, Esther had everything sorted for us at the baths, bought us a round of beers and left us to enjoy a relaxing time. Amazing place.
Dave Burns
Tue 25 Feb 2020
Best part of the trip. Would be amazing in the summer. Even in Feburary it was lovely and warm. Loads of different spas and types of sauna to try too.
Adam Jones
Tue 25 Feb 2020
Very good.
Brendan Okeeffe
Wed 19 Feb 2020
Great way to finish.
Isaac Mcnicholas
Wed 20 Nov 2019
Great recovery session after a heavy weekend, was in superb setting and really enjoyed it.
Satnam Bedi
Tue 05 Nov 2019
Excellent. Great atmosphere and facilities
John Mckenzie
Fri 01 Nov 2019
Sam Clark
Wed 30 Oct 2019
A great break after a very heavy weekend.
Andy Pearce
Sun 27 Oct 2019
Very relaxing just what we needed before evening onslaught
Karl Fasulo
Sat 26 Oct 2019
A great way to recharge after a heavy night - good weather helps here.
David Wappat
Sat 26 Oct 2019
Very nice.
Austin Harbison
Tue 22 Oct 2019
Wow, exceptional
Brett Danielson
Thu 17 Oct 2019
What a place
Nish Bedi
Thu 10 Oct 2019
absolutely fantastic end to the weekend
James Braddock
Mon 30 Sep 2019
Just what we needed
Chris Tandy
Mon 30 Sep 2019
Very enjoyable just the tonic after a heavy drinking session.
Stephen O'neil
Mon 30 Sep 2019
Brilliant! Great after a night out.
Nick Smith
Fri 27 Sep 2019
Hangover recovery!
David Tomlin
Thu 26 Sep 2019
Wish we had longer here, very relaxing.
Robert Sadler
Mon 23 Sep 2019
This event was cancelled
Joe Owen
Thu 19 Sep 2019
Nice way to cure your hangover
Grahame Gadd
Sat 14 Sep 2019
The thermal baths was a perfect end to a perfect weekend. As we had no shower gel ad we could only wash using hand soap, the baths were a excellent hangover cure to say the least. As you walk in you have to buy a wrist band that gives you a specific locker or room which you get to keep for the duration of your stay. Make sure you don’t lose the band as you will not be able to leave the facilities without it. The lockers and shower room are very secure. The main thermal bath is amazing, its set in a roman theatre type location with huge sun bathing areas and lounges. There is also ample areas to sit and generally paddle about in and around the pool, there is also a swimming area with a cooler bath and indoors there are various plunge pools ranging from red hot to seriously ice cube cold. If you need food or d5rink there is a shop and on site Ice cream van that is ready and waiting to part you with your HUF, all very reasonable. Definitely and great end to an amazing weekend.
Mike Kenny
Fri 13 Sep 2019
This was very nice though didn't actually come across the indoor pool in the picture!
James Cook
Fri 13 Sep 2019
Brilliant - thoroughly enjoyed by everyone and the two lady guides we had that day were great, informative and friendly. The lads loved this part of the trip.
James Lomax
Wed 11 Sep 2019
Fantastic.....been before myself, but reps ensured all guests knew their way round and how the baths worked
Josh Cohen
Tue 10 Sep 2019
good way to finish very relaxing, not the most hygenic.
Jamie Welch
Sun 01 Sep 2019
Great place to relax and chill out. Loads of different temperature pools, saunas etc and a bbq would highly recommend
Kevin Tsang
Sun 25 Aug 2019
Mega Awesome!
George Hampson
Thu 22 Aug 2019
Really good fun, weather was a amazing. I would advise this to any group for a Sunday chill out.
Derek Roberts
Thu 15 Aug 2019
Highly recommend and a real Budapest activity. Great fun for all and being able to watch the Olympics was the icing on the cake
Tom Weyman
Tue 13 Aug 2019
Great way to end the trip and start the recovery.
Bernard Flynn
Mon 12 Aug 2019
The best! Want to go back
Steve Arnold
Mon 12 Aug 2019
we spent 4 hours here, loved every miniute.
Ben Shore
Sun 11 Aug 2019
Great end to a messy weekend!
