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David Allenby
Fri 29 Sep 2023
clean, helpful staff, nice room
Tom Jewitt
Tue 29 Aug 2023
Tommy Hart
Wed 23 Aug 2023
Good central hotel, perfect
Vasil Krasimirov Nikolov
Tue 22 Aug 2023
Very nice! Reminded me of my stay at the Dundee Hilton hotel. I liked the closeness to the historic part of the town
Joseph Peers
Wed 02 Aug 2023
Nice hotel
Pete Wileman
Tue 01 Aug 2023
Comfortable rooms , great breakfast , handy bar. Helpful staff. Excellent location
Colin Butler
Tue 01 Aug 2023
Friendly’ great service.
Adam Roche
Tue 25 Jul 2023
Nice and close
Theo Perrier
Tue 25 Jul 2023
The breakfast was the best thing about this hotel.
Nick Franks
Mon 03 Jul 2023
Really nice hotel, rooms were good size and clean, breakfast was brilliant
David Quirke
Tue 27 Jun 2023
Nice hotel with a good location to town.
Andrew Cootes
Wed 09 Nov 2022
Clean, and roomy for the twin room I had. Breakfast was again what you would expect. Never runs out of food and a large time slot for breakfast too. And coffee, I need coffee after the night out.
Russell Stewart
Wed 12 Oct 2022
Graham Grover
Tue 11 Oct 2022
Good stay
Henry Upton
Tue 09 Aug 2022
Good rooms, friendly staff, monster breakfast
Jamie Greig
Tue 14 Jun 2022
Hotel was lovely! Air con was brilliant, bed was comfy Adam did leave his maccies in the zoot zoot though
Kyle Jarrett
Tue 14 Jun 2022
Great hotel room and in a lovely location
Oliver Manning
Tue 14 Jun 2022
Big spacious rooms and very clean
Robert Greaves
Tue 07 Jun 2022
Lovely hotel. Best i’ve stayed in on a stag do. Great Breakfast and nice bar area.
Alan Tang
Tue 03 May 2022
A bit dated but good location
Rich Jenkins
Thu 13 Feb 2020
Nice rooms, good reception and organisation by the staff. Lift was an issue as one wasn’t working
Manoj Juj
Sat 16 Sep 2023
Lewis White
Tue 22 Aug 2023
Paul Hopcraft
Tue 27 Jun 2023
Derek Smith
Tue 11 Oct 2022
Guy Shayler
Wed 14 Sep 2022
Christopher Sheppard
Wed 07 Sep 2022