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Bungee Rocket

230 ft human catapult ride
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Get ready to reach new and thrilling heights as you’re catapulted 230 feet high above the San Antonio skyline. Experience 6 Gs as you accelerate through the air at 0 to 160km/h in just 1.3 seconds. You’ll have an incredible view of San Antonio - if you dare open your eyes.


Important Info
Start Times
Mon to Sun 12:00 - 2:00
30 minutes
1 Apr - 31 Oct

The Venue

Theme Park - Theme Park Stagging

Slingshot Ibiza Amusement Park

This fun amusement park is located on the beach in San Antonio. Its main attraction is the popular Slingshot ride where you’re catapulted 230 feet into the air. The park also includes bumper cars, flying swings, crazy frog, bungee trampolines and more.


Opening Times
12:00 - 4:00 · Mon - Sun · Apr - Oct