Roy Davie
Sat 10 Aug 2019
Great too but very busy
Ross Fontenla
Sat 10 Aug 2019
This is great would recomend to everyone
Dan Roberts
Thu 08 Aug 2019
Highly recommenede
Gus Dinn
Thu 08 Aug 2019
I've been here before and really loved it then. It should be on everyones itinerary. The guys wanted to leave a bit sooner than I did so I was a bit disappointed by that but again, that was our fault not yours. Oshi did well throughout the weekend adapting the plan to what we wanted to do.
Peter Spracklen
Wed 07 Aug 2019
First spa I have been to, was great, our guide was very helpfull
Anthony Walker
Sat 03 Aug 2019
Quality activity so easy getting tickets and get ur own dressing room the guide joined in and the thermal baths were amazing specially after few days in the beers
Hardeep Man
Tue 30 Jul 2019
missed this one aswell, but again the lads enjoyed this more then they thought they would.
Rob May
Sun 28 Jul 2019
Everyone was sceptical about this but on the last day when everyone was hanging it was a great idea. Its so hot in Budapest we wish we'd gone there the day before as well.
Huw Barker
Tue 23 Jul 2019
Best hangover cure ever
Spencer Stevens
Mon 22 Jul 2019
Nice to chill after a busy weekend just what we needed.
David Howarth
Mon 22 Jul 2019
Very confusing set up, was ok but got boring after a while.
Wolfgang Dunn
Mon 22 Jul 2019
Brilliant place to chill out - outside in the pool with 35 degrees sunshine & massage treatments available also.
Nicholas Terry
Sun 21 Jul 2019
A great time to relax.
Max Swann
Sat 20 Jul 2019
Amazing place would recommend
Lee Thomson
Fri 19 Jul 2019
Excellent, highly recommended.
Adam Lynch
Fri 19 Jul 2019
Just what was needed on the last day before we left, the weather was amazing so we were able to use the spas both inside and out. Glad we had the guide (Lili) with us as she sorted everything out while we were feeling a little groggy.
Gavin Howell
Fri 19 Jul 2019
Awesome. Thoroughly recommended for a recovery session after a heavy night. Swimming pools that are hotter than a bath, more steam rooms and saunas than you can count. Also serves beer, so you can get back into the swing of things.
Darren Vye
Tue 16 Jul 2019
Loved the Thermal baths, it was really relaxing and certainly cured the hangover from the night before. Excellent venue and the pools were amazing.
Lee Casey
Tue 16 Jul 2019
This was the highlight. Especially after a big night out. The perfect way to unwind, relax and recover the next next evening. Not that many kids running about either so was great.
Dave Bartle
Fri 12 Jul 2019
Great chill out place
Matthew Entwisle
Sat 06 Jul 2019
Fantastic day...went back the next day too.
Tom Page
Sat 06 Jul 2019
Really enjoyed it
Daniel Katz
Fri 05 Jul 2019
Perfect way to spend the Saturday afternoon. Weather was great and got a free beer too.
Luke Charters
Tue 02 Jul 2019
Jack Davidson
Mon 01 Jul 2019
Great experience and very chilled indeed. Only thing I would've liked is a heads up on the attire needed for this. Half the lads didn't bring towels and others didn't bring spare shorts. Sounds obvious but a reminder of essentials would be good.
Stephen Pickup
Sat 29 Jun 2019
Great place to visit. Chill out session really needed after a heavy night.
Gus Macdonald
Sat 22 Jun 2019
Good location but all the massages/treatments/etc were all unavailable as they had been booked solid before we arrived.
Marc Lambert
Sat 22 Jun 2019
Hangover killer. Well worth it!
James Whiley
Sat 22 Jun 2019
I can't get it back to 5 stars! Absolutely brilliant, a must!
Tim Wells
Thu 20 Jun 2019
Absolutely fantastic
Adam Vanderveken
Fri 14 Jun 2019
Beautiful location
Paul Doody
Wed 12 Jun 2019
Brilliant, just what i needed.
Jon West-gaul
Sun 09 Jun 2019
A must do after three days on it!
Wayne Coombs
Fri 07 Jun 2019
great relaxing day at the spa, loads of different pools and sauna/steam rooms to try...
Niall Nesbitt
Sun 02 Jun 2019
Great fun. Massage is recommended and for a relatively cheap price.
