Bar crawl in Kazimierz, Krakow

With plenty of bars to choose from, here's our choice for a bar crawl around Kazimierz.

Krakow is said to have one of the highest densities of bars in the world, which means you won’t have to walk far to experience a lot of them all in one night although this does make astag weekend in Krakowa pretty fail safe option. There are two main areas for nightlife, Main Market Square and just a 10 minute walk away, Kazimierz.

Kazimierz is where the interesting, quirky and creative bars are and all offer a great opportunity to sample Polish spirits. Expect a lot of dimly lit rooms, retro furniture and vodka shots as you check out some of the most popular bars in Krakow.


This cosy 1920s-style bar is in on the fringes of vibrant Kazimierz. Here you’ll find a place dedicated to the ‘green fairy’ - absinthe. Serving over 20 variations of absinthe, the bar staff will introduce you to the rituals of drinking this particular spirit, including both the traditional French and sugar burning methods. It’s also a great place to have a hot drink, vodka shots or enjoy jazz, blues and swing music.



This Communist-themed bar is a parody of the past, with old proletarian posters and socialist bits and bobs. You might even catch them celebrating one of the Communist holidays. It's a place that’s unpredictable and doesn’t conform. Its punk-rock atmosphere is created by a soundtrack of punk, garage and metal playing until the early hours of the morning.



This popular bar is on the corner of the bohemian Plac Nowy area and will transport you back in time. With retro funky furniture, knickknacks and sepia candlelight, it’s a unique place for down-to-earth drinking and socialising. There’s often jazz, blues and experimental acts playing, while the talented bar staff show off their mixology skills.



This late-night party bar was one of the first bars in the Jewish Quarter. Named, not for live music, but for the vintage sewing machines that make up part of its signature decor alongside cracked mirrors, dusky paintings and candlelight. As the night goes on, tables and chairs turn into dance floors as everyone enjoys a mix of gipsy, klezmer, Celtic and swing music.


This bar embodies the spirit of Kazimierz with antiques, candelabras, frosty mirrors and dim lighting that the quarter’s used to. Its large seasonal garden stands out as an oasis during the summer months. It also hosts regular concerts and events.

Piekny Pies

This well-known favourite is one of the best choices if you want a late night, but not quite a nightclub. Featuring 2 bars, a stage, DJ station and dance floor, it has plenty of space for parties and events. A playlist of classic rock, indie hits, post-punk and new wave plays when there’s not a concert or DJ set on the weekends.


Depending on where the night takes you there are plenty of other bars, restaurants and clubs in the area for yourstag party in Krakowif you’re feeling a little more spontaneous.