With a friendly atmosphere, thriving food scene, affordable local brews and a nightlife scene to rival some of the top spots in Europe, Wroclaw ticks all the boxes for a great weekend away. It may not be as famous as some of the other Polish cities, but that’s not to say that this hidden gem doesn’t offer some great options for groups looking for an amazing break. In fact, the lack of tourists just adds to its charm.

Wroclaw is a perfect destination all year round. During the summer months, temperatures average around 25 degrees in the summer and during the winter you can expect lots of snow, which adds to the beauty of this amazing city. It’s located on the Oder River, in Western Poland, and is famous for its Market Square, elegant townhouses and amazing Gothic architecture.

Flights from the UK take around 2 hours and once you’ve arrived you can expect some great deals on food and drink, making it perfect for groups on a budget. Plus, most of the main attractions are within walking distance so you shouldn’t spend your whole trip travelling.

Explore The City


Explore the Market Square

For such a small town, the city has a strong reputation as a party destination. Particularly Market Square which has enough bars and clubs to cater for a city twice its size and a boisterous crowd of people looking to have a good time, day or night. It is also the historic gem of the city, with a maze of cobbled streets, canals, impressive architecture and an unrivalled old-world charm.


Bar crawl in Pasaz Niepolda

This lively courtyard is a highlight of the city’s drinking scene. With dozens of bars and clubs within a small distance, it’s the perfect place to go bar hopping and party all night long. With a local guide, you’ll get the chance to explore the best that Wroclaw has to offer.


Get your culture fix

Ostrow Tumski is the oldest part of the city and home to the Gothic Cathedral, historical churches and beautiful botanical gardens. It’s a great walk for those wanting a bit of culture in between activities and partying.


River Cruise

This is perfect way to soak up the sights and explore the city from a different perspective. You’ll get to sail along the grand Oder River while you enjoy a few beers, cocktails or wine. Unlike other tours, this means that you can soak up the culture while still having fun. Plus, there’s a dancefloor onboard so you can get the night started early with this activity.


Combat Archery

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Poland but this a properly fun activity, perfect for the active groups. Forget paintballing, with this activity you’ll get to fire specially made bows and arrows. Don’t worry, the arrows are foam but we can assure you that this event is even more exciting than target practice.


Party Tram

There’s no better way to kick off your big night than with this party tram. If you want to go on a pub crawl, but don’t fancy the crawl bit, you can jump aboard this special tram which will take you on a party tour of the city. You’ll have a guide, making sure you get into the best spots hassle-free, and there’ll be a sound system pumping out tunes to keep the party going in between stops.


As one of the up-and-coming destinations in Europe, Wroclaw has no shortage of amazing pubs, clubs and bars to keep you satisfied. In fact, it has enough venues keep a city twice its size happy so you’ll never be lost for ideas. Plus, it’s a student city so you can bet you’ll be getting great deals all year round.


Market Square

It’s impossible not to mention Market Square when talking about Wroclaw, it really is the heart of the city. With loads of restaurants, bars and clubs, it’s definitely a must-visit location. There’s some great bars, including Casa de la Musica, Bernard Pub and Pod Papugami to check out. Plus, as the night wears on, you’ll have to check the slightly cheesy but whole lot of fun, Jazzda Club, Disco Club Regenaracja or Novoccaina Club.


Pasaz Niepolda

Everyone knows about Market Square but nowadays, Psaz Niepolda is becoming increasingly popular. Student friendly Niebo is a great spot for a cheaper night out, or there’s the Techno inspired Mundo 71 club and, of course, the underground Bezennosc which is definitely worth checking out too. Not only that, there’s a hole-in-the-wall kebab shop – perfect for on the way home!


Grey Music Club

This stylish venue is great for big groups who want to party in Wroclaw’s city centre. Located among an array of restaurants, clubs and hotels, it’s a popular bar and club with four separate areas. DJs will be spinning the latest tracks all night long.


Beer gardens in the summer

Beer garden season officially kicks off in March with hundreds of pubs and bars dusting off their patio chairs the moment the sun comes out. Relax in the afternoon, enjoy a few local brews and reminisce about the mayhem of the night before.

Eat (and Drink) Like Local

The culinary scene across Poland has been getting more exciting for the last couple of years and Wroclaw is no exception. There’s loads of great restaurants popping up all the time which combine traditional Polish flavours and modern, European cuisine. Plus, there’s lots of options for those slightly less adventurous.



These filled dumplings originate from Poland and are a popular choice throughout the country and the rest of Eastern Europe. Most often filled with potato, sauerkraut, ground meat or cheese, they’re a Wroclaw speciality. In fact, you can find them in loads of different eateries around the city. For a properly traditional Polish dinner, check out Bierhalle Wroclaw. It’s a beer hall and restaurant all in one!


A Taste of Home

For those not feeling so adventurous, there’s loads of great spots to get a taste of home. There’s Pizza Hut, Subway and lots of other familiar changes. Plus, there’s loads of great burger joints, including Burger Ltd and Pasibus, that are worth checking out.



Obviously, you can’t mention a Polish city without talking about vodka. It’s a national drink and is brewed throughout the country. Plus, in Wroclaw you’ll get to try new varieties that are sure to be loads better than the stuff we get at home.