Kevin Bucas
Sun 02 Jun 2019
Too long spent there
Andrew Mayor
Sun 02 Jun 2019
really great way to get over the hangover, loads of hidden gems, and really relaxing
Chris Mansbridge
Sat 01 Jun 2019
Proper chill out session just what we needed
Stephen Thorn
Thu 30 May 2019
This would be highly recommended in my opinion the baths are great and is a nice relaxing day
Adam Collyer
Sun 26 May 2019
Great to cure a hangover
Peter Morrison
Sat 25 May 2019
Good, nothing overly special and 2 hours wasn't really long enough.
Paul Coughlan
Wed 22 May 2019
great new experience
Jagtaar Singh
Mon 20 May 2019
Absolutely needed after a heavy few days partying.
Hayley Chappell
Mon 20 May 2019
The best way to spend your Sunday recovery. loads of recovery options, hot and cold outdoor baths and indoor hot baths and an icy cold plunge pool plus sauna and steam room. Plus you can get another beer to finish off your weekend!
John Smith
Mon 20 May 2019
best part of the trip
Matt Davis
Sun 19 May 2019
Amazing place -
Alexis Taylor
Sat 18 May 2019
Sounds like a girly thing to do, but was much needed. I really enjoyed this long soak and felt so much better afterwards. Also good to have the guide organise taxis for us afterwards.
Chris Tye
Thu 16 May 2019
Very busy on the day we went but pretty good nonetheless! We got a free drink thrown in which was great! Plenty of baths to tryout as well as saunas and others! A nice recovery afternoon!
Mark Hayward
Thu 09 May 2019
Much needed after a couple of heavy nights!!
Alastair Lloyd
Wed 08 May 2019
Loved this place especially on a hangover!
Nick Churcher
Tue 07 May 2019
This was excellent, i really enjoyed this and having not been to hot baths previously it was a new experience for me.
Simon Rutland
Tue 07 May 2019
Andy Brinkman
Mon 06 May 2019
Fantastic place to chill out and relax the body, shame we want there a bit longer but overall it was brilliant.
James Needle
Mon 06 May 2019
Perfect end to the weekend.
Stephen Merchant
Mon 06 May 2019
An ideal end to a stag party - got home feeling refreshed.
Michael Harston
Sat 04 May 2019
Excellent! 5 stars
Mark Robinson
Wed 01 May 2019
girls in bikinis. whats not to like?!
Andrew Harper
Tue 30 Apr 2019
Baths were very enjoyable. Could have stayed longer.
James Pople
Mon 29 Apr 2019
Probably the highlight of the weekend for me. Just what the doctor ordered, a very relaxing 3 or 4 hours to detox.
Mike Phillips
Sat 27 Apr 2019
Just what was need at the end of the stag doo
Ryan Peverell
Sat 27 Apr 2019
Very handy on a hangover! A perfect time to chill out with your mates and beer is available if you can stomach it!
Mark Cummins
Sat 27 Apr 2019
Baths were nice, bar was good, bit crowded and frustrating bands to get in and out of them.
Chris Mccarthy
Fri 26 Apr 2019
Excellent choice of outdoor relaxation
James Douglas
Fri 26 Apr 2019
One of the highlights of our stag ! Loved this place! Cocktails are perfect aswell !!
Paul Sisodiya
Mon 22 Apr 2019
liked the baths should have stayed longer
Rick Kumar
Sun 21 Apr 2019
Great venue, a little slow in getting ready perhaps better orientation required.
Daniel Dadoun
Sun 21 Apr 2019
Alex Gale
Sun 14 Apr 2019
Good chilled end to the stag.
Kevin Burrows
Fri 12 Apr 2019
Liam Savage
Tue 09 Apr 2019
Big highlight, beautiful settings and very relaxing
Jon Hickman
Tue 02 Apr 2019
Fantastic finish to the weekend. Actually meant instead of waiting around to leave and get to the airport we had something fun to do and just chillout. All 14 of us agreed its a great way to end the weekend.
Lee Deighton
Sun 24 Mar 2019
Great activity needed after night out
Myjkalo Lapka
Sun 24 Mar 2019
Much needed hangover cure~! outdoor pool was great
Billy Adamson
Sat 23 Mar 2019
Great day out, relaxing and clears the hangover well!
Andy Jay
Sat 23 Mar 2019
This is honestly the perfect way to end a stag weekend! Loads of polls and saunas to explore, drinks on tap, it was the perfect end to the stag!
