Bar Crawl : Main Square, Krakow

With plenty of bars to choose from, here is our choice for a bar crawl on the Main Square.

If you're booking astag party in Krakowyou're in luck, because Krakow is said to have one of the highest densities of drinking establishments in the world. As such, you won’t have to walk very far to experience a jam packed evening. For reference, there are two main areas for your night out : Main Market Square and just a 10 minute walk away, Kazimierz.

Krakow's Main Square has a diverse range of places to drink, from cocktail bars to craft beer pubs and places that sell cheap shots, it’s a great place to sample all that Krakow’s nightlife has to offer. There’s so much choice that it can be difficult to figure out which ones you and your group will enjoy, but we’ve collected a list of bars, each with a different atmosphere for an exciting and ever-changing night.

Pijalnia Wodki i Piwa

This Communist-inspired bar chain in the main square is a popular place to start a night out. It has a deceivingly simple interior, but its flavoured vodka shots and beers are so cheap that it has all kinds of people coming and going. There are also traditional Polish tapas dishes to accompany your drinks.

Baroque Restaurant

This modern and stylish lounge is just a few steps away from the Main Square and combines a restaurant, cocktail bar and club all into one. With elegant interiors, an all-season covered garden and dance floor, there’s a lot going on. The drinks menu includes an impressive 100 or so vodkas, and you can order modern twists on Italian and Polish cuisine in the restaurant.


House of Beer

This large craft beer pub on Main Market Square has over 200 bottles and 21 draught beers across its two bars. It focuses on Polish brews, with local ales being cheaper, while also having a huge range from elsewhere in Central Europe. The high ceilings, dark wooden furnishings and large leather sofas help create its laid-back atmosphere perfect for bigger groups.


Wodka Cafe Bar

This bar in the Old Town is the perfect place to try out different Polish vodkas. Inside, it’s pint-sized and tight-knit, but does have two floors, making it an intimate and sociable venue. There are various different flavours of vodka to try, and a taster tray is a great way to sample as many as possible. Or there is a good selection of creatively-mixed vodka-based long drinks.

Klub Re

This music-focused cellar bar brings international acts together to host some of the city’s most exciting concerts. Expect to hear a mix of contemporary indie bands, alternative rock and electronic music. It’s also home to one of Krakow’s best beer gardens, where people come to relax in the shade of the trees, before heading to the basement to start the party.


Yourstag do in Krakowwill not struggle to find entertainment, but when it all gets too much you can always head off for some food from one of the many restaurants.