Brewery Tour

Poland might be famous for their vodka but they also make some pretty amazing beers too. They’re often a little stronger than the ones made over here (think Tyskie, Zweic and Lech) and that just adds to the fun. During the tour, you’ll be taught about all the local beers and once you’ve digested all the info, you’ll get to taste some samples too.


Like most of the major cities in Europe, Wroclaw has a huge variety of hotels, hostels and apartments to choose from. For those who want to be in the heart of the city and who don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, it’s probably worth checking out some of the chain hotels in the centre. If you really want to save cash though, it’s a good idea to check out the hostels. Or, if you want more want privacy get an apartment for you and your mates.

Your ultimate guide to a stag weekend in stunning

Nestled among some pretty stylish neighbours, Wroclaw still stands out for its beautiful architecture and friendly atmosphere. Bars stay open until the last drinkers head home, and foodies are creating an increasing buzz around restaurants. As you might expect from Poland, brewing is practically a national pastime and bars are well stocked with both local brews and international favourites. If you’re looking for a destination with a love for tasty affordable beer away from the throngs of tourists in other parts of Poland, then Wroclaw will surely surprise.

Local Areas

Market Square

The historic centre is the gem of the city. Although much of it is newer than Disneyland, it was lovingly restored after the war and so retains it’s classic old-world charm. For grooms with a historical inclination, organise a private walking tour. Or, just enjoy a few beers in the sunshine at one of the courtyard bars.

Best Bars and Pubs

Neon Side Gallery and Pub

Best for: Sampling Poland’s alternative side Glowing with discarded neon trinkets, this buzzing bar is just a short walk off from the main square and offers the alternative side of Wroclaw. The ideal place to crack open some beers with the lads and enjoy the ambient DJ tunes during the summer months.

Art Cafe Kalambur

Best for: A night of nostalgia One for the more refined stag this whimsical bar and cafe recreates the feeling of 1930s bohemian society. With weeknight DJs playing everything from funk to ska to electro-swing it’s a great place for a nostalgia-filled night out, topped off by the fact that it is one of the few remaining bars to allow smoking!

Papa Bar

Best for: People watching No top list of Wroclaw bars would be complete without mentioning Papa Bar. Home of the Polish jet set, the place is crammed with local businessmen and their hangers on. A surprisingly good place to pop in for a late night snack, with massive televisions dedicated solely to sports channels.

Sky Bar

Best for: Panoramic views When you and the lads fancy a night off the beer and dubstep most local bars have to offer, treat yourselves to a few pints atop the Monopol Hotel, where the Sky Bar offers panoramic view of the city below. Best enjoyed in the summer, when the sunset over the old town makes for pretty breathtaking scenes.

Wiezienna Pub

Best for: A great beer garden If it’s your aim to get your mate in the slammer on his stag, why not cut him some slack and just take him for a pint at Wiezienna Pub instead? Set inside the courtyard of a 14th century prison, this atmospheric beer garden is the best the city has to offer. Enjoy local brews and an intimate, relaxed vibe.

Bulka Z Mastem

Best for: an all-rounder This bar supremely succeeds in conjuring that quintessentially European trait of being laid-back restaurant, intimate cafe, and cool after-hours hangout simultaneously.

Something for the Boys

Le Secret This club promises a luxurious atmosphere and an exclusive feel, with plenty of gorgeous girls on podiums all night long.

Night Life

For such a small town, Wroclaw has a lot going on. The bonus of its miniature size (compared to say Berlin, or London) means that you never have to stumble too far from one amazing club before you’re in another (or, for that matter, your nice cosy bed).

Eter Club

Best for: A classic night out If you’re looking for a night out with no twists, no edge, and no alternative angle- just good music, decent drinks and a lot of fun- then this is your place. Staying open to the small hours, its stag and hen friendly and a great large space for big groups to dance the night away!

Old Havana Cigar Shop

Best for: A gentleman’s night out Put your feet up as you recline in a decadent leather chair, puffing on a delicious cigar and swirling whisky around in a glass like you’re Sean Connery in his very finest Bond moment. When you need a break from beer and sweaty club scenes, this is an ideal spot.

Casa de la Musica

Best for: Feeling like you sort of had some culture A quaint dance hall by early evening, Casa de la Musica really lets its hair down at night when an older crowd is replaced by young locals and eager tourists looking for a different twist on their night out. A fun place open to fancy dress and larger groups- perfect for embarrassing your stag!

Lamus Pub

Best for: A cool, underground atmosphere Mainly full of locals and just ten minutes from the main square, this cosy spot might appear more like a pub at first viewing. But just wait until the beer gets flowing, and the debauchery begins! Trains thundering overhead give a crazily apocalyptic atmosphere.

Eat Like A Local

Polish food is categorised by salt, beer, and bread. Try Las/Zupa for a cheap, quick eat of nourishing broth or sweet potato cakes, or Darea Sushi Korean for the local favourite of mouthwatering Korean dishes at really reasonable prices. Le Bistro Parisien is an old favourite on the city’s food scene, and offers more refined fare in a friendly atmosphere. For a truly local experience, embrace the gourmet street food trend and head to Patelnia - a small hatch in the main square, open late on the weekends, and serving seasonal dishes such as hearty soups and noodles in the winter and satisfying salads during the summer months.

How to stay safe

Being such a small town, Wroclaw is fairly safe for tourists, even at night. Stick together and always make sure you have written down the name of your hotel in case you get lost going home (those Polish street names can be hard to pronounce after a few too many!)