Stevie Telford
Sat 23 Mar 2019
Very good
Andrew Mason
Sat 23 Mar 2019
This was just perfect for the morning after the night before. Great way to get rid of the hangover
Graham Brandish
Sat 09 Mar 2019
Best hangover cure ever! Highly recommended.
Darren Edwards
Wed 06 Mar 2019
Fantastic, highly recommend this. Best hang over cure ever!
Jason Finegan
Mon 04 Mar 2019
Perfect cure for the hangover, everybody enjoyed this!
Jason Salter
Mon 04 Mar 2019
Really enjoyed this my skin felt like my baby daughters after really relaxing
Matthew Fenwick
Mon 04 Mar 2019
This was not on our list of things to do
Dan Maney
Sun 03 Mar 2019
This is now a must do on all our Tours. We've done baths in Riga, Prague and now Budapest - it's the perfect way to round off the last full day. Plus it was packed with beautiful girls and who doesn't like that?
Fraser Henderson
Wed 13 Feb 2019
Was a bit confused when arriving on but when we got in the baths it was a great feeling! I'd recommend bring flip flops!
Anthony Leonard
Mon 11 Feb 2019
Perfect way to finish a heavy weekend and relax. Completely cured my hangover for the next few days.
Joey Berry
Mon 11 Feb 2019
This was amazing and a perfect way to round off the weekend.
Nathan Travers
Sat 09 Feb 2019
Excellent!!!! Brilliant on the last day! Instant hangover cure!!!
Paul Schaack
Wed 30 Jan 2019
Great way to spend all day recovering
Gary Martin
Sun 27 Jan 2019
A great way to end the weekend accompanied by the lovely girls!
Martyn Jones
Fri 02 Nov 2018
An absolute must to cure the hangover!
Andy Smith
Thu 01 Nov 2018
Very surreal experience. Much needed after two hardcore days though I wouldn't recommend after October as it was way too chilly and when it's windy in autumn you'll get a face full of leaves. Massage was ok.
Bryan Giddings
Thu 01 Nov 2018
Nice way to end the weekend.
Jordan Lightfoot
Fri 28 Sep 2018
Great to clear the head/hangover and see some local culture.
Aaron Sullivan
Fri 28 Sep 2018
Really relaxing and overall a good experience
Graham Wood
Wed 26 Sep 2018
Just what was needed after a heavy night/morning. Excellent.
Craig Haward
Tue 18 Sep 2018
Wow - what an experience. Brilliant activity to be included.
Jacob Van
Thu 13 Sep 2018
A mention that there is a beer bath would be great. Cool thing but found out as we had to leave.
Richard Greatorex
Thu 13 Sep 2018
Excellent - just what was needed.
Mark Owers
Thu 13 Sep 2018
Inspired - perfect end
Kim Wakeman
Thu 13 Sep 2018
The baths themselves are fantastic although the main customers all seemed to be pensioners
Tom Jacobs
Tue 11 Sep 2018
great loved the spas was a good way to end the weekend
Rich Tite
Fri 07 Sep 2018
Very good - maybe could have included a free drink
James Cullen
Fri 20 Jul 2018
Lawrence Rawcliffe
Thu 19 Jul 2018
Really nice. Just wat we needed after two days on the lash
Stephanie Brennan
Wed 11 Jul 2018
Nice environment and good to chill out!
Simon Butler
Wed 27 Jun 2018
Great relaxing day even the guide come in with us. Can still drink too
Gareth Exton
Tue 26 Jun 2018
This sorts you right out do this at the end of you visit. Make sure you do the hot and cold plunge pools head inside and to the right.
Eddie Clarke
Sun 24 Jun 2018
We had a very nice relaxed time.
Alistair Dean
Sat 23 Jun 2018
A must for the morning after
Martin Vernon
Wed 20 Jun 2018
well needed chill out
Terry Pettitt
Mon 18 Jun 2018
A really relaxing way to start the second day
Henry Thompson
Mon 18 Jun 2018
Brilliant could have stayed all day
Rob Moss
Thu 14 Jun 2018
Brilliant way to end our trip.
