Riga Stag Do:

Extreme Activities Capital of Europe

Latvia, the meaty middle country between Lithuania and Estonia. Like a mouthwatering slab of steak between a couple of slices of white bread, this little Baltic nation is making big waves in the stag do industry and for good reason.

Whereas the likes of Amsterdam and Prague, pick up the accolades for range of nightlife, Riga is swinging, smashing, driving, it’s way into the lead in terms of activities on offer.

Courtesy of Chillisauce and their mega work trip out to the Latvian capital of Riga, here are a few of the incredible activities on offer for you and your mates to get stuck into.

Laser Tag: Softies need not apply

Remember when you were 11 years old getting lost round some dingy little room in Oxford laser quest? You thought it was pretty epic then, but you wouldn’t do it now, right? Wrong! Yes you would, when you have an area larger than 2 football pitches to run around explore and shoot your mates with. Welcome to Laser tag in Riga. I’ll let the images do the talking now…

How awesome is that!?

Laser tag in a massive indoor warehouse!

All very futuristic.

There are recharging points are spread out across the site. You have to tap your gun to it in order to reload.

So many places to hide

It’s like something out of a Call of Duty game.

Hide Out!

And just when you think you’ve discovered the best places to take down your mates…


The action moves outside into this makeshift chipwood village! Looks a little weird, but is the absolute nuts. Teams are spread out across this abandoned manufacturing plant. It gives teams plenty of scopes to try new tactics. You could be stealthy and travel the outskirts of the arena to sneak up behind the other team or use the windows and doorways of buildings to pop out and fire a few rounds.

Arguably, this laser tag is the best in Europe.

It’s a perfect activity for those looking for something a bit more than paintball but without the pain of getting shot and more importantly, wearing a sweaty face mask after a heavy night out on the sauce.

Laser tag = Happy stag group

Indoor Shooting Range

You may have noticed a slight theme going on here – guns. It’s no secret that Eastern Europe has something of a cliche for a cheeky Kalashnikov or AK-47, but if you’re the kind of guy that wants to feel “locked-and-loaded”.

Lots of guns.

The shooting ranges are pretty impressive too with a wide selection of rifles, handguns, and other weaponry to get your mitts on.

Pointing down range

You’ll be able to pop off a number of guns at various targets.

Who is the Karting King?

If a spot of shooting isn’t your thing and you fancy yourself a bit of karting pro, then Riga has a phenomenal outdoor karting circuit.

Forget about those small one’s in the UK...

With about 6 turns and a lap over in less than 30 seconds, the outdoor karting in Riga will take you over a minute to get around.

Plus you’ll be racing in Sodi RX karts.

These peppy machines can reach speeds of up to 40mph – that feels lightning quick when only a few cm’s of the floor.

Bobsleigh in Riga

Of course it’s all well and good having four wheels planted firmly on the ground, what about 2 rails on a downward course?

Yep one our our favourite activities

and most down right bonkers activity isbobsleddingdown the Sigulda racetrack a short drive from the city centre of Riga.

This is a soft-bob. Believe us, there is nothing soft about this bob. You and lads will be hitting speeds of up to 50 mph! Don’t believe us? Here’s a video.

After all the days excitement

You could be forgiven for taking a quick nap before getting ready for a night out. But then we wouldn’t want you to miss this tasty grub.

If all these activities are looking a little too extreme, well then how about pulling together and getting your thinking caps on in a captivating hour of the Escape Rooms. You and your mates will be given an hour to escape the room, with clues dotted around on how to proceed to the next room. It’s challenging stuff, as the timer moves closer and closer towards the hour mark. To add a bit of spice, you’ll also be handcuffed to your mate, making teamwork all the more interesting. There are two different scenarios to choose from, and the friendly staff will be on hand to give you clues along the way should you find your noggin in a bit of a headache.

The nightlife is spot on to with plenty of cool bars and pubs peppered throughout old town and a couple of nightclubs to end up in.