Gerard Cameron
Mon 11 Jun 2018
again excellent
Alistair Cameron
Fri 08 Jun 2018
Thoroughly relaxing day
Liam Bendall
Wed 23 May 2018
Awesome time relaxing after a heavy night and great weather for it too
Oliver Usher
Wed 23 May 2018
Very good but it would have been good to have been advised on such a hot day that it was open air and we might need suncream.
Brad Duncan
Sun 20 May 2018
This was something else!! Such an amazing experience and I will be back in near future with my partner,
Chris Furlong
Fri 18 May 2018
An absolute must! Very relaxing and a brilliant atmosphere. Would definitely recommend
Josh Baker
Fri 18 May 2018
Breathtaking really worth doing this just to chill out after a weekend on the drink
Elliott Swann
Thu 17 May 2018
Needed after a few nights on the beer
Bill Taylor
Wed 16 May 2018
Great fun, everyone really enjoyed this.
Ben Lovell
Wed 16 May 2018
Lovely place
Paddy Murphy
Tue 15 May 2018
Lovely place. Excellent baths
Henry Shropshire
Sat 12 May 2018
So good to have at the end of the weekend to ease the bruises from the paintball. Really good to chill out in the spa with a few beers.
Oliver Hurst
Fri 11 May 2018
Very good experience
Nick Hoffman
Tue 08 May 2018
Brilliant . Everyone loved this after the first night out
Oli Lancaster
Sat 05 May 2018
Billy Graham
Sat 05 May 2018
Daniel Ayres
Wed 02 May 2018
All I can say is this needed for any stag do. Trust me especially at the end of the weekend
Rob Walter
Tue 01 May 2018
Very relaxing and just what was required after the night before.
Paul Hughes
Tue 01 May 2018
Awesome what a great day
Joe Stuart
Fri 20 Apr 2018
Perfect for what we wanted. The lads weren't looking forward to it thinking it's abit of a soft thing to be doing for a group of lads but it is well worth it.
Ollie Stilgoe
Fri 20 Apr 2018
An excellent way to end the weekend, the baths were lovely and I will go bavk
Daniel Costis
Thu 19 Apr 2018
Enjoyable morning.
Mike Day
Thu 19 Apr 2018
Wasn't really my thing buy imagine it is a great event for most customers to relax and chill out.
Donald Mackay
Wed 18 Apr 2018
Again very nice
Charles Graham-Wood
Wed 18 Apr 2018
Perfect end to an unreal weekend. Nap, soak and people watch. Couldn’t have asked for a better ending
Kieran Down
Tue 17 Apr 2018
Perfect after a two day bender
Scott Hannaford
Tue 17 Apr 2018
Definitely needed!
Helder De Araujo
Fri 13 Apr 2018
Really good experience, enjoyed the time spent at the baths and would highly recommend this especially after a heavy night out.
Adrian Brown
Thu 12 Apr 2018
We did this on the 3rd day of our stag weekend and it did us all the world of good after two full days on the beer, great experience, plenty pools, sauna's inside and the 3 pools outside.
Nicholas Garrard
Sat 07 Apr 2018
Justin Moll
Fri 06 Apr 2018
The perfect way to round off the weekend. Lots of choice and places to explore, nice general vibe and we were lucky with the weather!
Charlie Nicholls
Thu 05 Apr 2018
Will Garrard
Thu 05 Apr 2018
This was excellent, probably the highlight for me.
Terry O'leary
Thu 05 Apr 2018
Wonderfull place, could have done with more time. Fantastic weather made it a day to remember.
Andy Lawrence
Thu 05 Apr 2018
A definitely highlight of the event and well deserved after the previous excursions.
Mark Sheldon
Thu 05 Apr 2018
This was just what we needed what a fantastic tour our guide Kat looked after us well and made sure we got the most out of our time at the thermal baths
Martin Cliff
Sun 01 Apr 2018
Had to go home before event
Ian Robinson
Sat 31 Mar 2018
Nice way to chill, not enough sun beds though
Tom George
Sat 31 Mar 2018
Did this on the last day pre flying home. Well needed chill out session.
Dan Davis
Fri 30 Mar 2018
too hung over to go
Alex Wells
Wed 28 Mar 2018
Perfect end to the weekend
David Hutchison
Thu 22 Mar 2018
Chris Templar
Tue 20 Mar 2018
Nice to have some rest and relaxation before flying home.
Oliver Bagarone
Sun 18 Mar 2018
Thermal baths were lovely good way to finish off the stag relaxing in the hot baths
Sam Prior
Sat 17 Mar 2018
Really enjoyed the baths especially after a night of drinking, found it very relaxing and the perfect thing to do before our flight later on that evening.
Terry Waye
Fri 16 Mar 2018
just what we needed after the heavy weekend
Tom Nutt
Wed 14 Mar 2018
Don’t need such a long time at the baths
Rhob Edwards
Wed 14 Mar 2018
Relaxing once you FINALLY get in and settled. The baths were very crowded but I don't think that can be helped.
Paul Sinfield
Fri 09 Mar 2018
Nice place to relax after a few heavy nights out!
Glyn Rice
Fri 02 Mar 2018
Very good. Thermal bath was great.
Ashley Rice
Thu 01 Mar 2018
Great after the night before session
Rob Deane
Sat 24 Feb 2018
A Fantastic way to round up a weekend and having that refreshing feeling, Excellent
Steven Saunders
Fri 23 Feb 2018
A special experience
Garry Kenna
Thu 15 Feb 2018
Brilliant!..... we all loved this! great experience
Vince Walford
Tue 06 Feb 2018
Perfect wait to end the stag!!!!
David Mckeon
Sun 29 Oct 2023
Bjorn Oyvind Hove As
Wed 25 Oct 2023
James Rigden
Wed 09 Aug 2023
Muhammad Hassan Naqshbandi
Tue 11 Jul 2023
Jamie Reach
Mon 26 Jun 2023
David Reichelt
Thu 04 May 2023
Daniel Vibert
Mon 01 May 2023
Jordan Hill
Tue 25 Apr 2023
Zak Bremmer
Tue 25 Apr 2023
Nathan Hack
Tue 25 Apr 2023
Mahesh Pankhania
Wed 29 Mar 2023
Jusi Sahota
Wed 29 Mar 2023
Mini Georgio
Wed 22 Mar 2023
Liam Christmas
Tue 10 Jan 2023
Daniel Knowles
Mon 09 Jan 2023
Luke Trythall
Tue 11 Oct 2022
Mark Herrmann
Tue 13 Sep 2022
Mitchell Roberts
Mon 12 Sep 2022
William Rogers
Sat 23 Jul 2022
Shinthu Selva
Tue 19 Jul 2022
Ryan Holliman
Thu 30 Jun 2022
Liam Wilkinson
Wed 08 Jun 2022
James Marshall
Fri 03 Jun 2022
Daniel Lewis
Fri 29 Apr 2022
Thomas Smith
Tue 12 Apr 2022
Nicholas Avraam
Tue 12 Apr 2022
Carl Brewster
Tue 12 Apr 2022
Aaron Cheung
Thu 18 Nov 2021
Avinash Patel
Tue 03 Mar 2020
George Sutherland
Tue 25 Feb 2020
Andrew Galliers
Tue 25 Feb 2020
Chris Gould
Tue 04 Feb 2020
Kuljit Karir
Fri 08 Nov 2019
Matt Marten
Tue 01 Oct 2019
Adam Haward
Thu 06 Sep 2018
Joe Pilbeam
Thu 06 Sep 2018
Jason Coff
Thu 19 Jul 2018
Terry Birkes
Wed 04 Jul 2018
Christian Richards
Mon 25 Jun 2018
Kyle Harvey
Mon 25 Jun 2018
Darren Sumner
Thu 21 Jun 2018
Grant Reynolds
Mon 18 Jun 2018
Andy Cook
Fri 08 Jun 2018
Christopher Mitchell
Thu 07 Jun 2018
Darren Riley
Wed 06 Jun 2018
Paul Smith
Thu 17 May 2018
John Orlandi
Wed 16 May 2018

The Venue

Szechenyi Baths

The biggest medicinal baths complex in Europe is a quirky venue for celebrating special events. With 3 outdoor grand pools and 15 indoor ones, it’s one of the city’s top attractions. There are an additional 10 saunas and steam cabins, and a range of health and beauty treatments. The Baths are also close to Budapest’s main tourist sites.
Difficult access for disabilities
Pay and display on-street parking
City centre
Food & Drink
Changing Facilities
Changing room
Opening Times
6:00 - 19:00 · Mon - Sun · Jan - Dec